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6 Responses to “The Bulldog of Bay Street via @caseybannerman”

    • tonious35

      In business, you only award the guy who made results happen at the time they happened. Colangelo wouldn’t of made any of those trades to benefit Kyle and the team.

      • Casey Bannerman

        That was my thinking when making it. I’m not a fan of the “still the Colangelo team” camp – BC’s team still would’ve had Bargs and Gay on it, and that didn’t really set the stage for the other pieces to perform like they are now.

        As Dolan, BC, and many other GMs have shown – it’s easy to pick talent, but it’s harder to set up a team that creates a good atmosphere for growth/success for that talent.

  1. Dupont Koo

    “There is no nobility in losing. I’ve been in Playoffs, and I’ve been in Lottery. I choose to be in Playoffs every f-kingTime!”


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