Dwane Casey on the performance of his team: "I can't say enough good things about those guys cause it's going to take all of us, especially with Patrick being out"

Dwane Casey on the Nets wanting to play them:

“It would tick me off if that was the case. . . If they did, sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.  For us, we were going to take whoever came to us, whether it was Brooklyn or Washington or Charlotte. We were prepared for all three teams.”

Masai Ujiri on the same:

“Good for them,” Ujiri said. “You know what? We haven’t lost one — I know I haven’t and I can sense from the players — second of sleep worrying about the Brooklyn Nets. At the end of the day if we want to be a good team, we have to play good teams. We’re not hoping for anybody. We’re in the playoffs. You have to play.  “They can do whatever they want. We’ll be right here.”

RR on the same:

Winning this series is going to be sweet.  I will personally drive down to New Jersey, collect the tears of all Nets fans and players in a giant bucket, and then bathe in them.

We can’t blame the Nets for angling to play us, we are the least experienced bunch and they have historical reasons to believe that this would be a favorable matchup for them.  The trouble for them is that the Raptors have beaten them when they’ve been at their best, and this collection of Nets “stars” have met with nothing but failure over their last two playoff campaings, so really, who should be worried?

It doesn’t say much for the Nets’ character or mental strength if they’re scared of the Chicago Bulls who have Derrick Rose out.  You would think they’d be hoping for a rematch with them to avenge last year’s playoff exit, but here they are gaming the system.

As for the pressure, it’s entirely on them as they’ve the high-profile assembled to win the East.

I look forward to this.

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    • Foreal

      Maybe if I could afford tix

  • Quest

    Winter Is Coming…

  • Raptorstand

    Cannot be more prouder of this team, no matter what happens its been a great year, well except for that tanking crap. We will beat the nets in 5 . Whatever happens after that is gravy. Go Raptors !

  • Frazzle.

    Don’t forget the end of Masai’s interview:
    “Enough of all these excuses of weather and enough of all these excuses of players who wouldn’t come here, for me that’s all crap. It is all in the past, we are moving forward and we hope Canada can stand tall, the Toronto Raptors can stand tall and we can be who we are.
    We are proud to be a team in Canada and we are not apologetic to anybody or any players to have left or anything that happened in the past. We are who we are, and we are going to move forward, and we are going to grow and we are going to win.”


    “The trouble for them is that the Raptors have beaten them when they’ve been at their best”

    Umm, both wins came when the Nets were on B2Bs. One after a double OT vs MIA, one without Dwill.

    And the last time they “beat them” by a point. I wouldn’t call that their best.

    The Raptors have a puncher’s chance and that’s not much.

    Also, MU needs to STFU and leave the yapping for his marketing department.


      The pessimism is strong in this one. Confidence is a good thing. No one likes wimps who are afraid of getting their heart broken from raising their expectations. You have the incorrect approach to life. A losers approach. STFU and think like a winner. Be a winner. Lets go Raptors. We will win.

      • FLUXLAND

        Correction:reality, not pessimism.

        No one likes underdogs who disrespect (better talented) opponents, while fronting baseless swagger.

        That’s not confidence, that’s fear masquerading as confidence. A clear loser approach. STFU and ACT like a winner. Starting from the top. MU is bush league with this garbage.

        Go puncher’s chance!

        • Raps

          Wow I would not want to be anywhere near you during any of these upcoming games…

          • Raymond

            Just relax, it doesn’t matter its puncher’s chance or not. I only know its a good chance for a young Raps to learn from senior player; also, its a last chance for those OLD GUYS like PP, KG, Will. I don’t care about the Raps will win or not, coz I am sure the future of Raps is brighter than the sunset Nets.

        • Suspicious Mind

          Why are they the “better talented” team again? Is it because they have a better record? Hmmm, no. Is it because their coach is a grizzled veteran coach that has won a ring with the Mavericks? Hmmm, no. Is it because their “allstar” is better than ours? Hmmmm no. Is it because they have home court advantage? Hmmm, no. Is it because their team chemistry functions at a higher rate than ours? Hmmm, no. It must be then because of your realistic (not pessimistic view on things) I feel sorry for you that the best team in 20 years is in front of your nose, but you choose to be you.

          • sleepz

            The more talented team is Brooklyn. A look at the rosters of both teams will tell you that much.

        • Go Raps

          You must be just an awful person to know in real life..

          Head over to the Brooklyn fan site, why are you here?? Serious question. You’re a raptors fan? hahahahahaha ok bud this is a “Raptors fan site.”

        • thedude

          geez only you flux would talk “bush league” when you’ve acted the way you act. i’ve never in my life known a person who can’t give even a tiny bit of credit to success – the raps have 2 second year starters and nobody above the age of 27 in the starting lineup and went 20 games over 500 since the trade.. and not an ounce of respect. i’d respect your “realism” if you understood what it’s like to be gracious, give credit, see other’s points of view.

          long story short why should anyone care what you say? even if the raps lose, i’ve enjoyed the season. i guess you haven’t? well if you’re a raptors fan and you haven’t you have a sad, sad life. so i guess i just feel bad for you.

        • Omer Shukrullah

          Lol don’t think the nets realize that Demar DeRozan was injured in the game the raps won by one point. One of the wins the nets had came before the Rudy Gay trade, where Rudy was hogging the ball and lost the game for the raps. The other win for the nets came when Patterson was injured and DeRozan was just returning from an ankle injury. The one game where both teams faced off head to head with all players at their best was the one the nets lost by 20 points or so.

    • Bugster

      They both were back to back but Dwill did play he gave the Raptor the win with those 2 turnovers in the last minute, the backcourt pass.

      • FLUXLAND

        Wording was a little off, but if you read it again, I was referring to the wins. He was absent for one.

        Also, that TOs game just shows how close it was, and certainly wouldn’t mean BKN “at their best”

        • BigBucketsJoe

          This fluxland guy is either 1. a massive troll who is mildly amusing – or 2. a very grumpy, sad sad person. These are the only options. This much is certain.

    • RapsFan

      Haha, if you’ll recall both of our wins crushed the Net’s 5 game winning streak: both times. If you don’t think that’s beating a team while they’re playing at their best then you’re dreaming. We the North.

      • FLUXLAND

        Breaking their streaks on B2Bs (again, one after they won in DOT vs MIA) means they beat them “at their best”? We Delusional?

        • Bugster

          I agree that’s delusional and the Sad Part is we actually think that’s there best. When they haven’t even put out the whole team against us. We have to play like “We are against the best” to beat them, not the part “we see what they got already”.

        • MoPeteRules

          I’m pretty sure one of the wins was without Derozan. And the most realistic angle on this series is that it’s incredibly even and could go either way, especially if you make yourself a vast pros and cons list, and so clearly Raptor fans are choosing the most exciting angle. I don’t think anyone here is delusional, but I do think it’s fair to say you’re stubbornly pessimistic which is completely fine but that’s like going skydiving and instead of enjoying your free fall, you’re just thinking about the parachute not opening. Sure you can do that but what’s the point?

          • FLUXLAND

            I’m sure there’s many ways of laying it out as the series being even…on paper. But the talent tips in BKs favour, so not sure how that leaves it even.

    • afrocarter

      Maaaannn you are such a Debbie Downer. Secondly, MU can say whatever the fuck he wants.

    • sleepz

      Agreed.I noticed that Raps caught them on b2b’s a few times this year which for a team like BKYN, was a good chance for a loss the way the season played out this year.
      I know Masai likes to get fired up but his only concern should be on the draft and how he can get better players in here after the playoffs. Too many ‘rah, rah chargeeee!’ sound bytes from him.lol

      • FLUXLAND

        Yeah, that’s just it… as far as we can tell, he didn’t take much credit for the trade in the sense of “this was my plan all along”. And now that they find themselves in POs, he’s talking smack. Really?

  • Ryan

    Someone remind RR Nets no longer play in new Jersey.

    • arsenalist

      They’re still New Jersey to me. Brooklyn is a marketing ploy.

  • Gary Gill

    Nets in 5

    • Jun Kim

      in your dreams. The Oldies will get their ass kicked by the Raptors. Experience BS. Look at the Seahawks and Broncos game in the Superbowl. I know it is the NFL but the situation is comparable. The Seahawks one of the youngest teams in the NFL destroyed the old and experienced Broncos.Young fresh legs were just too much for those grandpas and same thing will happen again in the Raptors and Nets series. Raptors in 6 max.

      • sleepz

        The situation is actually not comparable at all. The Super Bowl is 1 game. The NBA playoffs is best 4 out of 7. Typically the better team will win over the course of a series in the NBA.

        • Jun Kim

          Sleepz, in my opinion I feel the experience factor is meaningless. Sorry for my NFL Reference but what I was trying to do was to compare the Raptors with the Seahawks, and Nets with the Broncos. Yes NBA playoffs is a 7 game series but that 1 super bowl game showed that Seahawks were more determined, organized, and most importantly played together as a team while Broncos was disorganized, exhausted, undetermined, and played as a one man team. And I believe the Raptors just like Seahawks are determined organized, have great chemistry, and will play together as a team against the Nets while the Nets will show fatigue and etc.

          • Gary Gill

            There’s too much experience for us man it’s not even funny. Pierce and Garnett will show they can still get it done.

            • Jun Kim

              But your coach has 0 experience it’s not even funny. Pierce and Garnett is way too old man look how the Celtics crumbled last year in the post season.

        • Jun Kim

          Well maybe it was a bad comparison but I say Nets playoffs experience are mitigated due to an inexperience coach in Jason Kidd while the Raptors have Dwayne Casey who won an NBA Championship against the mighty heat as an assistant coach and have 3 years of coaching experience.

  • ZQ

    Many will flock to that tub of Brooklyn tears to take pails home to cleanse themselves as well
    A pilgrimage of sorts

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