Chris Broussard is saying that Dion Waiters is being shopped because he “has a contentious relationship with several teammates, including star point guard Kyrie Irving” (you might recall this). This led Joe Kaiser to post Insider speculation regarding Toronto giving up Waiters for Terrence Ross:

Yes, they already have DeMar DeRozan locked up to a long-term deal and 2012 lottery pick Terrence Ross coming off the bench. A deal involving Waiters-for-Ross would make some sense, though. The quiet personality of Ross would provide more harmony in the locker room, and the Cavs could use his 3-point shooting. From the Raptors’ standpoint, Waiters would bring more versatility off the bench than that of Ross, who has been mostly a 3-point shooter and highlight-reel dunker so far in his pro career.

Terrence Ross is a neutral figure at RR, as he reminds us way too much of Chris Jefferies.

Having said that, Ross has posted some decent games of late and has shown signs of coming out of his career-long funk and actually hit some meaningful threes.

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  • Brandon Ellis

    I’m not interested in waters for ross. Ross is already a solid defender and three pointer shooter, with a developing off the dribble game.

  • DDayLewis

    Dion Waiters and Rudy Gay on the wings. This should work. /s

  • Yes, because what the Raptors need more than anything is MORE one dimensional chuckers. And the fact that he’s had a bad relationship with teammates in Cleveland is only a plus. It means he’s got a chip on his shoulder. Right?

    On a completely different note, wouldn’t it be nice for the Raptors to acquire a player who isn’t massively flawed?

    • DDayLewis

      Ross for Lebron. Get ‘er done, Ujiri!

      • Roarque

        You’d let our future walk out the door for that has been? Moron!

        • DDD

          you just call lebron a has been? are an idiot or just plain retarded? anyone on this planet that know anything about bbal would do ross for lebron and thank god for it

          • Uh, he was being sarcastic. Perhaps before personally insulting people, you might want to make sure that YOU’RE not going to be the one who looks like an idiot.

    • ckh26

      Good points.. To make a deal maybe it gets bigger. We put up Ross + JV + Amir + and Rudy. You have to take Rudy to get the package. We get back Waiters + Varajeo + T.Thompson.

      Why does Cleveland do this ? To get rid of Waiters and keep IRving happy. They get Ross back and its a wash to them. They aren’t sure on Varajeo and get a young big back with potential . Fits what they are doing. They get Amir to backfill Thompson and to work the picknroll with Irving and they can now wait on Bennet. Because we INSIST they take Rudy they make the best of it and rationalize they are now set for a run at a very mediocre east playoff spot with a an established SF who can score late in games.

      Why does Toronto to this. ? Admittedly we get a first class ass muppet with Waiters but it is a wash with Ross. Ross better on D but Waiters seems to have progressed more on offense . Wash. We get a ligit 4 with upside in Thomposon and hes young. Fits with what we want. We get to unload Rudy and to do that you gotta sweeten it to the point where you have to give something of real value to get out from underneath this brick. JV is enought to make Cleveland choke down Rudy and that 19M We get Varajoeo to hold the fort till we can find another young big. Hard to do. But thats the pennance for BC’s trade for Rudy..

      No idea on the cap equalization .. but this is a deal both sides might think about.

      • So Toronto gives up a legitimate center, which is probably the hardest position to fill, for a legitimate PF, which might be the easiest position to fill.

        This is a HORRIBLE deal for the Raptors. Horrible.

      • Raps Loyalist

        dumbest trade idea I’ve seen in a long long time on here. We are not trading JV in any deal unless we get a superstar in return.

  • RNsteve

    Do not want.

  • Jeffrey Yau

    Isn’t he just like a DeMar/Rudy lite? Correct me if i’m wrong though but he just seems like the kind of player that will eventually just end up as another high usage wing who isn’t a great 3pt shooter.

  • Maybe it’s Kyrie that’s the problem! Ross for Kyrie ought to do it.

    Get ‘er done Masai!

  • hateslosing

    Please no…. Ross is actually playing great now and we want to move him for another volume shooter who plays bad D. Maybe Ujiri is tanking…

    • johng_3

      Not really, I haven’t really seen anything that has impressed me. We are still losing. Nobody is untouchable.

  • Ayejay

    I do not like it, Ross is more athletic the waiters, we need another inside/outside man and that can handle the ball but of course Ross hass that so no point in trading him.

    • Jones

      You do realize that waiters can drive consistently shoot decent from three and has good handles his game is so similar to Uncle Drew so he gets a bad rep

  • StabbyRaccoon

    Umm no, Waiters isn’t really playing very well, hasn’t ever played well, Ross is better, consistently improving, and WON’T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE FANS?! Though as a quasi Cavs fan I would like to see him go. But not to Toronto.

    • Rap fan 2

      Agreed, this would be good trade for Cleveland. The issues with Waiters is a Cavalier problem so why should the Raptors reward them by trading away one of their most promising prospects?

  • StabbyRaccoon

    No, Ross still has a lot of potential to build on and I have absolutely no reason to think that Waiters would be more valuable at that position even now. And WON’T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE FANS?! As a bit of a Cavs fan I would love to see him go but not to Toronto. Git that garbage outta heah


    heres a better trade for both teams:
    CLE gets: Rudy Gay & 2nd rd pick
    TOR gets: waiters, varejao & Bennett/Gee

    • FREEJV

      also throw stone in that deal

    • NBA Jam Arcade Machine

      Oh my goodness, no.

    • Cleveland respectfully declines. And then laughs until they throw up.

      A straight swap of Gay for Varejao MIGHT entice them. Adding two players makes no sense. I think you’re underestimating just how much Varejao helps a team win.

      • FREEJV

        cuz they re winning so many games right now….

        • They’ve won 2 fewer than Toronto. And there’s only so much you can do when you have the teammates that Varejao does.

          • FREEJV

            lol wtf why you trying to make it sound like varejao is a superstar get off his nuts bro

            • No, I’m simply saying he’s probably more valuable to a team than Gay is, so expecting to get Varejao AND other valuable pieces doesn’t make much sense.

              Varejao is an excellent defender, good rebounder and passer and actually takes shots that he can make.

    • moe

      lmaoooo you cant be serious? why does everyone value players on their teams so much.
      best possible trade would be a straight up waiters for gay… they would get a good shot creater and we could tank

  • Jason

    Nope… I’ve been happy with Ross’s overall play for the last couple weeks. Unless it’s Irving for Ross… Ha ha 😛

  • Rap fan 2

    No way Jose! There’s no gain here for the Raptors. Waiters will just add to the dysfunction if he doesn’t conform to be a team player on the Raptors. He’ll be a good asset/depth bench piece to develop if we can obtain him on the cheap however. The Cavaliers need more veteran leadership and team players. Someone like Landry Fields for instance.

    • johng_3

      So you mean another overpaid veteran

  • Sham

    Maisai knows what hes doing unlike yall he watches games other than the Raptors. Before yall play GM watch the games please (not only Raptors). I love it how all if not 90 percent of yall dissing Waiters and saying Ross is a better player have never seen Waiters play a game other tham the few games he plays against us. I have NBA league pass and seen tons of his games this guy is very good, Rosss is too Inconsistent and has ZERO passion on the court.

    • Who is this “yall”?

      • DrFunk
        • Actually, it sounds like this Yall character doesn’t have league pass, which seems to be the main complaint of Sham. I’ve never noticed Yall comment on here, so perhaps Sham’s complaints will fall on deaf ears. I would suggest maybe trying RealGM or one of the other basketball sites.

          Maybe if we all look out for him we can report back to Sham and let him know where he is.

  • FreeTheChuckers

    Gay & DeRozan for Bynum, Bennett & Waiters & 2014 2nd Rd Pick ………Get er Done!!!!

  • johng_3

    I would take this deal. Waiters would be the perfect sixth man off the bench than Ross. Waiters is more aggressive and is a willing scorer. When Kyrie was out with an injury last year, Waiters was playing great. The reason he ain’t playing so good this year is that he needs the ball in his hands and with Kyrie around, that won’t work.

    • Doanna

      money comment. waiters 24 points 6 defensive rebounds in 29 minutes against Miami. he should have been nervous given the trade rumours and the cowardly leak by Irving of an internal meeting–but guess who chokes? Irving 19 shots for 19 points. How’s that for efficiency? zero for 6 in 3s. (Waiters went 4-8 from downtown). For all the braindead here read Brian Windhorst’s analysis re: Irving’s deficiencies and how bad he projects to be BTW, Waiters is fast AND 235 pounds. A bull who likes contact at the hoop. Not like wimpy coward ball hog Irving.

      • Are you a relative of Waiters? Because I find it difficult to take the opinion of anyone seriously who seems to have such a personal stake in something.

      • Sham

        Tell them whats what please

        • If you guys are Cleveland fans and want to trade Irving, we’d be happy to take him. How about Gay, Lowry and Hansbrough for Irving, Bynum, Bennett and Clark? It would have to wait until December 15th, but I’d be up for that. Deal?

  • Paul

    Seems like a lateral move to me.
    I would not move Ross one for one barring some ridiculous opportunity (highly unlikely).

    The only way I’d move him is as a deal sweetener to make a real franchise altering move.

  • Marko

    This is a deal for the sake of making a deal… not gonna happen

  • lewro

    Cleveland has lots of picks, young power forwards, a large (potentially expiring) contract and they need a scoring SF, they have chemistry problems and are underachieving.
    people might not like ross for waiters but cavs are an intriguing trade partner so let’s not hang up the phone just yet. maybe get a third team on three-way conference instead? ideally, we move gay and retain one of those young pfs and a pick. i dont see ross/waiters straight up. ujiri makes more complex deals – more players and teams involved. still two weeks of ball to played/analyzed then the chips will fall.