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  • Quest

    stone is mgd smooth

  • BlakeMurphy

    Julyan Stooooooone! Some solid tips, bruh.

  • DDayLewis

    Julyan Stone must slay so much poon with those grilled shrimps and sauteed asparagus.

    • GetLicks

      Can’t forget the bake chicken on the side!

  • hotshot

    I would give almost anything for Psycho T to appear and ask him:

    “what is the best date valentine movie” and he would look in the camera dead pun:

    Silence of the Lambs……

    |”urrr okay what food would you make for yer date?!”

    “Lots of meat and no salad!!

    and then he storms out to the song “Bodies” by Drowning Pool.

    We can’t be soft people, its going to be an uphill competitive battle to secure a good playoff spot right after the ALL STAR BREAK.

  • Chacha166

    Juylan Stone is soo much more cooler now 🙂