Boom. Boom. Boom. Half a good season is enough for the ticket prices to be raised by about 9%, with the Lower Bowl Fanzone being hit hardest at 13%, and Balcony Prime 1 escaping with a 6.5% hike. I suppose if there’s a time to do it financially, now would be it. It just feels like a kick in the teeth because fans have supported this club through some rather, how do we say it, threadbare and pressing times, and this is how you get rewarded for it.

Area 2013-14 2014-15 % Increase
Courtside A $40,376.00 $44,489.00 10.19%
Courtside B $17,304.00 $18,668.00 7.88%
Courtside C $12,687.00 $13,705.00 8.02%
Side Prime $7,936.00 $8,571.00 8.00%
Side 1 $5,998.00 $6,487.00 8.15%
Side 2 $5,535.00 $5,991.00 8.24%
Side 3 $4,152.00 $4,491.00 8.16%
Baseline Prime $4,844.00 $5,236.00 8.09%
Corner $3,690.00 $4,005.00 8.54%
Baseline $3,460.00 $3,686.00 6.53%
Endzones $2,768.00 $2,962.00 7.01%
Lower Bowl Fanzone $2,261.00 $2,559.00 13.18%
Balcony Prime 1 $1,938.00 $2,064.00 6.50%
Balcony Prime 2 $1,661.00 $1,774.00 6.80%
Balcony 1 $1,200.00 $1,286.00 7.17%
Balcony 2 $1,061.00 $1,140.00 7.45%
Balcony Endzone $1,154.00 $1,238.00 7.28%
Upper Bowl Fanzone $562.50 $635.00 12.89%

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13 Responses to “MLSE Raises Toronto Raptors Season Ticket Prices”

  1. ahoang

    Not saying I agree with the price increases, but in fairness to MLSE they did have a price freeze for 2 seasons and that time is up.
    To have an easier time biting the bullet, let’s say inflation is 2%. We take the past 2 seasons and the upcoming and that should be 6% increase right there.

    If they’re TRULY about accountability let’s take a high water mark fee. Basically if you invest $100 and it drops to $95 after one year, they will not take any fee since there was a decrease. The next year it goes back to $100. Again, no fee is taken as there was no increase on the initial investment. The following year it jumps to $110 and now they take a cut as there is a return on the investment.

    Now if we can somehow apply that to increase ticket pricing based off wins and/or winning rounds in the playoffs, I’d think we’d all have an easier time eating the increases.

  2. Borg

    Sorry, but the pricing above are for one playoff series or just ONE FkN game?!?

    DUMB Crazy esp. with HD stream these days.

    • stretch bigman

      KD ain’t coming here.

      They just made the playoffs and all of a sudden a 9% increase in ticket prices!lol

      Stay classy.

  3. The Red Fury

    I have no issue with this as long as some of the money is reinvested into the team. Go Raps!

    • Haim not Feldman

      There are also people behind the scenes. You gots to break’em off sumptin’. Administration, medical, event staff, security, etc. The ball boys/girls, Edna the food service worker and Brooke the dancer need to pay for college. Hopefully MLSE will throw them a bone.

  4. WhiteVegas

    9% is nothing. When I lived in Atlanta I had season tickets for the Hawks for the 2007-08 season, in the nosebleeds for $200. Crazy cheap. They made the playoffs for the first time in 8 years, and next season the same seats cost $450. Be thankful it’s only a 9% increase for a 1000% better product.

  5. ad

    Im not a season ticket holder but I have to say MLSE is such a greedy, disgusting organization. Like rogers in that sense. The team is garbage for years, they finally have a good year and they try to capitlalize on it by jacking up prices by a significant margin. Business is business but goodwill to fans should matter also in this case.


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