Posted by Steve but written by Blair Miller from the Fifth Quarter Blog

If you’re a regular listener of The Dr. Is In Podcast (and you should be), you know that the four members of the World-Wide Roundtable aren’t just passionate about the Raptors and all things NBA – NCAA basketball gets their juices flowing too.

And boy, has this year’s March Madness ever delivered so far, with a record-setting six overtime games by the end of the round of 64 (one shy of the all-time mark for total OTs in a single tourney) and three upsets by 12th-seeded teams.

True to its name, we’ve brought some Madness to Raptors Republic.  Three of the four members of our Roundtable have agreed to a contest.  On one side, there is Phd Steve, a devout UCLA fan and alumni.  On the other side is Greg, and Steve’s brother Mike who are both hardcore supporters of the Florida Gators and Gators themselves.  Conveniently, those two schools are set for a collision course in the Sweet 16 on Thursday night (March 27th).

The rules are up to you, Raps Nation: What should the loser have to do?

Post your suggestions below!  The top 3 ideas will be read on next week’s podcast, along with the loser having to perform the winning suggestion live.  (No life-altering suggestions like tattoos, please.)

This is your chance to hear Phd Steve, or Mike and Greg have to eat crow…or alligator, or steamed bear, or their pride as the losers who have to embarrass themselves on air by singing the other schools’ fight song.  Sound off, Raptors Republic.

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48 Responses to “Madness Reigns Supreme in Contest – Tell Us What Loser Should Do”

    • raptors phdsteve

      I was asked to stop singing on the pod after the Karaoke special a couple of years ago. But you know I wouldnt mind giving it a go!

  1. KuH

    How about some sort of intellectual punishment? Like having to record a 15 minute podcast where the loser has to strongly present the following three points of view to the best of their ability:
    1. In praise of Andrea Bargnani … and why trading him to the Knicks was a disaster for us.
    2. Why Vince Carter did the right thing in leaving the Raptors … for both him and the team.
    3. Why the master Colangelo is far superior to his pupil Masai.
    4. Any other topics/points of view as picked by the winners.

    And the test will be to hear the loser say it with conviction for those 15 minutes … like they really believe it!

    • morgan c

      That is amazing, specifically number 1 and 3. Loser must legitimately try to make a case that losing a player like AB is disaster for franchise….. hahaha YES! Oh man, literally laughing uncontrollably at my work desk right now.

  2. safetylast

    Lick shoe polish. We would obviously need video of this which would include the shoe polish box being opened from the seal in.

  3. Colonel_Hapablapp

    Eat 9 large cheese pizzas from Pizza Pizza. This represents every home game so far this season that the Raptors have hit 100 and lost.

  4. douby leave me

    psst .. steve’s an alumnus. alumni is plural.

    keeping with the theme, i think the loser should have to renounce his post-secondary education credentials and start university again from scratch. go big or go home.

  5. jumperson22

    Loser needs to wear the mascot of the winning team to a public bar for a night out (or a weekend or a week). The bar should be something public with a decent amount of people there or just a local hangout where they would be recognized as a regular. To add to it, they would need to wear a sign indicating “I lost a bet and that’s why I’m wearing this outfit. Go [insert winning team name here] go!”

    • jumperson22

      And if mascot outfit is not available, then something that resembles it as closely as possible or another outfit as chosen by the winner (could be anything). There will obviously have to be a picture that gets posted here displaying said outfit. 🙂

  6. ahoang

    The loser has to go to the Raptors first home playoff game in the the opponent’s jersey, team coloured wig and cheer indiscriminately for them and boo the raps every possession a la VC, T-Mac and apparently Rudy Gay

      • ahoang

        Cheapest I can get you guys would be $250 and that’s pretty high up there. But at least you’ll be at the game!

        BTW, love the podcast, its a great listen on the GO to work!

  7. Robert Lovell

    I think they should wear each other’s team jersey for a week and attempt to convince the fans how much they love cheering for each other’s team maybe even get into singing the other’s school song !!!



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