You notice that they run this one play where Patterson hands off to Lowry who’s running East-West at the three-point line, the defense gravitates towards Lowry only for him to pull it back to Patterson.

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3 Responses to “Compilation: Kyle Lowry’s 12 Assists vs Pelicans (Notice this one play)”

  1. Saskatoon Raps Fan

    I’ve been wondering lately whether the raps should start 2pat even when Amir comes back because of how well Lowry and 2pat play off of each other. I’m convinced after this video. Vazquez could probably benefit from playing with Amir too seeing as Amir probably sets the best screens.
    (Haven’t been reading as much lately I’m sure somebody has mentioned this already. Sorry if I’m being repetitive)

    • tyson

      there are other people who like the raps in stoon?! awesome. feels like everyones a miami or lakers fan.


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