Greivis Vasquez Likens Parts of his Game to Manu Ginobili, Jason Kidd and Andre Miller

Greivis Vasquez has spoken about some players he models his game after.

Greivis Vasquez, the Raptors’ highly entertaining point guard was quizzed about which NBA player he likens himself to and he singled out future Hall of Famer Manu Ginobili (pay wall) as someone who he models his “crazy” shots after:

I see myself like Manu Ginobili. He hits some crazy shots because he’s very crafty — probably with more athleticism than me. You’re always trying to pick up things from different players.

No doubt contemplating his lack of foot speed, he drew another comparison, to yet another Hall of Famer who succeeded despite not having the speed of a cheetah, Jason Kidd.

Jason Kidd: At the end of his career, he wasn’t the fastest guy. But he was smart. He knew how to play the game. That’s something I wanted to reflect in my game.

It’s clear that Vasquez sees himself as a smart, slow, dude who has a place in the NBA. Vasquez refused to blame God for his physical shortcomings, pointing to yet another potential Hall of Famer as someone he relates to:

“I love the game. I study the game so much. It’s an example for young kids that you don’t have to jump out of the gym to be in this league. Andre Miller — he’s another guy that’s been in the league for so long. He’s not fast, but he still does his job. I think I’m going to be the point guard that I want to be in this league eventually.”

If Greivis Vasquez was a compound element, he’d be made of bits of Kidd, Ginobili and Miller, with a dash of Roko Ukic for good measure. It should be noted that Vasquez is out of contract for next season with the Raptors yet to exercise a $3.2 million qualifying offer. However, with aspirations such as above, he is sure to find a home. As is indicated by the current poll on the site, fans clearly want him back for next season.  Raptors Republic shares that sentiment, despite Vasquez being the source of multiple heart attacks and consistent high blood pressure for the writing staff this season.

Truth be told, Vasquez’s shot-making ability has saved the Raptors multiple times this season, especially in late-game situations.  His combination play with Kyle Lowry has been excellent, and has almost made fans look past his defensive shortcomings.  As noted on the weekly podcast by Andrew, he’s likely to look for a starting gig next season, but is likely to remain a backup, albeit a very capable one.  RR urges readers to look past his one-handed hook shots, or early-clock threes as necessary evils for his overall effectiveness.

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