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  • Regina Rap Fan

    They need to reevaluate him again in another month cuz now NO RUDY GAY!

  • Ho Tep

    They don’t seem to like DeMar. They’re worse than some of us on here.

  • Copywryter

    What stings is that we could have had Drummond instead of Terrence Ross.

    Sorry, not could. Should.

    • Guest

      Why stop there? The pick advocated by more RR posters than any other was Austin Rivers. It must be nice to hop aboard the Drummond hindsight bandwagon, though. Don’t hurt yourself climbing on.

  • bballi

    Thorpe is terrible, this is the guy who said the raptors should draft Sullinger…Pelton is all about his metrics and I don’t know much about the first guy. Anyway, classic ESPN, lacking any real substance