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Morning Coffee: October 29th Edition

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Toronto Raptors’ GM Masai Ujiri taking his job one step at a time | National Post

We do know Ujiri will not build the way the Miami Heat have — “I wish I could,” he says with a smile — and he has expressed a distaste for extended tanking. But to win titles you almost always need superstars. What are the odds you can win a title without superstars? “The chances are, for me, they’re slim,” Ujiri says. “I totally agree that, yes, you have to have one or a couple of those guys, but how do you create it where — I can’t come into Toronto or come into Denver and give the excuse that, ‘Hey, I can’t get any of those guys.’ “So I have to create the environment here. I have to create that environment. It starts with the young players, it starts with the culture you create there, it starts with drafting well. You bring those players, and you attract those players.”

The #RTZ Lookahead: Time To Get Started… |

Burning Question: Will the Raptors make the Playoffs? | TSN

Assuming Ujiri stays the course, and assuming good health (both generous assumptions), a postseason berth is attainable in the top-heavy Eastern Conference. Barring injuries, the East’s top five (Miami, Chicago, Indiana, Brooklyn, New York) should be untouchable but 37-41 wins – a realistic expectation for the Raps – should keep them in the mix for the six-to-eight seeds with Detroit, Cleveland, Atlanta and now Washington.

This Week In Raptorland: Season Preview | Dino Nation Blog

Raptors get rolling for real tomorrow against the Celtics. Today myself and John Chick preview the season and hear from Amir Johnson and DeMar DeRozan in this episode.

NBA Power Rankings – Preseason Week 4 | HOOPSWORLD

Raptors drop 7 spots in this weeks rankings

Photo Credit: Matthew Stasyna @ Turbozone

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