• Quest

    even they got amped lol

  • Danny Tam

    LOL Raptors bench

  • CashGameND

    that dunk was one of the nastiest i’ve ever seen. And the bench reaction was gold, they went apeshit (as they should) and valuncunis was pretending to try and hold them all back, was hilarious & awesome. Love this team

  • Lyall

    It doesn’t even look like Terrence was trying. All he does is just run a little faster and bam he’s dunking on people. Not alot of people in the league who can do that.. He’s got a long, springy body that is only getting stronger. With his developing shot, passing and handles.. The Raptors seemingly have a potential borderline Lebron / D-Wayde type of due forming in skill set.

    • FREEJV

      did you just say lebron? …. go to sleep pls.

  • Louvens Remy

    Terrence has no heart.

  • RossIsTheBoss

    one of the replays of the bench after this dunk showed Hansbrough laughing for the first time in his life lol

    • CashGameND

      I bet it was a maniacal laugh

  • RPT23

    Love it, TROSS is quietly jumping on people. 😉

  • Rob Lukas

    I was there, 8 rows underneath that basket, as the only person in the whole building wearing all red, that was the highlight of the night!!

  • peter_7.701

    damn, manimal cruelty

    • big_mars75


  • golden

    Dunk Dynasty. The torch has officially been passed. From VC & Tmac to Moon to DD to Ross. That’s the one thing Raps have always been among the very best at.

  • Jam

    if they were like the celtics broadcasters, they would’ve commended faried for letting a young player dunk on him and improve his reputation…