Jonas Valanciunas showed some serious post-game against the Jazz defense. Here’s a video of his post-moves against a Utah defense that appeared rather helpless against the sophomore’s raw but effective arsenal. Valanciunas had 18 points on 8-14 shooting and threw in 9 rebounds just for fun.

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  • Rupert

    Victory Baby!! Woo hoo!!

  • real2reel

    Watching this vid, I’m reminded of the years leading up to JV and how having a center, an actual five, not-a-four-playing-the-five, was something we dreamed about having. Far as I’m concerned, this guy’s gold.

  • steve

    Love to see this guy is growing!

  • Joshua Santos

    Great game for Valancuinas. I’d like to see him consistently produce like this, however with the ball enforced more to Lowry and DeRozan, I think Valancuinas’ full potential won’t be achieved. He needs the ball more to become a dominate centre. I know he be like a Dwight Howard to the Magic, or Shaq to the Lakers, if fed the ball more often.