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Raptors lose to Suns in the quarter-finals of the Summer League tourney. They trailed most of the game by 8-12 points before making a furious comeback late to pull within three. Free-throws sealed the deal for the Suns. It would have been a nice comeback, but let the loss not detract us from the real purpose of these games: player evaluation. Let’s hit the key guys:

Dwight Buycks – 28 PTS, 11-20 FG, 4 REB, 4 AST, 3 TO
It looks like Masai Ujiri has pulled a Spurs with this guy. He’s played three games in summer league and showed flashes of being valuable in the first two, and last night put on a show to win over those on the fence. Insert a generic comment about the quality of the opposition here, but once you look past that he was all you could ask for in a backupish point guard.

He changed speeds extremely well, was unstoppable in transition as he kept the back-pedalling defense on its heels, and displayed a cross-over that complemented the hesitation perfectly. It’s hard to judge court-vision and play-making in games like these because of the lack of any real practice time, so one can’t comment too much about his passing play, except that he moved the ball well in close-quarters and looked to setup teammates before hunting for his own. He also showed some ups and left the viewer with a feeling that maybe the PG position is better looked after than most thought three weeks ago.

Defensively, he was above-average in a game where the Raptors interior defense was quite poor and gave up 53% shooting.

Quincy Acy – 28 PTS, 10 REB, 9-15 FG, 4 TO
He was in a game-long battle with the Morris brothers (Big 12 connection) and did most of his offensive damage from the perimeter. His jumper, which has been off the mark this summer, was on point including 2-4 from downtown. The net new of what these games have taught me about Acy is that he has a jumper that can, at some point, be cultivated into being an asset. It’s good to know he’s already well beyond the Reggie Evans benchmark of offensive talent, and that he possesses a first step that could do some damage. Of course, the jury is still out on that since he’s not been deployed in a role like this during an actual NBA game, so I’m assuming there’s some translation from summer league effectiveness to NBA effectiveness.

With Jonas Valanciunas out (non-shooting hand fingers were taped), the interior defense had little size and no shot-blocking threat. Acy was too busy dealing with the Morris brothers in single coverage to provide help, and Chris Wright who started in place of Valanciunas, along with Gregory Echenique are just too small. Defensive against the Morris twins Acy didn’t fare tremendously well as they were able to three-dribble their way into good post-position before shooting over him. He fared better in face-up situations where he could use his hands and feet predictably. For me, this was his best moment.

Terrence Ross – 9 PTS, 4-9 FG, 4 REB, 6 PF, 3 TO, -13
As 18-year old Kentucky product Archie Goodwin was dominating the first half and getting the announcers (including Sam Mitchell) all giddy, I couldn’t help but think how Ross has wasted a chance to impress the legion of NBA coaches, GMs and analysts that are present in Vegas. I don’t know if Ross expects the ball to be fed to him and the offensive deliberately run though him, because he sure isn’t making any effort of actually demanding the ball and asserting himself beyond a Coby Karl-level. In fact, I’d argue Coby Karl’s name was called more often than Terrence Ross’s. This is a league where you have players fighting for touches and shots to impress NBA scouts, and it felt Ross did not want any part of it.

He tried a couple lane floaters which were off (one of them an airball), passed up a wide-open three to pick up a charge, and got frustrated when he was called for legitimate fouls, at one point throwing a towel and sulking all the way to the bench. If Ross has any one-on-one moves that can shed a defense we did not see them, and if he has any shot-making ability under pressure, that was missing too. When faced with adversity he regresses into the fetal position rather than rising to the challenge. The worst thing you can say about him is that he didn’t care enough to show up, and that’s very Chris Jefferies-like.

I can accept bad games where his shot is completely off; what is hard to watch is when our supposed future-star takes a back seat to scrubs, and in the process is overshadowed and at times, embarrassed. Let me put it this way: the Raptors played their best when Ross was on the bench, and that is an indictment. There are games where the plus/minus stat is telling of the players impact, or lack there of, and the game-worst -13 Ross registered appears generous.

The Rest
Chris Wright was strong in the fourth quarter when the Raptors came back from double-digits down to make the Suns nervous, with this play making the primary statement. I’m really hoping this guy gets picked up. He’d be fun to watch as he’s got ups, plays hard, and has substance to his game. Micah Downs went 0-4 from downtown, which is never good when you bill yourself as a three-point shooter, and finally, our man Coby Karl lodged 24 minutes and ended with a team-high +8 but only three points. Look for him in Europe as the summer league did nothing for him to get an invite to training camp. There’s simply too many players better than him on every team. Good luck to him. Say goodbye to Devoe Joseph too as the Canadian failed to be anything more than average.

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  • Moewrawn

    Do you think with Valanciunas we would have had this game?

    • ezz_bee


  • Jack Andrews

    T Ross looks T errible.

    • raptorspoo

      T Rrible might work a little better

    • Amigo

      Is it T Ross so terrible ? Or Is it D Casey terrible ? Is it D Casey developing system great or just average, if not terrible (again) ? From a coach point of view, how do you develop a player ? Is D Casey good at it ? Is D Casey coaching staff good at it ? In D Casey past as an NBA coach/assistant, how many rookies had reached good/great improvements ?

      I m not replying to you specifically but to all this new Love in RR toward a subpar coach who has lost my respect. D Casey could be a great politician, he blows the GM song,pound da rock.

      Often writers (see above) use Stats to bash a single player. So what about the others team mates

      ——-fg% fg%(2pt)

      Ross 0.40 0.46

      Derozan 0.44 0.46

      Anderson 0.38 0.42

      Lowry 0.40 0.43

      Gay 0.41 0.43

      Has T Ross been implemented gradually in a defined offensive scheme ? Has T Ross been allowed to play through mistakes ?
      When you have a full subpar season shooting result from your offensive players, who do you blame ?
      Your rookie.Have a nice day

      • GoingBig

        Everyone had problems with Casey’s handling of JV – there was no development time given until the end of the season. Casey is only interested in what he’s been given and trying to use ONLY the top talent. Nick Nurse has development skills and history; it is up to the management to steer T Ross right.

  • pran

    terrence ross’s nickname should be coin toss ross. Because if we won that coin toss, we sure as hell are picking harrison barnes.

    • arsenalist

      That…that could work. You just might have started something there.

  • Maybe Ross simply wants to get traded.

  • raptorspoo

    Damn u BC!! What was that all about “taking the best player available regardless of position”?????!!

    He fed us BS all along!!!!!

    • knickz

      when a player is projected to go 17th, you don’t move up in the draft like that to get him. 1 or 2 spots away I can understand, but bc really reached there

    • Nilanka15

      People seem to think that “best player available”, is a factual, unquestionable list.

      It’s not. It’s simply one man’s opinion of who the best player is.

  • knickz

    what were you guys expecting from ross? lol, made me smh when I saw things like “we should trade demar so that ross can start” amongst raptor fans.

    • RaptorFan

      Lol me too! Ross may end up being another one of our draft mistakes if he doesn’t get it together VERY soon….why oh why didn’t BC pick Andre Drummond???

      • jjdynomite

        Well, if Colangelo drafted Drummond, he might have convinced Lieweke to stay as GM. Think of the positives.

      • Guest

        Because he didn’t have your special skill of hindsight reasoning.

        • raptorspoo

          Don’t think you needed hindsight to realize that drummond was going to be a beast.

          And don’t think you needed hindsight to see that ross was projected to go much further down.

          • Guest

            Yeah? Where did you stick your head out to back that claim before he was drafted? LMAO.

            But since you are such a great talent evaluator (read: reader of mock draft lists), you should really quit your day job and apply your trade in a NBA front office. Your skill set is being wasted.

            • raptorspoo

              Is that you BC? Hiding behind the “guest” profile? Why don’t you show yourself and stop ducking!

              If all professional scout saying that this guy is a beast in terms of size and athleticism and his potential is off the charts then why would you draft someone who is not even projected to be a lottery pick when Drummond is available at 8 (a pick which usually guarantees you nothing)?

              Most idiots can figure that one out. No hindsight required.

    • jkwasia

      This! o.0

  • cdub

    can we have ed davis back?

    • raptorspoo

      Like davis, but I don’t think he’ll amount to much more than a starter on a mediocre team.

  • ad

    I never liked ross. He is a chucker. Doesnt pass. D is not great. Im not that down on not getting barnes. However, drummond was clearly the bpa and idiot BC took ross who isnt a half as talented.

  • robertparrish00

    I am surprised the game was that close. That was the weakest interior defensive for a full game I have ever seen and i am a raptors fan! Acy and Dwight looked good though.
    Any Kabongo updates???

  • Dave B.

    terrence ross is a skinny lil’ nigger isn’t he?

  • dino4life

    You guys saying BC should have picked Andre Drummond, how soon you guys forget that all the fans wanted Austin Rivers.

    • Guest

      Too bad we don’t force everyone to write down their “expert” opinions to avoid all the hindsight crap. Let’s take a look at what some of the posters here said before the draft:


      Some posters double listed certain players, so I’ve taken the liberty to count the more extreme vote of the two. For instance, if someone wants Player X, but is also praying for Player X, then I’ve counted his vote as the latter. Likewise, if someone doesn’t want Player Y, and is also praying against Player Y, then I’ve counted his vote as the latter as well. In a situation where someone prayed for Player Z (but in a trade down scenario), I’ve noted the condition in the vote tally.

      For Drummond, we have 1x “Want”, 5x “Will Take”, 11x “Don’t Want”, and 1x “Praying Against”. Not a whole lot of people on the Drummond bandwagon, apparently. Must be a lot easier to keep from falling off the bandwagon when you can make your choice with hindsight goggles.

      For Rivers, we have 3x “Praying For”, 3x “Want”, 10x “Will Take”, 9x “Don’t Want”, and 4x “Praying Against”. A lot of negative sentiment, but also a lot of positive sentiment as well. Where are all the Rivers fans now?

      For Ross, we have 1x “Praying For” (in a trade down), 7x “Will Take”, , 1x “Don’t Want”, and 2x “Praying Against”. Not a lot of people had him on their radar (only 11 compared to Drummond’s 18 and Rivers’ 29), but somehow he garnered more positive votes than Drummond.

      So when a keyboard warrior like “ad” and the rest of the Drummond bandwagoneers make the claim that “[Drummond] was clearly the bpa,” perhaps it wasn’t so “clear” after all.

      • SR

        Wow – nice work!

      • themasao

        themasao Raptors Republic Starter
        Join DateApr 2012Posts421Post Thanks / Like

        “Want: Lillard, Waiters, Barnes

        Don’t want: Rivers, Sullinger, PJ3

        Will take: MKG, Drummond

        Praying for: Robinson to slip (I don’t care how many PF’s we have, that’s the next Amare right there). Quincy Miller SOMEHOW, just not with the 8th. And Will Barton to slip to #37.

        Praying Against: Rivers. For the love of all that’s good, NOT Rivers. I’ll legitimately be upset if we pick him at #56.”

        I’m gonna take this moment to ‘humble-brag’ about how bad I expected Austin Rivers to be. And more to your point, I was one of many people I think who had Drummond in the ‘will take’ category.

        • Guest

          Yup, and it is certainly your right since we at least have your opinion in writing from before the draft (still not as great as risking real money or your career, but certainly better than all the bandwagoneers who are boasting that they were right all along after the fact).

          However, I disagree with your assertion that you were “one of many people,” since only five other people had him as “Want” or “Will Take.” (Moreover, the single “Want” also wanted Rivers. =P) Many more people did not want Drummond at all, or either 1) didn’t want to risk openly supporting his selection, or 2) didn’t care enough about him as a draft pick at #8 to list him one way or another. But, of course, “half of us thought youd (sic) have to be a fool to pass us (sic) on Drummond.” Right.

          This is why I would *love* for there to be some way of tracking everyone’s opinions and preferences over time. The longer your database history, the more “credibility” you can boast. I’m pretty sure all the brilliant armchair GMs have dumb opinions they never bring up when flaunting how right they were about something. As they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

          • themasao

            Fair enough. Although I think many people just weren’t anticipating Drummond dropping to 8 anyways. Part of the reason I put him under ‘will take’ and not ‘want’ for example, was because I just didn’t think it was a decision we would be confronted with.

            The more important point though, which I’ve mentioned elsewhere, is that BC knew (or should have, since seemingly the entire basketball world including ESPN’s draft night crew did) that Detroit, among other teams, COVETED Drummond.

            So regardless of how bad you personally thought Drummond would be, you STILL take him. BC just operated the opposite way a GM should operate that night: you draft assets, not positions.

            If you’re the only GM of 30 who thinks a player is good, go ahead and draft them, ideally with a 2nd rounder (see: San Antonio). If you’re the only GM of 30 who thinks a player is BAD…think twice before passing. Having numerous other teams coveting your player is ALWAYS a good thing, regardless of what you think of that player yourself.

    • raptorspoo

      No. Half of us thought youd have to be a fool to pass us on Drummond.

  • golden

    Getting excited about Dwight Buycks in summer league reminds me of my own experience ‘dominating’ Canlan Ice Sports D-division rec hockey league. I was practically scoring at will. We made it to the finals that year and in the championship game, all of a sudden this player on the other team turned into Wayne Gretzky and they blew us out. Turns out the guy had real talent, and was taking it easy all year, because he knew he could crank it up at any time. The next year I moved up to C-division and I could barely carry the puck over the blue-line without getting stripped. The speed of the game was just too, much not to mention the skill & strength of the players. And this was just C-division.

    Moral of the story:

    Me = Dwight Buycks. Other guy = Terrence Ross. Summer league means nothing.

    • arsenalist

      I used to work at Canlan Ice Sports – the one on Martin Grove – at the Pro Shop. I’ve probably personally ruined about 5000 pairs of skates with my sharpening.

  • tortacular

    Same old problems with Ross. The natural talent is there both athletically and in terms of shooting. But he has yet to harness it in a practical way. He’s never shown a consistent ability to create his own shot, even when he was athletically superior to his opposition. While he looks like a natural shooter out there, his numbers are not impressive. He loves his jumper, but has yet to be successful with it to the degree where he has to be if he’s going to primarily be a floor-spacing wing shooter. He has the athletic tools to be more than that, but he’s not much of a ball-handler at this point and I don’t expect him to become one any time soon.

  • Andre

    My friend always says “Never trade a big for a small. You can TEACH height”. We when you have ANDRE DRUMMOND drop in your lap, what would you do? DRAFT him. Please tell me im wrong. IMAGINE a Drummond/Valchinus front court? MY GOD! then derozen’s contract doesnt look as bad as before. Sigh. The raptors hate players name andre.

    • Andre

      “can’t teach height”

    • Guest

      If we applied that cliche to everything, we’d end up with:

      Bowie over Jordan
      Oden over Durant
      Milicic over [insert whoever you want]

      Which is exactly what happened, what continues to happen quite frequently, and why scrubs like Patrick O’Bryant get picked all the time. I’m not comparing Drummond to O’Bryant, but just demonstrating the stupidity of that cliche. You pick who you think will be the best (whatever that means), and if you’re wrong then so be it. No need to use stupid cliches.

      • Andre

        Jordan won a national championship. Portland was drafting for need. Oden is 2 inches taller then durant, so they are both “bigs” and Milicic wasnt even on anyones radar. the pistons were fed lies. Circumstance is need. A cliche, is a cliche, its not a rule. hence why its a cliche, so you cant apply it to everything. How do I apply it to the Drummond vs. Ross? Ross was projected to go 17 – 25. Drummond was projected to go 2 – 5. they were some concerns about drummond, but when a TOP 5 talents drops into your lap, YOU TAKE THAT CHANCE, NOT reach for a 17th ranked player.