For the first time this season, the Toronto Raptors will get a shot at the NBA Championship Belt on Saturday night when the reigning champion Brooklyn Nets visit the ACC on Drake Night.

If you’re unaware, the NBA Championship Belt is a fun idea born on R/NBA whereby the reigning NBA Champion Miami Heat started the season with a theoretical championship belt, which they defend every game. Should a team beat them, they become the new champ, and then defend it every game until they lose it, and so on. The Nets are the current champs, having defeated Golden State on the 8th.

Here’s a full chronology of the belt this season:

Heat – one defense
76ers – two
Warriors – one
Spurs – eight
Thunder – three
Blazers – one
Mavericks – lost on first defense
Kings – lost on first defense
Jazz – one
Spurs (2) – lost on first defense
Clippers – three
Warriors – seven
Nets (c) – one

The Raptors are one of just six teams yet to receive a shot at the strap. With an easy stretch of schedule coming up, a Saturday victory could turn the Raps into Bruno Sammartino.

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