The way it works:

For the first round we’ll have two matchups a day, voting for those matchups will remain open for 24 hours – 9AM to 9AM the following day, at which point the voting will be closed and the new matchup will appear on the site. So the schedule for the week is like this:

  • Tuesday (West): Clean Cut Huskies vs Paw Ball, Canadian Raptors vs Graphic Novel – Voting
  • Wednesday (East): Sleek vs Glow, Operation Skeleton vs JT II
  • Thursday (West): Purple and Red Fauxback vs JT III, Red Huskies vs Est. 1946
  • Friday (East): Fierce vs JT I, Old Renewed vs Boost

All voting will re-open on Saturday 9AM to Sunday 9AM. The first round results will be officially announced on Sunday afternoon, and that’s when the second round schedule will be released.

Sleek (1) vs Glow (8)


The logo I designed is flawed, but it was my inspiration moving forwards. I thought it would be nice to bring back the old Raptors text (for nostalgic purposes more than anything, and to commemorate our 20th year). I have also submitted a more subtle, minimalist design that I think fits in nicely with what the rest of the league are doing.


This jersey I made is for road games. I put Canadian leafs on the pants for a Canadian theme! GO Raptors!

Vote: Sleek vs Glow

Operation Skeleton (4) vs JT II (5)

Operation Skeleton

This new logo puts a different spin to the Raptor brand using the concept of a skeleton and the Raptor, shaded white instead of red. This not only brings a fresh idea but a cleaner and more modern feel to the brand. The Maple Leaf on top verifies that Canadian feel as well as the claw marks solidifying the ferociousness of the Raptor. The circle around brings that classic feel as we know with many existing logo’s. Finally the logo all around is not far from the Blue Jays which has gained a lot of positive reviews after their recent brand alteration. View the full PDF submission.



Vote: Operation Skeleton vs JT II

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  • DDD

    JTII is the best of all of these

  • mike, prague

    None of these are perfect.
    But JTII is as close as it gets.
    I voted for sleek and not for Glow dew to the poor (none at all) contrast of the letters and jersey colours in Glow, but Sleek still needs to change the mascara on that dino though … at looks almost zombie-ish …
    Operation skeleton would probably better than JTII and almost all jerseys out there if both jerseys weren’t one colour and lines, I’d think that making the sides red and white on the home and away jerseys respectively would take this design miles.

    You all missed your chance to let the best jersey ever made by a human (Paw ball) win this contest yesterday … hopefully you’ll fix that Sunday!

    • mike, prague

      I’d also make the font on the front of JTII a bit bigger.

  • Andre

    JTII is awesome

  • Edgar

    Operation skeleton is a really fantastic halfcourt logo (depth of field is a great fresh look), a good main logo and OK jerseys

    The logo’s alone won me over as the faded old logo on the back of JTII home and away turned me off completely (and while good – I’m afraid we’d be a laughing stock “copying” the GS “city” retro’s)

    Sleek’s logo is a face makeover away from absolute greatness, the red jerseys are good while simple but the blacks seem a little 90’s though. Easy win over Glow – the glow concept is fresh and original but I cant see it coming out on fabric very well at all (possibly why it hasn’t been done before).

  • Kombat99

    I like the throwback feel in Sleek (colours are very Chicago Bulls however). I’m not a fan of ‘capitalizing’ the “T” inside the word Raptors either (are you trying to emphasize Toronto by doing that? ‘Curious). Good attempt, but the logo is not ferocious enough for me since it reminds me more of a baby Raptor… And I agree with the other comment on JTii – we can’t copy GS with the transparent look of the old cartoonish logo… I understand what they’re trying to do though… And good job on Operation Skeleton! Much more attitude in that logo! Keep up the good work everyone – very exciting stuff!

  • farhad

    im telling you, sleek jersey design, operation skeleton logo and halfcourt art. boom.

  • Andre Julian Ward

    Sleek is absolutely beautiful .