This week on the Talking Raptors podcast:

– Tank Nation’s struggles
– Who to trade: Amir or Demar
– Fans cheering for pizza
– Primo’s comeback
– Tom Sterner TV
– Lamar Odom is the next Stephon Marbury
– Rudy Gay is handsome
– Toronto Raptors Fight Club
– Predictions”

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (15:53, 57 MB). Or just listen below:

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  • Bendit

    Keeping it light….I like your style…enjoyed it..

  • Sam

    Alvin Robertson should have been a fight club selection; can’t believe you missed that one.

  • drunkmunky

    Did they rap again? I always just skip the first couple of minutes…

  • drunkmunky

    wow.. half of that episode was cannon fodder…

  • Rjak27

    I’ll take Charles Oakley, Oliver Miller, Joey Graham, James Johnson and Quincy Acy.

    • Duke

      James Johnson is a sleeper pick, can’t believe they missed him. I’d take his black belt on my team. I remember him almost fighting someone when he was on the raps. Instead of doing the fake tough guy getting in the other dude’s face til other guys come break it up thing, he backed up a step n pulled up his shorts like he was about to kick a dude’s head off lol

  • shanikt

    Here’s the Tom Sterner video that was mentioned

  • jumperson22

    What about Reggie Evans?!? Dude would grab your balls in a fight! I was waiting for someone to pick him.

  • GoingBig

    Re: Tanking – it has to take place at the managerial level
    I don’t think any player tanks “in-game” – it creates distrust with the coach and manager – and the player would lower his stock and throw away hundreds of thousands of $$$