On this weeks Episode of Talking Raptors, Nick and Barry discuss the 2-2 week the Raps had and the hardships we’ve endured over the past seven days. The guys also welcome special guest, MTV’s Aliya Jasmine (Play with AJ).

They chat about:

  • The now infamously terrible call on Lowry.
  • Drizzy Drake and any real power he has with the Raptors organization. Will other rappers follow in his footsteps?
  • Rebranding and jerseys? The team seems to have a very bright future, is it time to update the look? Do we throwback to the past or take a new step forward.
  • Nostalgia. Is this still the house Vince Carter built?

On “The Raptors Top Five” the guys ask AJ about her all time favourite:

  • Raptor
  • Media personality
  • Coach
  • Player
  • Moment
  • Jersey

It’s a fun one so sit back and enjoy.

You can grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (40:10, 57 MB). Or just listen below:

You can also check out video highlights from the interview:

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8 Responses to “Talking Raptors Podcast (incl. Video): With Aliya Jasmine (@aliyajasmine)”

  1. Right Clique

    Good stuff guys. This show balances nicely with the other podcasts on the site.

    I think everyone knows the purple jerseys are ugly, so no disputing Aluya there, but as throwbacks they are unbeatable.

  2. Matteemo

    I’m only half way through this podcast right now… But I am having a very difficult time listening to the guest. I am not a troll by any means, I just think a guest on a Raptors podcast should actually know something about the post-Vince Raptors so she can provide meaningful contributions to the conversation. Just one example of the many I could choose from, but the fact that she has not seen the new Primo Pasta commercial indicates she has not watched a single game all season, given that it plays every single commercial break

    • Matteemo

      She is cute though, so I can understand why you’d want to hang out with her for a while

    • Squid

      I think on a podcast it’s good to have a bunch of different opinions, even the casual fan types. It’s a more interesting listen for me anyway.

  3. dutchyrapsfan

    I was laughing my ass off at the Lowry thing at the start, hilarious stuff.

    She’s a nice enough guest and the show is well-produced but you guys had to have known that on this site, which is quite hardcore, the listeners will be rolling their eyes at her the entire time.

    Quick question – what do you guys think can be done to improve the atmosphere at the ACC? Maybe make it less gimmicky and something basketball enthusiasts can enjoy better? Also, would like to see people like Blake, Arse, and Garrett on these shows, esp. the video part.


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