Marcus Camby, through his agent, released a statement which cast doubts on his future

“It’s unfortunate that I wasn’t given a meaningful opportunity to contribute last season in New York. I was really looking forward to the upcoming year as a chance to show the organization what they missed out on last year, and pushing our team towards the Finals.

“I have nothing but positive things to say about the city of Toronto and its great fans, having been drafted by the Raptors 17 years ago. Given that my goal at this point in my career is to have a shot at a championship, however, I’ll have to evaluate my options going forward. I’ve enjoyed a great career, and under the right circumstances I hope to continue making an impact in the league.”

It would be simply fantastic if Camby is waived and then picked up by another team, as it would mean a savings of about $6.5M through 2014-15, including $3.4M coming off the books this summer, thus putting the Raptors in a position to at least sign some sort of free-agent by getting under the cap (assuming they amnesty Kleiza).

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  • Junior

    GOOD!!! Your fuckin garbage player anyways..The reason why you got traded,cause you suck..The New York Knick is a lot closer to the final then the Raptors and clearly New York traded your ass cause there no need for you…All I have to say is RETIRE!!!

    • lilmamba_

      right!!! no one wanted you in the first place, no ones begging he can retire if he wants

  • Jamshid

    If Camby is waived, do Raptors still pay the salary ?

    • SEAN

      I was just about to ask that. Considering new management is win at all costs, maybe thats the plan? I mean can you waive an unlimited amount of players as long as the salary is paid?

      • arsenalist

        If he’s waived, and nobody picks him up, then the Raptors pay the salary and he counts under the cap. If some other team picks him up, they assume salary.

        • cdhall

          what happens if Camby just retires? Does he count against the cap?

          • Jamshid

            He is not going to retire … Why would he retire when he has almost 8 million on his contract left !!! That is alot of money.

        • Jamshid

          But why would we wave him ? What happens if he does not show up ?

  • Duncan

    i hope we waive him and some schmuck like orlando picks him up to ‘mentor’ vucevic. i have respect for him, but if it sheds salary, we can sign a good backu pg and pf 🙂

  • auburey

    i would be pissed to if i were send to toronto over any other team in the nba, doesnt matter where, all these players at the back of there head is gett me the @#?! out of here.