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43 Responses to “Linas Kleiza to play in Europe; takes a swipe at the Raptors on his way out.”

      • Statement

        Not really sure, couldn’t tell you until I was in the moment. Doesn’t change the fact that he definitely is, though.

  1. george resko

    Its not like he did much when he was here fields and ross are better then him

  2. Canadian

    thats not a swipe at all, we have been a losing team with little to no expectations.

    • FAQ

      Tribal honking fans worship the uniform… and like to see da ball go into da hoop… and holler !!!

    • Mapko

      It is a losing team bec we bring in (sign) PUNKS to 4 yr 20 mil contract & they suck

  3. c_bcm

    Whatever. Its not like he’s contributing to winning. What he really means is: “I am nothing more than a fringe role player in the NBA. For me to be successful I have to be surounded by players that are orders-of-magnitude more talented and dedicated to their craft than I am. I am an entitled brat, and would rather go play against lesser talent so I can dominate and feed my own ego. I would like to thank the Raptors for over-paying me based on my European dominance, however, it is clear that I cannot achieve the success in my career that I have come to expect. This is not unexpected given the fact that teams have come to reply too much on my abilities, which I have never been able to deliver on a consistent basis. I look forward to the future.” -LK

  4. Linas Kleiza

    I walked into a failing bakery. I emptied the cash register into my pockets and exclaimed, “Ohhh, I’m sick of being a part of this losing franchise.” Then I walked out.

    • RapthoseLeafs

      But …. that’s missing the whole point of what he said.

      Raptors already have to deal with the Canadian issue (in attracting players), but the stigma of so many losing seasons.

      I find some fans are too focused on the “f*#k you Linus — get another blanket”, instead of the real message …. STOP LOSING.


      • p00ka

        I think you’re just mad that all your white friends are leaving the team. To bad you have to be a black team to be good most of the time.

  5. RapthoseLeafs

    I really don’t see this as a swipe. If anything, it’s an acknowledgement of what losing does to players – and why I’m completely against tanking (and swinging for the next Star with a small statistical change of such an event).

    Raptors have molded a losing mentality, and it will take time to “extinguish” that perception.


    P.S. I hate this Disqus system

    • Dagger

      Isn’t it weird how you get a “losing mentality” when you have minimal talent on the roster? Strange, too, how quickly that losing mentality vanishes when you actually have a franchise player or two. If only there was a way to get one . . . .

  6. robertparrish00

    We paid him to win basketball games, so maybe he should shut up and be grateful for the free money.

  7. Nilanka15

    Linas may need reminding of the dump truck full of money we gave him to…..ummmm….errrrr…..grow a beard.

  8. Bendit

    Wonder where the connection is between a self-realization of being european and being on a losing team in the NBA Hope he doesn’t end up on a losing team in Turkey somewhere. Confused. Something lost in translation? He was injured/rehab for about 2 years, got paid and treated in Vail. Wtf…why didnt he ask for a “transfer”? Maybe no one wanted him. Disclosure: I thought he was a good signing.

  9. f

    Well translation isn’t very precise especially those (!),,, they weren’t there. But he’s right. This was a losing team and even blinded fans understood that.

  10. HAHA

    Wait, Linas Klieza actually played a game for us. When was this?

  11. Joel

    What an idiot. Play hard and shut up, which, after this statement, are two things he knew nothing of.

  12. Tim W.

    Too many fans seem to take this sort of thing way too personally. It was the same with Marcus Camby wanting to play for a contender. It’s not as if Kleiza didn’t work hard or was a problem guy. And it’s not as if the guy was wrong. The team was pretty bad for pretty much all his tenure with the Raptors.

    It reminds me a little of when David Duchovney was shooting the X-Files in Vancouver. On Letterman, he made a very small joke about the rain and the city went nuts. Everyone was offended and he was immediately the most hated guy in town.

    The funny thing is that EVERYONE jokes about the rain in Vancouver. But for Duchovney to do it was somehow verboten. It made Vancouver look SOOOO small town and petty and the reaction was way more embarrassing than the actual joke (which I heard at the time and thought nothing of it).

    Yes, Kleiza got paid, but that doesn’t mean he can’t criticize an organization that certainly is not above criticism. This ain’t the Spurs, folks. If you don’t want people to criticize, give them a reason not to.

    • Metaphor

      I don’t think anyone is angry that he criticized the organization. If that were true we’d all hate ourselves.

      Look at it this way: Say a bunch of people who work at your office are slackers and hardly anything ever gets done, and one day you come in to work only to find that one of your colleagues is reclined in his chair, furiously masturbating. The boss fires him, and on his way out he yells, “I wanted to go to a different company anyway — a place where things actually GET DONE.” You’d probably make fun of him with your buddies, or at the very least shake your head in disbelief/amusement.

      Linas Kleiza is that masturbater. And there’s nothing wrong with making fun of him.

      • Tim W.

        I’m not sure how that comparison works. If Bargnani said those things, then I could see the comparison. But Kleiza failed, not due to lack of effort or heart, but because of injury and circumstances. It’s not as if Kleiza could have done anything different to better the circumstances. He was simply not talented enough to make a big difference, anyway, but then injury pretty much killed any chance he did have. Not exactly his fault.

        • Amigo

          Jarret Jack – not talented enough
          Bayless – not talented enough
          Belinelli – not talented enough
          All had not enough skills to play in TO based on Raptors fans. Than they move to another team and they fill the bill and play big time in playoffs in better teams. Bargnani going to the Knicks is another example soon to be.

          There were no contender teams picking up Kleiza as a role player, due to his injury/contract/skills (whatever) and in my view he has all the rights to express his view. He has no motivation at his age to play for a team who is developing Acy as a perimeter defender.

        • p00ka

          kleiza was absolute shit. Always thinking he was micheal jordan when he should have played a spot up shooter roll.

    • Statement


      He’s not part of the organization anymore, perhaps some class COULD be used.

  13. mountio

    Non issue. What do you expect him to say “Im really looking forward to finding another losing franchise. Hopefully my injury problems persist so that I can not only lose, but not play much along the way. Losing, and particularily losing when Im not a big part of it is my first goal”!
    He saying essentially what we expect all players to say – that they want to win and will do what it takes to do so.

  14. Guy

    I don’t blame him for being tired of losing…who isn’t. But instead of ripping on the Raptors & absolving himself of any blame for the team’s poor performance, maybe he should be more concerned with himself & how his performance(when healthy) wasn’t good enough to get any consistent minutes on a sub .500 team. A player that failed to perform & produce as often as he did, really has no business criticizing anyone else.

  15. raptorspoo

    I guess when it comes to bball Europeans view us as part of the States.

  16. DryDry

    Perhaps Mr. I wasn’t skilled enough to earn minutes on a fairly crap team should shut his stupid mouth.

  17. Adam Reddick

    Waaa waaa Kleiza. Let’s remember that the Raptors paid you millions of dollars and you chose to sign with them. Let’s be professional here. You didn’t get traded to the Raps.

  18. No Name Face

    Not sure I see the swipe. What swipe?

    The Raptors have missed the playoffs for 5 straight years and the only goal last year was to just get in. Those are pretty low ambitions when over half the league makes the playoffs.

    I don’t see a swipe. I see the truth. It is unfortunate his injuries never gave him an opportunity to contribute to winning versus contribute to the losing.

    • The Truth

      Exactly, massive overreaction. What are players moving on supposed to do, pretend they spent the last X years playing for a contender? Fans are way to precious sometimes.

    • Guy

      If you don’t see the swipe, you’re just not looking. As well, for a team that missed the playoffs four years in a row, how can you say wanting to get back in is low ambitions?

      The issue is Kleiza apparently holding everyone but himself accountable for losing & accusing everyone but himself of having low ambitions. Simply put, for a guy that did nothing to help them win games & therefore didn’t come close to earning the $16+ million he got from the Raptors, his comments show poor taste.

  19. Shadow Of Christ

    This from a guy who barely suited up for the Raptors… Kleiza, Turkoglu and Bargnani are prime examples of what was wrong with Colangelo: Overpaid, Overhyped, and absolutely no substance!

  20. corleonee

    this guy needs to shut up. yeah raptors have been losing forever and being apart of a losing organization sucks, but it’s not like having him on the team did anyone any good. he just sat there on the bench with his bad knees, getting paid. you were one of the reasons the team was losing, taking up a roster spot and 5 mill against the cap. colangelo was a clown his entire tenure with the raps. the only thing he did right was get jonas. the only lithuanian player the raps need.


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