Clean Cut Huskies (1)

Toronto Huskies – Back to the original name and uniting our major pro sports teams with blue.

Purple and Red Fauxback (2)

Returning to the purple and red fauxback style.

Vote: Clean Cut Huskies vs Purple and Red Fauxback

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  • Andre Julian Ward

    The Purple and red Fauxback designs are beauts.

  • Kombat99

    good attempt – but I can only see Orlando & Clippers/Kings in those two entries by Simon (‘keep the Raptors name mlse, we’re not a city that turns it’s back on our team!)

    • Nilanka15

      Plus, the LAST thing we need is any visual correlation with the Leafs.

    • SR

      I love the fauxbacks. The vintage look is slightly generic, but that could be tweaked easily enough to differentiate from Clippers reds. It’s the best use of the red & purple colour scheme, though. I like seeing some purple back in the unis.

      • Lucas

        My issue with that one is that purple and red are NOT complimentary colours (quite the opposite, in fact). I hate, HATE seeing them together like that. It’s odd that someone with a good grasp of graphic design principles would make such a mistake (his submissions are great work, overall).

        Otherwise, that submissions does have more character than his other ones. But Fierce is still my favourite, by far; great typography and graphic design, with a modern, edgy look, and solid execution. I firmly believe Fierce is going to win this competition (probably against Clean Cut Huskies).

        • SR

          Newsflash brought to you by Aurora Borealis and your local evening sunset: purple and red absolutely can go together.

          Jokes aside, I know it’s not everybody’s thing and the purple is always a bit divisive in sports. I like the combo, though.

          I’m not as convinced about Fierece. The Raptor looks like a gecko with fangs and the jerseys look like an outfit from Tron. (These comments made with all due respect to the designer, who did a great job in his spare time.)

          • Lucas

            I appreciate a good, respectful discussion, so my tone below is of the same nature (it’s easy to read an aggressive tone in these situations — I fall victim to it all the time).

            I didn’t say or mean that they can’t go together, but rather that they are not ideal pairs. If you see a color combination wheel ( you’ll see that colours at least 3 spots away from each other are more suitable complimentary colours.

            That being said, in the case of the sunset, you’re looking at a lot more orange than red (if any red at all), and the purple is MUCH darker than the orange in that case (e.g.,

            And yellow/orange are far better compliments to purple than red (hence their use in the Suns’ branding).

            I can’t comment on the Aurora Borealis, unfortunately; I’ve never seen it, and who knows how much of that is Photoshop enhanced when you see it online? I’ll take your word for it.

            And don’t get me wrong: I love a good use of purple, or even fuchsia (see my site,, for example). I just don’t like the combination of it with red here. I would have LOVED to see a really sharp design whose primary colour was purple!

            The Raptor in Fierce is definitely it’s weak spot, I agree there. But the way I see it, that logo is: A) Still better than most logos submitted; and B) More than most designs submitted.

            These two designs are nice jersey designs, with a start on the branding, but they would still need a logo. I’m not going to fault the designer of Fierce for making a pretty decent logo, simply because a highly-paid pro might make a better one for these other designs.

            And I definitely get the Tron reference: they are very modern looking, which is not for everyone. That’s fair, and to each their own!

            Which was your favourite design from the whole contest?

            • SR

              I really like the JT blue city alternate jersey. It’s the biggest departure from current/past branding, which I guess I find more interesting in this contest. On the plus side it puts Toronto on the jersey which solves the “no connection between a velociraptor and this city” problem for me. I also like the effect of the original Raptor logo being embossed (or whatever) on the back – a subtle way to include some franchise history without going retro/vintage.

              Not sure if some of those elements could every be used in primary jerseys, or if that look would be relegated to an alternate.

            • huskiesgo

              I think fierce did a pretty good job on all the logos, but I’m still not sold on that rebrand to represent the city of “toronto”. It just doesn’t look “nba” to me for some reason. It looks more like d-league team affiliate. The wordmarks are seriously lacking nba standards. Just my 0.02

              • Lucas

                I actually think he (or she, not sure) did a good job with the wordmarks. Reminds me a bit of the Atlanta wordmark (, minus the small serifs.

                @dc6f21daa48258a14708c75f23aeef40:disqus: I kind of like the city too, and that part might even look fine on a primary jersey (like JT has it). The watermarked Raptor (don’t think it would be embossed, but who knows) would likely be on an alternate, especially because the trend is to have very simple, clean designs right now.

        • Sig

          I disagree, I think purple and red go together really well. And especially well on these jerseys.

  • mike, prague

    I think that Simon has this one won.


    those were the two best options…was hoping they would meet in the final but one will be gone now

    i voted for the huskies cause the different name but im not sure if the other unis arent my fave if the name is not taken into consideration

  • Kombat99

    Still shocked Paw Ball isn’t here representing the Hussies side. This contest is about the most creative ‘rebranding ideas’, not who has the ability to just make realistic jerseys in illustrator (which looks good, but just lacks any new brand). – So before this whole thing ends, we should applaud all the people that were brave enough to create an actual new brand that we could pitch to mlse. (thus, I’m torn on how to vote between Simon’s jerseys as they don’t have logos, etc, one uses red & purple which is a big no-no that Lucas mentions, and the other looks like Orlando… hmmmm)

    • huskiesgo

      Seems like all of kombats comments are posted just to discredit simon chens designs. Just an my honest opinion.
      The uniforms look good, i don’t see the orlando reference. I do see the kings though, I voted huskies!

      • Kombat99

        nah, just sad that ppl got caught up in these and overlooked the actual rebrand submitted by Paw Ball (granted, his didn’t have the polish, but the idea was stronger)

        • huskiesgo

          Why did you like paw ball so much? They used a paw in a circle that just replaced the raptor claw. That’s not that brilliant, with respects to the designer. There was nothing else that was creative.

          • SR

            Agreed. Clean Cut Huskies isn’t my favourite, but this isn’t a lack of design – this kind of minimalism is what all the kids are doing these days. See: Nets, Brooklyn.

            The Paw Ball is more mid-90’s in my opinion, when oversized fonts and cartoonish graphics were all the rage.

            • mike, prague

              Mid-90’s … maybe
              + it wouldn’t have been so 90-ish if I had the tools to polish it up. (but that is beside the point)
              but cartoonish??? where on earth did you pull that from?

          • The Paw Ball one is my favourite, too. Simple, clean and it gets around the problem of the logo looking too much like the Timberwolves logo.

          • mike, prague

            Actually I wasn’t thinking of the raptor claw at all. I actually ripped-off of GSW. I took a copy of one and scribbled on top of it …lol

        • Sig

          Um… maybe some people disagree with your opinion? Maybe some thought that the jerseys were ugly and therefore did not vote for them?

          • From the voting results, it seems to me that there were more votes for the more polished designs (and some people even made comments to this), and I think that’s to bad. The idea wasn’t to have the most finished design but the best idea.

            • Sig

              You have a good point, but people are not going to be voting for something that is visually lacking

  • Anti-Huskies Pro-Raptors


    • Never been a fan of the Raptors name. To me the name is meant to appeal to kids. Changing the name would be a good symbolic way of telling the league the franchise ready to grow up and join the big boys in the league. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Huskies, but that’s a name that a lot of people like and I would be fine with. At least it has SOME connection to Toronto, unlike the Raptors.

      • SR

        I agree. Also, Huskies has a brief history here, and tradition is always a great thing in sports.

        That said, I like the Raptors redesigns that bring back some purple. Raptors has been a franchise for nearly 20 years now, long enough to start drawing on their own tradition/history (as underwhelming as it has been on the court).

        • Adam H.

          The Huskies were one of the original NBA teams and Toronto hosted the world’s first official NBA game (I realize this point may be debatable, but the league does recognize this). So, although the history of the Huskies may be “brief”, I think it would be a shame to forget such an important historical link between the city and the founding of the league. Go Huskies!

      • Sig

        How does “Raptors” appeal to kids more than “Huskies” does? Because they’re dinosaurs…?

        • The Raptors name came into being as a marketing gimmick to take advantage of a popular trend that came from a popular movie. And it was aimed at kids. And kids are the ones that generally love dinosaurs. The current look of the raptor still comes from the movie because recent evidence has shown velociraptors look nothing like the ones we see for the Toronto Raptors. They are much smaller than what the movie portrays and they most likely had feathers.

          While I’m not a huge fan of the Husky name, at least there is some history and reasoning behind it that doesn’t have to do with trying to appeal to kids. I’d just like to see a more grown up name.

          • Sig

            Not really. I recall it being a contest where everyone had the opportunity to vote? It was on a list among other names such as Hogs, Terriers, Dragons, Beavers, Scorpions, etc. that all had equal chances to win and could have been submitted by anyone. Now unless this “vote” took place in an elementary school gymnasium I don’t understand how this was aimed at kids and how changing it into the Huskies would show a sign of “growing up”.

            Yes, the current logo represents an animal that has never existed on this planet as far as we know because of two reasons:

            1 – We still haven’t changed it after almost 20 years
            2 – If the were to alter the raptor to accurately represent it to what we know of it today, our mascot would look like a lizard chicken

            Another funny thing is that they are actually making a new Jurassic Park movie, and in an interview the director was asked if he was going to alter some of the dinosaurs (specifically the velociraptor) to realistically portray them based on recent scientific findings. The director said that he doesn’t intend to do that because the raptors are already iconic characters and are much more colloquially known by there earlier appearances. This also applies to us and our mascot, you shouldn’t just change that.

            He also said something about the zero intimidation factor these new raptors would bring because like I said earlier they look like chickens.

    • SR

      A steel-cage match should settle this nicely. Raptor vs. Husky. Whoops, that kind of business got Michael Vick into a lot of trouble. Never mind. I no longer endorse this idea at all, as it would surely be a cruelty to animals incident due to the inevitable mauling the Husky would receive.

    • Shadow Of Christ

      Agreed… I have no clue as to why everyone is so fixated on the Huskies… They were so bad, they didn’t even last one year in the league!

      • Huskies is simply an option that many of us like better than the Raptors. Personally, I don’t understand why so many people are so attached to the Raptors name.

  • Teepo

    The fauxback would work better without the Raptor name. Something like the “Boxers” or the “Gents.” The Toronto Gents mascot would be named “Vinsfield” and he would have a top-hat and cane. All gags would revolve around him breaking his monocle. Halftime prizes include free passes to Casa Loma.

  • bob loblaw

    I don’t like how purple and red mix together. Too painful on the eyes. Especially those letters on the middle jersey.

  • mistergarbs

    Huskies unis look just like the mavs. Love the fauxback

  • malod

    Interesting..the Clean Cut Huskies actually reminds me of the Jays for some reason.

  • Kombat99

    I remember seeing a comment somewhere here about the raptor height, and I found this: “The term ‘raptor’ is a general label used to describe a handful
    of raptor species. Some raptors were much bigger than humans (ie.
    Utahraptor, Deinonychus, etc.)”

  • UnsungHero

    Red and purple fauxback is too much like the clippers. The clippers would sue for copyright infringement.