Small tidbit from Mike Mazzeo of Nets Report in his article recapping Jeff Van Gundy’s analysis of the series. Deron Williams was asked about his matchup with Kyle Lowry and described it as the key point in the series:

“He’s tough. Very aggressive on both ends of the floor. Definitely the key is to try to contain him. He’s just a shot-maker. He’s making shots right now from everywhere.”

As the Eastern Conference scout in the article mentioned, Lowry has outplayed Williams this year. Here’s the Basketball Reference comparison for this season:


They can worry about out PG, but we really aren’t worried about theirs, are we? Deron Williams is the least of the “big three” the Raptors are concerned about, in fact, Shaun Livingston is probably ahead of him on the worry-meter. I don’t necessarily see Lowry as the key to the series, he’s going to get his points and have his impact, much like Joe Johnson will get his. It’s that secondary production from guys like Terrence Ross and Greivis Vasquez that, when going up against the Nets bench, could swing the pendulum. There’s more detailed tactical and statistical analysis of the series, including a chat with the enemy.

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  • StabbyRaccoon

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they tank to play you, then they double-team you, then you win.

  • johng_3

    Man D-Will has really fallen off among the top PGs in the game

  • Dunkenstein

    Lowry primary… Vasquez secondary. Seems as if someone’s forgotten Mr. DeRozan.

  • SachinArora19

    Good luck with that!

  • ad

    Of course lowry is critical. He is the teams best player! They are only going as far as he goes. If is shut down and/or plays poorly the team will lose in short order. I highly doubt that will be the case though. Im way more worried about demar forcing things tbh.

  • noname

    i sense demar is gonna average like 30 in this series…