This isn’t The Doctor is In. This isn’t Talking Raptors. This is the Arsenalist talking to James Ham from Cowbell Kingdom about the Rudy Gay deal. Old school style.  Give this cat a follow, if not for his sick basketball knowledge then for his hair. Give his site a follow at @cowbell_kingdom too. Also, sign up for the tournament as an individual or a team.

Listen up as:

  • James talks about what he’s expecting from Rudy Gay – this is pure madness as he’s reminding me of Raptors fans last December
  • Pete D’alessandro
  • We dig deep into the pronunciation of “Greivis Vasquez”
  • Patrick Patterson and Vasquez are discussed in-depth – their strengths, their weaknesses and their character
  • How Jose Calderon and Vasquez may as well be the same person (a good thing and also not a good thing)
  • Proof that John Salmons is a scarecrow
  • I still can’t believe how high of an opinion the Sacramento fans have of Rudy Gay
  • Salary/flexibility impact from Kings and Raptors perspective
  • Score check from Raps/Lakers
  • How the Raptors and Kings form a brotherhood
  • More…oh, there’s so much more!

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (24:30, 29 MB). Or just listen below:

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27 Responses to “Emergency Rapcast #174: Rudy Gay Deal Analysis with James Ham from Cowbell Kingdom”

  1. AB4EYE

    Its funny how people who’ve never had Rudy on their team or had the displeasure of watching him every game have no idea how bad he is.

  2. Tanks-a-lot

    Rudy Gay won’t get the ‘superstar’ treatment because of his contract. Cousins rules the roost there and Gay will fall in line as a number 2.

  3. Antoine Rose

    lmao this man is the worst reporter ever… lol the man says the sacremento kings have more talent then the raptors SMH

  4. Heyzues

    This guy is delusional.
    Obviously hasn’t watched Rudy play this year.
    Sacramento contending for what? the lottery?
    If I see Gay, Williams and Maclemore running down the floor. I’m changing the channel.

  5. pran

    only 8 mins in but this rapcast is hilarious. Both guys (sam and the other guy) feel like they got the better end of the deal by a landslide, and obviously think very little of the others franchise. But they are walking on eggshells trying not to insult each other. comedy gold.

  6. Steven KC

    Rudy Gay might work out better in Sac than Toronto. In Sac, they’ve got demarcus and Thomas as the leading guys, Rudy will have to defer to Demarcus or he’s gonna get his shit fucked up post game. In Memphis, he was that guy, come in and put up quick points when the team needed him, man to man defense is average, and a good rotational defender

  7. GoingBig

    I think Sacramento is giggling with happiness because in the traditional trade wisdom, the team getting the most talented guy wins. Rudy is the most talented but the Raptors’ experience is one of dysfunctionality on the offence he causes.

    When opponents put up tough defence, Rudy only had iso-ball to offer and dragged the Raptors into that.
    Maybe Sacramento can rein him in with a tough coach or locker-room pressure, but that’s a fundamental shift that Rudy is not likely to make. Memphis did the best by pairing him with a non-shooting wing. Errr… that’s it

    It’ll be very interesting – and not a Raptors’ problem

  8. over9k

    What I find annoying about this guy is that he’s so quick to rip on Vasquez after only watching him play for 18 games after off-season ankle surgery. It sounds to me like I actually watched him more last year in NO and a couple of games this year in Sactown. Is he better than Isaiah Thomas? Probably not. Is he as bad as this guy portrays him to be? Absolutely not.

    At least when we talked about Calderon’s deficiency, it was always the lack of defensive quickness. That was it. I don’t think anyone doubted Calderon as a very good PG. Vasquez isn’t as good as Calderon, but I think the analogy holds.

    I’ll give this guy a pass on the Rudy giddiness. A lot of Raptors fans didn’t like the Gay trade when it happened, but we were also looking to tank. Perhaps the Sactown folks are fine with his ginormous contract because they are looking to the playoffs. But, if he thinks he’s getting a Paul George-lite, he’s definitely missed out on Rudy Gay matches.

    It’s obvious what these trades are. One is a salary dump and the other is a playoff push. But when third parties (non-Toronto and non-Sacramento people) rip on Rudy Gay all the time and say good things about Vasquez generally, who seems to be the misinformed one?

  9. Andre

    Yo… this dude is delusional… I guess we will see how rudy does in sac-town. But hes going to be taking shots from Mclamore and cousins.. This will be fun to watch. this was a steal. I guess we have an advantage that americans dont watch raptor games.

  10. 2damkule

    wow, that cowbell guy is totally less jaded than i assumed a fan of the kings would be. good on him.

  11. Alex Vostrikov

    what an idiot reporter…..
    its sad how ppl like him have a job. no knowledge what so ever.
    I hope him an rudy can became friends

  12. drew t

    Kings fan here..

    Listening to this, this cowbell guy is a bit delusional. This trade serves as a win-win in both team in my opinion. From the Sacramento standpoint, although Rudy might not be our saving grace and in the long run could hurt this team, its a win for the city. A win in the sense that we’re not spooked by the terror of the Maloofs for all these years and the horrible management that came along with it. It shows that our team is willing to move in a forward progression. We got rid of our deadweight (Salmons and Hayes) for an established talented player and potential in Acy. 2 big moves from our GM in the past month is enough to bring joy to Sacramento, and we’re excited to see what else D’alessandro has planned in the future.



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