The way it works:

For the first round we’ll have two matchups a day, voting for those matchups will remain open for 24 hours – 9AM to 9AM the following day, at which point the voting will be closed and the new matchup will appear on the site. So the schedule for the week is like this:

  • Tuesday (West): Clean Cut Huskies vs Paw Ball, Canadian Raptors vs Graphic Novel – Voting
  • Wednesday (East): Sleek vs Glow, Operation Skeleton vs JT II – Voting
  • Thursday (West): Purple and Red Fauxback vs JT III, Red Huskies vs Est. 1946 – Voting
  • Friday (East): Fierce vs JT I, Old Renewed vs Boost

All voting will re-open on Saturday 9AM to Sunday 9AM. The first round results will be officially announced on Sunday afternoon, and that’s when the second round schedule will be released.

Fierce (2) vs JT I (7)


Canada’s NBA team requires a more fierce and professional identity to ignite a fan-base with renewed optimism for the future.


Vote: Fierce vs JT I

Old Renewed (3) vs Boost (6)

Old Renewed


Raptors is an already well-established brand. It just needs small modifications in the logo and image to give it a boost/upgrade that it needs to make it a winner’s team! So, my focus was to make it SERIOUS and FEARSOME-POWERFUL. Take the Raptor’s funny looking body away, make the pupil disappear, sharper and much more dazzling font used, highlights and shadows to make a serious remark. View the full suite of logos here (PDF).


Vote: Old Renewed vs Boost

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  • Kombat99

    wowza!!! “FIERCE” is awesome. Those secondary logos are great!!! ‘I was starting to lean towards
    the team name change, but not anymore after seeing this!!! bravo!!!

    • gametime

      Thanks! The most recent version should be posted by the mods shortly. Great work, all!

    • gametime

      (for those curious, you can see the current file here: – secondary marks are more aggressive

      • Kombat99

        LOVE it!!! hopefully they update things soon!!!

  • You are gay

    Pardon my French but this whole thing is gay. You are the weakest of the Republic Lot

  • ahoang

    Fierce and JT I are amazing.

    I think it was JT II that incorporated a faded background on the back side similar to the 2008 USA jerseys:–10-Kobe-Bryant-Swingman-Blue-Jersey-24920/

    Go to MLSE now!

  • nbachamps34

    i much prefer the font used in Boost than any other fonts I’ve seen for the team Raptors. It goes along with the raptor’s sharp teeth.

  • budoushi

    It goes along with the raptor’s sharp teeth.