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  • Asher

    Wow… I’m trying to not believe this, but I’m having trouble. The thing the elite teams have are *multiple* lineups in this list with their superstars, but maybe all we really need is a stronger bench to be a 3-5 seed kinda team.

    • cdub

      it doesnt help when you have a hapless coach who liked to feature alan anderson in the 4th quarter. thats where the raptors blew all the games

  • Changer

    Not that surprising. I can remember a butt load of games where the bench lost a 10+ point lead at the start of the fourth quarter.

    • Jkwasia

      That what people forget to mention and the fact that Casey kept letting it happen with his ridiculous rotations

  • @TrillyBassily

    This should be more than enough proof for anyone advocating we blow up the raps and start from scratch. this starting rotation managed to get into the top five and beat out teams like indiana, OKC, the clippers, denver, and golden state. that was when rudy had just been shipped into a team very different from the one he used to play on. I now want you to imagine how much better we will be now that JV is getting bigger and will likely be trusted to play late in games by casey, not to mention Casey had conflicts with Lowry about his playing style and has now said that this season he’ll let him play the way Lowry likes and is more accustomed to. Furthermore Demar is working on his shot, and while I’m not going to sit her and say i think he’s gonna start shooting 40% from behind the arc, I do think he will increase his shot percentage ever so slightly and not let it go down from last season. Moreover Rudy got his vision corrected, you can interpret that however you like when it comes to his shooting percentages but it’s worth throwing out there. Lastly the team will be able to build more chemistry as time goes on and learn to play better together. It gives me a lot of hope hearing that the two leaders on the team, Rudy and Demar, went and gathered all the other guys to go and meet up in vegas, this is a sign that there are no conflicts on the team and that enthusiasum and the will to win is at an all time high. One parting thought i’d like to leave you all with is that our bench is generally what blew big leads for us, and our bench has gotten stronger this offseason in the front court with the removal of Bargnani and addition of Hansbrough. if Ujiri can deal with the whole kleiza, camby, Q-rich situations properly, in a way that can help us land a decent backup PG which is where we need the most help right now I would bet my house that we get a 4-6 seed in the playoffs. the only teams I feel are miles ahead of us in the East are Miami, Chicago, Brooklyn and maybe Indiana. Call me optimistic, but this very well could be our best season since 2001, and boy does that excite me.

    • SR

      I’ll call you optimistic.

      That lineup absolutely had some success, but:

      – This graphic is tempered by a *Small Sample Size Alert!* warning label. The sticker is small, but important.

      – I’m going to assume the 25 games they played together are the last 25? Anyway, the team was 11-14 in its last 25 games, in spite of finishing with a 5 game winning streak against playoff teams who were resting their key guys. A little telling that such a promising statistic contributed so little to the W column? And before you (rightly) point out the weak bench, a few teams in the top 10 of that list had crap for benches – including Indiana – but a much better W/L record. What gives there?

      – If the lineup was so obviously great, why did Casey only give them 13.7 mpg together? Stealth tanking, idiot coach, or a misleading statistic?

      I don’t mind that 5-man lineup (they’ll be fun to watch) and expect improvement over last year’s W/L record, but don’t get too excited about an isolated stat like that…

      • mountio

        I think we all know the answer to #3 .. casey doesnt think that rooks should play down the stretch .. thus less overall mins together. I wont go as far as idiot coach .. but you are headed in the right direction…

  • DanH

    Try it with 100 minutes played and see how well they do. Or with 350 minutes played. Very different stories.

    • DanH

      Spoiler alert for those who are too lazy to check: They rank 22nd if you loosen the filter. They don’t qualify at all if you tighten it.

  • rtzyyz

    First I want to say hello, I’m new to commenting but have been reading for a long time and decided to participate.
    Imo, 1) a small sample size is all we have of this group because either Casey was not letting jv play or we only had a small time with RG.
    2) RG was being integrated into line up on the fly… not easy… I think results will be even better with training camp.
    3) the starting unit is good, can play with anyone I think, bench last us more games then I care to count last year. Especially Alan Anderson, that guy should never be in any court in 4th quarter.
    4) I somehow believe that there won’t be any more big changes from MU this off season. If by christmas the team does really bad we blow it up and tank the rest of the way. If team does well maybe MU finds a couple of pieces to add for play off run, which would be very exciting or he uses good statistical years by gay and Lowry to trade them while value is high ( something bc never did). So imo playing it or as we are is best way to go.
    Lastly, if the strategy is tank then why are we paying MU the big bucks? I can come up with that plan. Pay me the money you pay MU, I’ll even play a bit, now there is a tank. I how MU is wiser then planning to tank.

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