Tim Chisholm (@timpchisholm) is a late arrival to the show where Andrew (@MarmaladeJacko) reveals the true reason why Valanciunas was unfazed by the occasion. It’s a four-part pod which covers Game 1, and more importantly, what to do in Game 2.  Here’s the agenda that we  never stick to – please note that Part 3 of this Podcast uses language that some listeners may find unsuitable to their ears.

Part 1

  • The Jitters – who was affected and why
  • Amir Johnson injury concerns
  • Defensive indiscipline and the fantasy of switching 1-5
  • DeRozan’s offense – mind made up too soon?
  • Is Amir/Pierce overblown?
  • Refs

Part 2

  • Bench analysis – is Patterson the small-ball guy?
  • Seeking a defensive stopper off the bench, who fits the bill?
  • Tactical changes needed for Game 2
  • Change lineup?
  • Will Nets continue to shoot poor?
  • Deron Williams – worry about him or let him shoot

Part 3

  • Raptors playoff perception across the league thus far
  • Ujiri’s swear word and reaction
  • Game-clock problems

Part 4

  • Chisholm’s prediction regarding DeRozan
  • Nets response to Game 1
  • Predictions for Game 2

Grab the iTunes feed or check us out on Stitcher on Android. There is also the plain old feed. You can also download the file (46:20, 56 MB). Or just listen below:

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  • Yoshi

    Casey played 7 off the bench and you know who he left as a DNP…they are right. An investigation needs to be done.


    • mountio

      LF is one of the most historically awful shooters to ever play the game, post his injury. He cant shoot outside of 5 feet. In game 1, our offense was much more of an issue than our defense.

      Thats not to say I’m against putting LF in there to mix things up, maybe get some back cuts and play some D. But, the revisionist history on this board that he is somehow the answer to all of our problems is way, way off

      • Yoshi

        And what did you think of that effort?