Per Slam Magazine:

The Raptors continue to make roster moves — having confirmed the blockbuster Rudy Gay trade, the team announced that guard DJ Augustin has been waived. From the press release: “Augustin was signed by the club as a free agent July 22. Augustin appeared in 10 games, averaging 2.1 points, 1.0 assists and 8.2 minutes. The roster now stands at 14.”


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  • TheSpiceTyrant

    I’m a bit surprised that DJ Augustin’s role was exceed by Buycks on this one. Must be more to this…

    • Marz

      No idea if this is accurate, but if another team signs DJ, does that mean we don’t have to pay him his salary at all? If so, I think that would be the reason – DJ is more likely to be picked up off waivers than Buycks.

      • TheSpiceTyrant

        Yes, someone can take on his salary if he is claimed off waivers. But I’m not sure if he’s counted for as a cap hit nor whether Raptors pay him if he’s not claimed off waiver… I believe Raps pay his salary until he’s claimed.

        • Alex Vostrikov

          I think new team actually pays only 500k and raps the rest…. or something like that. and I think it is counted against the salary cap.
          again, don’t kill me if I am wrong. I do recall reading something about this.
          there is a saying… smart writes, and stupid tries to remember.

          • TheSpiceTyrant

            That’d make sense… I’ll defend my stupidity with words.

          • DanH

            If he’s claimed off waivers, the new team pays the entire amount and his entire amount comes off the Raptors’ cap.

            If he clears, and signs a new minimum salary contract, half the difference between his new salary and the 1-year minimum salary comes off the Raptors’ books. DJA is eligible to sign a minimum deal at $1,027,424; the 1-year minimum salary is $788,872. The difference is $238,552. So $119,276 would come off the Raptors’ books if he signs elsewhere. Not anything significant.

  • mike, prague

    Shocking … I already imagined Buycks packing his bags. Glad he stayed.

  • AB4EYE

    The way we handled DJ was dumb! No doubt he played terrible to start the year but the guy has been a starter in this league, we should have gave him a longer leash to see if he could turn it around and rebuilt some trade value.

    He played a big part in our last win and was playing good the last bit he was on the floor but was never given any PT. His last 4 games he was shooting 60% on limited shots and a plus 46 in +/- with more assists to TO.

    For as much as Casey wanted ball movement DJ had a Per36 assist rate only behind Lowry in players to get any real PT.

    • TheSpiceTyrant

      Don’t agree he’s been all that productive. I think a lot of people expected more from him in the games he did play. He got a shot.

  • blackjitsu

    This actually says quite a bit. They’re keeping a prospect, and dumping a guy who unfortunately has fallen off. My guess is Buycks is heading to the D-League pretty soon.

  • caccia

    Augustin should never have been signed in the first place. The only reason I can see for the contract is that he’s a friend of Kyle Lowry. It was obvious to Pacers fans last year that anytime he got on the court, the bench production fell off.

  • Fullzo

    Absolutely horrible move to let Augustin go for nothing. The least they could have tried to do is package him in that toronto-sacramento deal and get back at least jimmer fredette for him.

    • You’re assuming DJ Augustin has any trade value whatsoever. He was a guy who couldn’t win the backup point guard spot against two borderline NBA players. The fact that no one is even claiming him off waivers should tell you something.