Something called Basketball Insiders is reporting that the Raptors are interested in Kenneth Faried.  It’s reported by Alex Kennedy who I think is a credible guy, but this just sounds totally made-up and entirely based on Ujiri once working in Denver.  Here’s the gist of the article:

The Toronto Raptors have expressed interest in acquiring Denver Nuggets power forward Kenneth Faried before Thursday’s trade deadline, league sources told Basketball Insiders.

Denver is listening to offers for the 24-year-old, but nothing is imminent.

Faried is best known for being dunked on by Terrence Ross.

Forget about Lowry here, the Nuggets already have enough PGs, so let’s think about what could be in the works.  Not sure how much Ujiri is into Ross, but something like this could get the job done.  I like Faried, I think he’s basically a more aggressive version of Amir Johnson when he was the same age.  I think Ross’s value is a little inflated right now which Ujiri might bank on.  The issue with that is that the Raptors have no depth at shooting guard, but the draft can solve that.

I could probably concoct three different trade scenarios with the Knicks and Hawks involved, but that would be entirely speculative and a waste of time.  Ujiri, get Faried over and somehow make it happen by just giving up Landry Fields.

Faried is still on his rookie deal, signed through 2014-15 with a qualifying offer of $3.2M the following summer.

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  • Regina rap fan

    Not gonna happen man. Denver prolly won’t give KF up without getting a first round pick. And I dearly hope MU never gives up a first rounder, I don’t care which year it is

  • Benji Walker

    Likely won’t happen. In reality, there is no point in doing this as the Raptors have too much depth in the 4 spot. We need a decent back up center or a PG. I would love to see Faried and Andre Miller for Hansbrough and Vasquez. It gives Denver someone to fill in for their injury riddled back court and someone that can still bang around in the front. It also frees up some space for them and solves their Andre Miller problem. I highly doubt Faried will be a Raptor by Thursday.

  • Mohammed

    Kenneth Faried is EXACTLY what the raptors need IMO… if i am Masai i would do it. depending on who we are giving up. of course. a 1st round pick i dont mind at all

  • rob

    Potential Championship Team?

    Lowry (27)
    Derozan (24)
    Patterson (24)
    Faried (24)
    Val (21)

    Need another wing, but with Vasquez and Amir off the bench, this is potentially terrifying in the future.

    • morgan c

      That’s nowhere close to a championship team. Sorry. A second round playoff team, sure.


    Heres what i would do in a perfect world.
    1st trade: ny gets : Lowry
    Raptors get: Tim hardaway jr and 1st rd pick
    2nd trade: celtics get: tim hardaway, 2 of nys picks and our 2014 pick, John salmons
    Raptors get: Rondo
    3rd trade: denver gets: Amir
    Raptors get: Faried

    Starting lineup: rondo, ross, derozan, faried , Val

    But then again this isnt a perfect world lmao you just wasted your time reading this

    • FREEJV

      And during the summer we get Melo to team up with his buddy Rondo. And that kids is your 2015 nba champions.

    • DDD

      front court is too crowded, we don’t need such a radical change to our already good team. baby steps. maybe we could secure our backup centre issue and trade expiriing contracts for solid rotation players?

    • morgan c

      I mean, it’s a fair fantasy. But we have no shooting with that line-up, other than Ross. I honestly don’t see that as an improvement over what we currently have really…

      Faried is more explosive and gobbles up more boards than Amir, but he’s less polished offensively, and clearly worse defensively (explosive blocks notwithstanding). KF and JV frontcourt would be absolutely abused by smart teams with legit bigs.

    • BollandRevive

      This has to be the worst suggestion I have ever heard.

  • AM

    As much as I like how Faried plays, and to have him on my favourite team would be awesome, I don’t see it happening. If the Nuggets were putting him out for trade conversations, they would have plenty of teams making offers for this guy.

    Entertaining looking lineups FREEJV and Mohammed

  • Pong

    Not sure how well a KF and JV front court will do. Both of them are still fairly raw offensively and KF basically scores off putbacks and dunks only. This will only crowd the front court, making it harder for JV to operate.

    I think that an undersized PF (he’s like 6’8″) who relies on uber athleticism can only have so much room to grow in the NBA.

    • BollandRevive

      Faried would not be starting my friend. Off the bench. JV and Faried cannot share the floor together. Raptors ideally need a stretch 4 but I like Faried’s manageable contract for 1 1/2 seasons.

      • Pong

        So how exactly will you swing this trade? Are you saying we’re going to trade away a potential starting caliber SG/SF in T-Ross, just so we can bring in another backup PF? TR has a much higher ceiling due to his skillset + athleticism. KF is an undersized, energy player who’ll probably never develop a reliable offensive game. Not hating on KF but that’s the reality. If this was the NBA 15 years ago, this wouldn’t be a prob (prime example: Dennis Rodman). KF’s playstyle is a fit for an uptempo system that the Nuggets used to run (when george karl was around), and hence his numbers were a bit inflated. He’s been more inconsistent this year now that they are cutting back on that with their new coach. Raptors are also running a half court offence so that’s not going to do KF any favors. Amir can at least hit the mid range jumper and occasional summer 3.

        If your idea is to trade away hansborough (i think you mentioned above), how exactly will this deal work? PRetty much all GMs would trade TH for KF if they could. TH is fine as is on this team playing with the 2nd unit. He draws fouls, he shoots FTs at a good rate (much higher than KF) and he does have a mid ranger jumper.

  • Raptogram

    I’m kind of wondering what’s up with all these comments.

    Let’s look at why the Raptors are a very decent team right now

    Lowry, Derozan, Patterson, Ross, JV, Amir, Hansborough, Salmons, and yes….Vasquez.

    Nobody gives a darn about having a “star”. Winning is all that matters.

    I say, unless you can totally fleece another GM (e.g. a Salmons and Daye for Farieed, or something stupid like that…or Landry for a dead fish…) you sit tight and see how the playoffs play out.

    If we can spark some momentum in the playoffs, and garner some real credibility, we can add a few more pieces next year on the way to the KD sweepstakes…

  • Saskatoon Raps Fan

    Basketball insiders is basically the replacement for hoopsworld- all the same ppl. If u are still wondering

  • Dr.Scooby

    Another PF..? (Amir, Hansborough, Patterson, Novak). Leaves the Raps short on the wing…Exit Ross enter Julian Stone? Salmons? Fields is mending…I like Faried, but deal does not compute for the short-term

  • Xtremenator1

    We need a big guy down low that can defend other bigmen “well” and get rebounds. That’s pretty much all we need. Someone like a Joakim Noah would be perfect for this team.

  • #TankNation

    no point doing this trade. faried is a bad defender. you don’t want that on a team that wants to win (and by win i mean deep into the playoffs)

  • jakdripr

    I don’t see any point in doing this trade, we have 3 solid PF’s and I’d hate to trade away ross only to see him become another tracy mcgrady in a few seasons. Unless we’re packaging landry fields albatross of a contract this is a waste of time. I’d rather we focused on getting some depth at centre.

  • Ross> Faried

    Rubbish. But then again you’d probably trade Ross for a piece of bread anyway given your constant negativity around him.

  • Take it in

    Not really an up grade energy yes but there is a lot of energy guys on our team

    • BollandRevive

      lose Hansbrough and bring in Faried

  • database_666

    i would humbly suggest that adding Faried to the Raptors roster would result in a positive upgrade, considering that we would probably have to part with a player on the same position in this exchange. A lots of people have expressed a concern with Faried’s regressed play as of lately, but that should be attributed to the fact that the Nuggets team has lost some crucial players to the injuries, such as McGee and Gallinari, and to the suspensions, Miller. When supplemented with the credible inside and outside threats, Faried was able to operate better in the paint, where he is a brilliant finisher and defender. Therefore, my vote is “Yay”, for this trade, but not at the cost of compromising the productive nucleus of the current Raptors roster.

    • Pong

      While injuries have plagued the Nuggets, his regression is much more a result of the coaching system. KF thrived under George Karl since he ran an up-tempo system, one that benefits high-energy/athletic players. At the start of this season, Brian Shaw wanted a more balanced offence (inside-out). This clearly affected KF’s play since his numbers were down across the board. Due to all the injuries and the team’s under performance, it looks like Shaw is playing to his players’ strength again and getting his team to run more fast breaks. That’s why KF’s numbers are starting to trend upwards again.

      The Raps are trying to play half-court (play-off style) basketball. So KF may not be as good of a fit as it may seem.

  • morgan c

    I think he’s more like a better Hansborough. He can’t shoot (unlike Amir), and doesn’t really have a post-up game. All his offense comes off finishes around rim, clean-ups, put-backs. He plays above the rim, and is way more athletic than Hansborough, but he’s a first big off the bench in my mind. Honestly, I would have doubts sending Amir straight up. Faried’s a great dude and team player – just has no length and is therefore reliant on his athleticism only on the defensive end. Also, has unpolished awareness (at best) of team defensive concepts. No thanks. Unless we can get for Hansborough and someone NOT named KL, DD, TR, AJ, JV…