Raptors Sign Buycks. Yes, The Dwight Buycks


You say who? I can’t pretend I know who he is, because I don’t. But, a D-League all-star and as well an MVP of a league in France. Sounds good to me. Come check out the reaction. Follow @raptorsrepublicFollow @DocNaismith


DeMar’s 3pt Shot (And What It Means For The Raptors)


What if DeMar was a lights out long distance shooter? Doesn’t even have to be strong from beyond the arc, but at least show some improvement & consistency. Would some of his critics be so quick to deal him away? Would DeMar improving his 3pt shooting completely change this team? Thoughts? Follow @raptorsrepublicFollow @DocNaismith


Overrated/Underrated/Breakout Part 3


At long last the third part of what I hope will be a yearly tradition. First, we looked at the five most overrated players, then the underrated, and this time we’ll look at 5 players who should break out next season. As with the other lists, who I didn’t put on the list might be… Read more »