We apologize profusely, but we can’t seem to find the guy who was supposed to write tonight’s Quick Reaction.

Milwaukee Bucks 94 Final
Recap | Box Score
116 Toronto Raptors
Amir Johnson, PF Shot Chart 20 MIN | 3-8 FG | 0-0 FT | 6 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 6 PTS | +5

Awesome pawsum. If he was a unicorn, he’d be pink, have amazing breasts, and ride a dragon into wars against an army of aliens who all look like Kyle Korver.

Jonas Valanciunas, C Shot Chart 32 MIN | 5-10 FG | 7-10 FT | 10 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 4 TO | 17 PTS | +23

His pump-fake sent Mercury into retrogade.

Kyle Lowry, PG Shot Chart 30 MIN | 6-8 FG | 7-7 FT | 2 REB | 5 AST | 4 STL | 1 BLK | 0 TO | 23 PTS | +15

When he sleeps, he breathes fire. Can kill a man by staring into his eyes.

DeMar DeRozan, SG Shot Chart 33 MIN | 8-16 FG | 3-5 FT | 7 REB | 7 AST | 1 STL | 1 BLK | 1 TO | 19 PTS | +13

At halftime had Ilyasova’s family kidnapped and held hostage.

Terrence Ross, SG Shot Chart 26 MIN | 2-8 FG | 2-2 FT | 5 REB | 1 AST | 3 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 8 PTS | +30

His shot can be used to sharpen swords.

Patrick Patterson, PF Shot Chart 25 MIN | 7-11 FG | 3-4 FT | 4 REB | 2 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 18 PTS | +21

Once played a game of FIFA with God, he was Sheffield Wednesday, God was Bayern Munich. Won 10-0.

Chuck Hayes, PF Shot Chart 15 MIN | 1-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 4 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 2 PTS | +2

Banged the tooth fairy.

John Salmons, SF Shot Chart 27 MIN | 3-5 FG | 2-2 FT | 4 REB | 5 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 10 PTS | +16

Went to Walmart on Black Friday. To get groceries

Landry Fields, SF Shot Chart 4 MIN | 0-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 0 PTS | -7

Showed up at my house as a carper-cleaner and tried to convince me to join a cult which believes in taking left turns only.

Steve Novak, SF Shot Chart 4 MIN | 1-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 3 PTS | -7

DNA tests have revealed he’s Jason Kapono’s biological father.

Austin Daye, SF Shot Chart 3 MIN | 1-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 2 PTS | -6

Still can’t connect moustache to goatee.

Greivis Vasquez, PG Shot Chart 21 MIN | 3-5 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 4 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 4 TO | 8 PTS | +5

Saw Event Horizon with his two-year old daughter. When she got scared, threatened starvation.

Dwane Casey

Sleeps on a bed of nails which have been sprinkled with acid. Takes a shower with windshield washer fluid and brushes teeth with bleach. The man is a man’s man.

Five Things We Saw

  1. Organization’s tank. Teams don’t.
  2. The Raptors are winning games they’re supposed to win.
  3. Boston will be a win, the question is will Minny?
  4. The only thing the Raptors could’ve done better is handle Milwaukee’s zone a little better in the second quarter.
  5. The Raptors are awesome to watch.

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  • rgfan

    by far the best Raptors Reaction Ever!!!! Finally nailed it!

  • 2Pat

    I felt you were too easy to Landry…

  • Derek

    Best. Ever.

  • Tim

    Arse is getting a pretty good jump on the weekend.

  • afrocarter



    only wrong thing about this is Everyone except Landry deserved an F. He was the star of the game in garbage time with his flashy passed and missed layups

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  • john

    Don’t know if this game even requires more of a recap. The Bucks are horrible. It seemed as if our players weren’t even trying that hard. That said, Henson and Giannis are awesome young players, and along with whoever they draft this spring they’ll be a hell of a lot better in two years.

    • jjdynomite

      … at which point Henson will force a trade to get him the f*ck out of Milwaukee.

    • Brain Colangelo

      Sorry for the repeat post – meant to post as a reaction to John.

      This is the best Raps team since Vince. Not because they killed the Bucks (the Bucks are so bad that John Henson can take guys off the bounce (badly) without repurcussions, real NBA players like OJ Mayo sit for D-Leaguers like Middleton). It’s just how they won. They came out and gave 12 mins of gas, f*cked off for 20 minutes while Amir shot threes until DeRozan and Lowry decided to play hard again for 10 mins and the game was over.
      We haven’t had a team that could win without trying in years! It will be something when the whole team understands the difference – the Raps haven’t earned the right to take breaks.
      Hope for health and look forward to the playoffs!

      • john

        I’m not complaining about the win, or how we won, at all. This game was like a mini vacation of sorts. The best part was watching Landry, Daye and Novak try to iso in the last 4 minutes. When I was watching Landry I just kept thinking to myself “holy hell our bench is so much better now that Landry isn’t our first wing off the bench anymore”.

    • Alex Vostrikov

      Bucks good in two years? better maybe… good no chance.
      because they are the bucks. team has no culture…. almost like our raps. one good year, usually wont translate into habit of winning.
      I hope that this group is different. I see no “I am the man” type of players. every one is playing for the name on the front, not the back. amazing basketball to watch.
      still, big teams will win close games with refs help… you know, brand name as in Miami.. and no name as in Toronto.
      anyways, cant wait for the next game

  • Quest

    DD was amazing. 7 boards and assists with 19 points? allstar

    • john

      He’s doubked his assist rate this year. He doesn’t just LOOK better this year, the advanced stats agree. Only thing I’d like for him to do next is to abandon the 3.

      • Ghotte

        Advanced stats show very little change but the eye test – in my opinion – shows significant impact and improvement. We’re not talking Lance Stephenson MIP upticks though. The way he’s attacking the defense he’s making it easier for his teammates to score.

        • john

          If he stopped shooting threes his PER would be over 18 right now.

    • pran

      look at his fg%, it’s still extremely average. In my opinion that is the most important thing in determining how good a player is offensively.

      • DDayLewis

        You must reaaaaalllly like DeAndre Jordan

      • CJT

        50% from the field is pretty good for a SG. It’s pretty efficient. I wouldn’t call it extremely average especially when you consider that he is the player that opposing defenses are planning for. He could always be better, but I certainly like how is doesn’t seem to be forcing shots as often as he used to and is finding open shooters on the drive and kick.

  • 2Patcalypse Now


    • Nilanka15

      I gave you a like just for your screen name.

  • Feather Ruffler

    As a footy mega fan (European football aka soccer) I can appreciate the Sheffield Wednesday reference. Pretty spot on there Mr. Siddiqi. I never would have thought the Bucks would be this bad at the beginning of the season. P.S. West Ham is the best team in London. Yeah I said it. COYI!!!

  • Andrey


  • ScottBaird

    Was Larry Sanders’ game supposed to write this? I couldn’t see it either.

  • What the

    i don’t blame Tim W. for hiding, Arse did you check his tank? it’s one of the places he might feel safe.

    • arsenalist

      Haha…it wasn’t him. He’s due up on Tuesday – have fun!

  • Tinman

    Fantastic recap –
    We did what a good team does at home.
    JV’s pump fake – dare I say a little Bargnaniesque

  • HogyG

    I think the Raptors showed another way of winning tonight. This year they’ve won against top competition, they’ve won nail biters, they’ve had come from behind victories and they’ve held leads like this one. What makes tonight different in my mind is that in previous years, this would be the type of game where the team would underestimate their competition. In the past, they’ve let their foot off the gas and managed to allow teams to gain confidence and make it close or even get the upset against them in these kinds of games. Coach Casey did a great job keeping the team focused and using his timeouts effectively.

    Tonight the Raptors really poured it on and made sure the Bucks never felt like they could be in this game.The team is really playing like a cohesive unit and giving the fans something to cheer for.

    Go Raptors!

  • Nils L.

    What is this Arse, amateur hour?

  • john

    Caron Butler: 16 min, 5 points, 3 rebounds, $8M salary

    Keep gettin dem checks!

    • GetLicks

      Including mean-mugging the raps bench in the 4th down 21 after he hit a three. What a clown

      • Ghotte

        He’s always been a worthless douche. After that move he pulled on JV to end a game last year, he’s shown how bush he is. And yet, bet there are numerous RR members who’d prefer him and his 8M contract to Landry Fields…

        • Scottbbaird

          That was unbelievable. I had forgotten that was him. Douche.

  • robertparrish00

    Are we sure Tim W and Ppelicano aren’t the same person? Both went missing after the Sac-town trade.

    • capn comeback

      For different reasons though, Ppelico is now a Sac/Gray fan, and Tim is waiting for a three-game losing streak.

  • RaptorFan

    My favourite writers for RR….

    Arsenalist by far
    Then Blake
    Then Andrew T
    Then the new chick (prospect?) sorry I don’t know her name

    That is all…..

    Oh William isn’t so bad anymore….

    I hope that writer who you can’t find is Tim W. I hope he’s okay though!

    Go Raps! We’re now the 3rd seed in the East!

    • RaptorFan

      Oops … Forgot about Tim Chisholm. He’s my second favourite.

    • arsenalist

      Thanks Mom. Glad you’re up.

    • DDayLewis

      “isn’t so bad anymore”

      I’ll take it!

    • ac1011990

      My first favourite muffin is double chocolate, second is chocolate chip and third is blueberry, I guess cranberry orange isn’t to bad either 🙂

  • Brain Colangelo

    This is the best Raps team since Vince. Not because they killed the Bucks (the Bucks are so bad that John Henson can take guys off the bounce (badly) without repurcussions, real NBA players like OJ Mayo sit for D-Leaguers like Middleton). It’s just how they won. They came out and gave 12 mins of gas, f*cked off for 20 minutes while Amir shot threes until DeRozan and Lowry decided to play hard again for 10 mins and the game was over.
    We haven’t had a team that could win without trying in years! It will be something when the whole team understands the difference – the Raps haven’t earned the right to take breaks.
    Hope for health and look forward to the playoffs!

    • Ghotte

      If you look at box scores around the league, there are decent players sitting idle on the bench during games. Those teams trot out subpar rosters and pretend to be competitive while in full tank mode. The Bucks illustrate why the Raptors have no chance capturing a top 6/7 player even if they somehow blow up the team.

      • john

        I don’t understand the connection between your first two sentences and the second two.

        • Ghotte

          I don’t either.

          With teams like the Bucks playing D-leaguers and rookies big minutes, the Raptors would have no chance of good placement in the lottery even if they wanted to tank.

  • Alex Vostrikov

    landry still is the man. I believe he simply lost confidence. I hope raps trade him to spurs of something. way to many players half his IQ and even skill, make it in that organization.

  • Feather Ruffler

    I’ve always liked Patrick Patterson and was advocating his pick instead of Ed Davis’ on draft night though I grew to love Ed, but what a fantastic player he is to come off the bench! I’ve always admired “hustle” but it adds an extra dimension when there’s talent to back it up.

    I know it has nothing to do with what happens on the court, but I love how in all the interviews I’ve seen of him he seems incredibly articulate, interesting and actually RESPONDS to a question rather than spout cliches nonstop. He’s quickly becoming one of my favorite Raptors.

  • john

    Where’s AB4EYE to complain cause we didn’t win by 40?

    • DDayLewis

      He’s busy looking up Augustin’s per36 numbers

      • Phat AlberG

        That guy is in love with Augustine

      • FREEJV

        lmaooo he didnt come out today cuz augustin stank it up again

  • HST

    Like the writing Zarar, but enough with the cheap shots at the guys who come in for garbage time. It gets old VERY fast.

  • john

    Bucks going back to the woods with their tails between their legs.

  • tweed8

    How sweet it is! I won the lottery and the Raps played a sweet game! …okay I didn’t win the lottery.
    I love watching this team move the ball, so much fun!

    I was hoping Casey would give the guys at the end of the bench a little more run time and then they got
    on the floor and things weren’t pretty. Ah well.

  • raptorstand

    Took care of business , very professional. Confident win lots of smiles. Casey has to be resigned ,the team has bought in to what he is selling, Casey is our leader , his personality is all over this team, I’m sorry tanker-whiners, what we got here is a winner, and for a long time.

  • CJT

    3rd in the East. Feels good to say that, try it. 3rd in the East.

    • Tinman

      Then MU will have to make a move. Our lead is small when you look at the amount of bball left to be played. We need a better back-up PG. watch us package our first round pick, with a contract like Fields and get a PG like Andre Miller back.
      It’s funny with all the tank talk, watch us turn into a buyer.

      • DDayLewis

        There is no way Masai trades the first rounder for one year of Andre Miller.

        Edit: Wow, there’s another year on Miller’s contract worth 4.6 million? No way

        • Tinman

          Why not – we got other draft picks in the hole. If we could add a useful piece while losing Fields contract and a draft pick that’s looking at best to be 15-20 possibly higher.

          • DDayLewis

            A couple of things. It’s not a bad idea to upgrade some positions of weakness, but it’s also important not to mortgage future assets for them. Miller is feuding with Brian Shaw and with the extra year on his contract, you could probably get him for expirings and a second (Vasquez and 2nd, after Vasquez clears 60 days with the Raps).

            • Tinman

              We do not lack youth nor future picks. Actually have a few coming from the Knicks. I am not ignoring our young assets – I think we have enough currently playing and extra draft picks in the bank.
              And we upgrade without losing a piece of our current young team.

              • DDayLewis

                My point is mostly that you can get more than Andre Miller for the first rounder. I’d argue that upgrading at backup center or springing a for a back-up wing player will be more beneficial

                • Tinman

                  So you’ve flip=flopped on getting rid of future assets?

                • DDayLewis

                  How did you get there from my last comment? I said upgrading the wing or the frontline will be more beneficial. I never said if we should and what we should give up to get it.

          • john

            Since you bring up where the pick would be, Miller’s replacement (Lawson) was drafted 18th. Fields has a shit contract but it’s not bad enough to throw a prospect down the toilet for an ancient pg. We’ll be able to get more for it next year anyways when it’s an expiring.

      • john

        I’d wait till the offseason before we make any more moves. We’re not contending this year, so why make short sighted moves that might win us an extra 3 games now? We’re still getting booted in the second round at the latest. I’d wait till after draft night and see if anyone drops to us. The FA class this year is starless (LeBron’s not going anywhere) but deep with role players. We can fill the holes then.

        • Tinman

          Losing Fields contract is not necessarily short sighted – a worse contract than Miller’s

          • john

            The short sighted move isn’t getting rid of Fields, it’d be trading a 1st round pick for a pg who’s going to be out of the league in 2 years.

        • raptorstand

          You don’t know crap. This team is contending this year , when you have a winner you try and upgrade no matter what time of year. Defense is a very powerful commodity. Defense wins a lot of games , and Dwayne Caseys defense has already won a championship with the same make up of a team. I am sick of defending what other people are incapable of seeing.

          • jonazzing

            contenders who might not make the playoffs in the west? we re pretty much a dynasty

            • raptorstand

              I;m sayin this is a good fing team that can play shut down d. Now I don’t know about u but I have watched a lot of ball and I have seen teams that play shut down ball win championships. This team is just going to keep getting better by repetition, Has no one here ever seen a surprise team make a run ? There are a lot of people on here talking like Bargs is still on the team , or that we are somehow Denver last year. We are not. I’m sick of defending what the hell I’m watching. This team is playing championship ball since the Gay trade , we are contenders boys wake up.

          • Tanks-a-lot

            You simply can’t call the Raptors a contender until they make it past the 2nd round with this core.

            I have the same hopes as you, but the Raptors are not battle tested so you can’t say they have a Championship chance, yet.

      • CJT

        I don’t know if Andre Miller makes a lot of sense. I don’t know that he doesn’t either. I am certainly a lot more confident that MU has a talent for evaluation and finding players that fit the style of the team and play. I;m sure he will do what he feels is best for the organization to continue to develop and improve. What ever that may be.

    • john

      It does. The only game out of our next 5 that worries me is the T-Wolves. Solid chance we’re 23-18 in a week and a half.

      • CJT

        Agreed. I have really been enjoying this team. I can honestly say that I feel like they can win against every team right now. I don’t panic during other teams’ runs and even in the few games that they have lost I felt that there was a good chance that they would come back and win those games. That couldn’t be any more opposite to the last few years. Even during their wins I used to feel like they could lose at any minute. Love it. I even thought that GV played decent tonight until garbage time, with some nice assists and a few solid baskets.

        • Ghotte

          To be comparable to the T-Wolves is not a bad thing when you look at the years of futility the team has had. Just gotta trust MU can upgrade the team so they start pushing into the upper tier of teams.

  • john

    I feel like the last month has been some dream. Over 10 years I’ve been watching these games, and this is only the second season where I like what I’m seeing. In Masai we trust!

  • Sprechen

    Let me do a reaction

  • Louvens Remy

    It would be nice to see Stone get a little run every now and then, just to have a versatile ballhandler/perimeter defender ready. I like our bigs but feel that if there is any way to parlay Landry Fields into a big I hope Masai finds the way. He’s impossible to get rid of but I’m willing to join his carpet cleaning cult if he leaves.

  • Louvens Remy

    FYI—Andris Biedrins for Landry Fields worked in the Trade Machine.

  • john

    I love it when Lowry sociopathically pisses off the other team by purposely getting pummeled. It was hilarious when those two Bucks players ran into each other… cause of Lowry.

  • unknown

    This would then therefore be a ‘Delayed Reaction’.

  • Exo

    Oh damn that reaction was funny! Altho today wasn’t a good day for ME since I missed yesterdays game 🙁

  • Andre

    “Went to walmart on black friday… to get groceries” WOW LOLOL