Madness Reigns Supreme in Contest – Tell Us What Loser Should Do

The rules are up to you, Raps Nation: What should the loser have to do?

Posted by Steve but written by Blair Miller from the Fifth Quarter Blog

If you’re a regular listener of The Dr. Is In Podcast (and you should be), you know that the four members of the World-Wide Roundtable aren’t just passionate about the Raptors and all things NBA – NCAA basketball gets their juices flowing too.

And boy, has this year’s March Madness ever delivered so far, with a record-setting six overtime games by the end of the round of 64 (one shy of the all-time mark for total OTs in a single tourney) and three upsets by 12th-seeded teams.

True to its name, we’ve brought some Madness to Raptors Republic.  Three of the four members of our Roundtable have agreed to a contest.  On one side, there is Phd Steve, a devout UCLA fan and alumni.  On the other side is Greg, and Steve’s brother Mike who are both hardcore supporters of the Florida Gators and Gators themselves.  Conveniently, those two schools are set for a collision course in the Sweet 16 on Thursday night (March 27th).

The rules are up to you, Raps Nation: What should the loser have to do?

Post your suggestions below!  The top 3 ideas will be read on next week’s podcast, along with the loser having to perform the winning suggestion live.  (No life-altering suggestions like tattoos, please.)

This is your chance to hear Phd Steve, or Mike and Greg have to eat crow…or alligator, or steamed bear, or their pride as the losers who have to embarrass themselves on air by singing the other schools’ fight song.  Sound off, Raptors Republic.

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