Toronto Raptors 83 Final
Recap | Box Score
97 Brooklyn Nets
Amir Johnson, PF Shot Chart 21 MIN | 2-6 FG | 0-0 FT | 5 REB | 2 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 4 PTS | -19

Amir has been much less explosive than his healthier self all playoffs. He seemed another half step slower tonight and, worse still, sporting a Z-boesque vertical. That’s a problem for someone who is a defensive anchor already playing the fish out of water role guarding the perimeter.

Terrence Ross, SF Shot Chart 23 MIN | 3-9 FG | 0-0 FT | 3 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 1 BLK | 0 TO | 6 PTS | -14

Ross is still staaaaruggling to get his shot to drop. But there was something of a spark from the sophomore in the second half with a pair of nifty behind the back passes to Valanciunas for great looks at the basket and some much better defense forcing steals and turnovers and helping to contest shots at the basket with his anti-gravity x-a button special ability.

Jonas Valanciunas, C Shot Chart 26 MIN | 4-5 FG | 1-2 FT | 9 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 9 PTS | -13

I’ve made a point of noting how similar his numbers looked to a developing Roy Hibbert through the season. It was meant as a compliment then. When I note that Valanciunas’ first half numbers look just like 2014 Roy Hibbert, it isn’t. 0 points, 0 rebounds and 3 fouls in 9 minutes. Hibbertian. He bounced back well during the Raps aborted comeback, but he needs to be as dominant as he was earlier in the series for the Raptors to win. They have too few advantages to work for him to disappear.

Kyle Lowry, PG Shot Chart 38 MIN | 4-16 FG | 1-2 FT | 4 REB | 4 AST | 3 STL | 0 BLK | 4 TO | 11 PTS | -24

The first half saw the natural regression to the mean on shooting percentage for the level of difficulty and physicality on the kinds of shots that Lowry has been living on. Lowry’s shots ate up the front of the rim, the typical tired legs miss. If Lowry’s out of gas, the Raptors bus is running on fumes.

DeMar DeRozan, SG Shot Chart 40 MIN | 8-18 FG | 10-11 FT | 6 REB | 4 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 28 PTS | -4

DeMar was spectacular. He took care of the ball, he chose his shots well, he hit his shots and he was a beast in transition. DeMar has had great quarters and halves through the playoffs, but this was arguably his best complete game. It’d sure be nice if someone else on the roster could’ve helped him out in the first three quarters.

Tyler Hansbrough, PF Shot Chart 13 MIN | 0-0 FG | 2-2 FT | 3 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 2 PTS | +4

For those of you wondering whether or not Tyler Hansbrough would ever play anything close to meaningful minutes in this game, you got your answer. I hope you’re happy. If Hansbrough ever wants to be known as a serious-tough guy instead of a silly-angry guy, he needs to channel his ephedrine-induced rage into action over pouting and close=-faced post-foul talking. Who wouldn’t love to see Hansbrough take a shot a Garnett? There is literally nothing that Hansbrough could do in this series that would endear him more to Toronto fans than tossing a bomb at KG. I’m including him putting up a 30-30 in game 7, and I’m not kidding.

Patrick Patterson, PF Shot Chart 26 MIN | 3-9 FG | 1-2 FT | 3 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 2 BLK | 1 TO | 8 PTS | -6

Patterson has been a blessing scoring off the bench when the Raptors have seemed to need it most. Helpful as his 8 points were though, Patterson went cold as the Raptors hit a wall in their comeback at a ten point deficit.

Chuck Hayes, PF Shot Chart 3 MIN | 0-0 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 0 PTS | -1

Chuck Hayes was brought in to play a little post defence against Andray Blatche. It’s only a 3 minute sample size, so it’s not as impressive as it could be, but Hayes did manage to put up the all zeroes stat line!

John Salmons, SF Shot Chart 14 MIN | 2-3 FG | 1-1 FT | 2 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 6 PTS | 0

Salmons was better on defence for the most part than he has been in the series so far. He also shot over 50% for the first time since early April. He wasn’t a difference maker, but he wasn’t a negative either, which was nice.

Steve Novak, SF Shot Chart 11 MIN | 0-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 4 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 0 PTS | +10

Steve Novak didn’t seem to do a lot himself, but he was on the court for the only stretch of winning basketball that the team played all night. So there’s that.

Greivis Vasquez, PG Shot Chart 24 MIN | 4-10 FG | 0-0 FT | 3 REB | 2 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 9 PTS | -3

Vasquez was great in transition, pushing the pace in the fourth quarter and making dividends for it. He made some poor decisions in terms of shot selection and passed up two good shots of his own for bad passes that became turnovers. Not ideal.

Dwane Casey

Casey emptied the bench early looking for answers, putting 11 different players out there. Brooklyn made adjustments, Lowry and Amir looked tired and/or hurt and Valanciunas got in early foul trouble. I don’t think that this one falls on his shoulders. Having said that, the Raptors need to address the mess that Brooklyn has been able to turn their defence into with their small ball perimeter ball movement. What the Raptors have been doing clearly isn’t working.

Four Things We Saw

  1. Brooklyn has become hip to how sticky the ball can often become in Toronto’s offense. They aggressively double-teamed the perimeter ball handler knowing that the Raptors remaining four players were standing flat footed waiting.
  2. The Raptors lost this became because they were outplayed, badly. So let’s stop the online threads about how the refs gave Brooklyn all the calls because of an NBA conspiracy or because of Jason Kidd’s critical comments that netted him a $25 000 fine. Having said that, Jason Kidd sure got good value on the twenty-five grand worth of whistles that he bought.
  3. The biggest loser tonight was DeMar DeRozan, whose truly impressive performance isn’t going to be anything close to a storyline with the Raptors loss and game 7 looming.
  4. Game 7 cometh. If you have any sports superstitions—and I mean any, pay strict attention to adhering all of them. Take out your lucky jersey, sit in the special spot, exercise any and all reverse jinxes, go through all pre-game rituals, sacrifice small goats/offerings/children and turn around 3 times and spit. Do whatever needs to be done. The sports gods are angry, they are the most spiteful of all the gods and they demand obedience and tribute. They also hate Toronto, which you damn well already know.
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  • Tinmann

    The Nets did what was expected. It’s been a tough series.
    Looking forward to game 7
    I’ve got a pair of first row seats behind basket in corner by the aisle where players exit for game 7. How much money would someone offer me for a ticket for me to tell my wife to stay home?

  • Chewwy No Matthew

    These are some very charitable grades for a team that for the most part got blown out. Amir Johnson looks mentally unfocused more than he looks tired or hurt. Just like Jason Kidd did, Casey has to make a change to the starting lineup and that is put Patterson in there.

    • Tinmann

      Agree – a stinker for 3 quarters.

    • DandB

      This so hard. Amir jumped on 3 pump fakes, 2 at the 3 point line and 1 in the paint in the first quarter. And where he had to close out on anybody, he continually got blown past. Absolutely atrocious. No rebounding impact. Nil factor on offense. 20 minutes were 20 too many. Nets still getting a bunch of open 3s. Even if we make it past the Nets, the Heat will surely make us pay for trying to put our bigs on a mobile 4, since our bigs aren’t making them pay.

      • Chewwy No Matthew

        Amir was terrible

    • Bryan Colangelo

      If he can’t guard the Nets on the perimeter I don’t know how the hell we’re going to be Miami, even if we make it past the first round.

      • Musik

        We are going to get destroyed by Miami. I dont care if thats not what you want to hear but Miami will probably beat us in five. The point is we make it to the second round when we were suppose to be in the lottery.

        • raptorstand

          If this team shows up on Sunday and wins, The Miami Heat will know that they were in a series , no matter how it shakes out. I like being the underdog.

          • Northbound

            I think the NBA would want Raptors vs Heats matchup. Much more fun too

      • morganc

        The fact it hasn’t become obvious yet to Casey that he either should start PPat (better option to guard PP) over Amir, or start Landry or Salmons even over Amir, is ridiculous. He is literally taking the best skill our best defender has (Amir’s help paint defense) and making it meaningless. IT IS FUCKING OBVIOUS AMIR CAN’T GUARD THE PERIMETER SO FUCKING ADJUST YOU DENSE PIECE OF SHIT DUMBFUCK. Was that clear enough? 🙂

  • Colonel_Hapablapp

    I’ve officially had enough of these Brooklyn Nets.

    First, J Kidd, the drunken wifebeater, paying off the refs to get the calls tonight. F*** you.

    Second, Pierce, whiny flopper ex-C**tics trash, just retire already, you broken down shell of a man.

    Third, Garnett, the “defensive specialist” that just swipes at everything and likes to act a fake tough guy, I hope Immigration denies your passport and you watch the rest of Game 7 in Brooklyn.

    Fourth, Joe “Bubble Butt” Johnson, who makes a living using his FAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS to get to the rim; I hope we put a defender that won’t back down from your fat ass, and forces you to take jump shots. And then I hope you brick every shot on Sunday. You choke in pressure situations, so Game 7 will reveal your true colors, you overpaid stiff.

    Fifth, Kirilenko, the bribe-taking, can’t play defense unless I’m trying to butt-rape ‘em, piece of trash. I hope when the Raps beat you, your ass gets sequestered to Siberia, and never returns.

    Sixth, D-Will, legendary coach killer, and general fat-ass. I hope your ankle and feet swell so much that you have a Hobbit’s foot, and can’t play. Overpaid garbage that – like Bubble Butt – can’t get up for the big game.

    Seventh, to the so called “Brooklyn Fans”, the worst in the playoffs, watch how a real fanbase acts like on Sunday, as we cheer our team to beat your team of geriatrics.

    If this game is on ABC (please make it so!!!), I want the Raps to thoroughly embarrass the Nets. Just destroy them, and once and for all, shut up the haters and the fake Brooklyn fans. I’ve had enough and can’t stand the Nets anymore. I want them to suffer and I want that team to enter NBA purgatory and stay there for the rest of that franchise’s miserable existence.

    • plaid coast


      • WeTheNorth

        Don’t be a pussy plaid coast, that was an awesome post

        • Abused Raptors Fan

          Lol. Yup. Props

        • plaid coast

          what’s with the.. uh… unchecked aggression?
          also, nice handle. you work for mlse, dude? sweet.

        • plaid coast

          i liked the post.

    • Lets Play


    • FREEJV

      hopefully portland wins and we play on abc. tired of watching matt and jack. although i would love if jack switched to abc for sundays game lol. hes the only guy who doesnt hold back his feelings lmao

    • Mexiballer

      You must be a hockey fan.

    • Northbound

      Post of the night

    • Steven1562

      Even if they make it pass us they will get swept by Miami heard it here first

    • Guest

      …me too.


      This is beyond ignorant.

    • As Cheesed As the Colonel

      Listen here Colonel, you incredible f**k, I’m about to add some info to your amazing comment.

      First, doesn’t J Kidd’s head look far too large for his body? Someone needs to beat that monster with a stick cuz he’s got some Stewie sh*t happening.

      Secondly, what in the F**K is up with Pierce’s beard? That is disgusting. It’s like the man doesn’t own a razor. Shave those two little curly ass hairs off. The only “Truth” is that he looks like a hobo.

      Third, Kirilenko’s tattoo is by far the ugliest piece of work I’ve ever seen in my life.

      Fourth, Garnett is a pussy. There’s nothing else to say. Even if we lose, I want DeMar or TRoss to jam one right over his face.

      Fifth, to those idiot Brooklyn fans chanting “USA! USA!”…they should know that our entire team is from the US. You dumb fucks.

      Lastly, I’d like to mention that Drake was wearing a jacket with his own lyrics inscribed on it. That’s just boss.

      Thank you kindly Colonel.

    • Thomas

      It’s official. Game 7 will be on ABC 1ET. Mike Tirico and Hubie Brown have the call.

    • KJ-B

      Racial stereotypical under/overtones aside — there will be some light at the tunnel’s end, to put you out of your bloggin’ misery one way OR the other come Sunday… It will be either a Rap-ture into the 2nd rd. or a Brooklyn train rollin over this Northern Exposure . Either way GO RAPS!!!!

  • Chewwy No Matthew

    Hansborough gave a lot of energy and did a great job altering shots or forcing Brooklyn to do something they didn’t want to. He definitely outplayed Amir

  • raptorstand

    The whole coaching staff lost this game. If you cant understand that we have to go low or attack the hoop every possession and not play hero ball on the outside , you shouldn’t be sitting on the sidelines. Lowry didn’t have an assist the first half. That’s a joke. We are the better team when we attack and go low. We will win Sunday if we do that, if we don’t do that , the coaching staff will have done a great disservice to this team and this season. Fuck the Nets.

    • Chewwy No Matthew

      I agree. I thought that the coaching staff did a terrible job in handling the adjustments Brooklyn did. Way too much dribbling on our offence and pretty much zero screens down low away from the ball.

    • Bryan Colangelo

      I don’t see how you can put this on the coaches. I’m almost positive Casey didn’t tell his starters to stand around and play like their mom just died.

      • raptorstand

        You sit them down and get in their face and set up plays. If that don’t work pull the whole team off the court and get people in there that will do that.

        • Dog

          I like your way of thinking, again agree with you… Except from DD that played great. T-Ross please, the guy hits 3 buckets and is doing great!, he is just a kid and is completely scare. But anyway I won’t keep talking I’m too freaking mad with the way we played tonight.

          • raptorstand

            Fixing Tross is the easiest thing in the world. You tell him he must drive the ball no matter what happens he must attack, at least the first two times he touches the ball. Then the man guarding him has to respect the drive and play off , thus giving him a better look.

    • Dog

      Well said, but you know we have “Coach Casey”… F**k Brooklyn and F**k Casey.

  • Guest

    While the Raptors didn’t deserve to win this game and I’m looking forward to game 7, some of the fantom foul calls in this game is very troubling and hopefully doesn’t happen in the next game.

  • De Colo

    While the Raptors didn’t deserve to win this game and I’m looking forward to game 7, some of the phantom foul calls in this game is very troubling and hopefully doesn’t happen in the next game.

    • Northbound

      dont worry. they didnt want the brooklyn slums to go into riot so they gave them a win at the barclays.
      We win game 7.

    • Bryan Colangelo

      In all seriousness, we should be nervous. The refs aren’t necessary going to be against this, but they are going to make sure to call a really tight game if it looks like the Raptors are getting away.

  • Bryan Colangelo

    Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose.

    Yes. The Raptors are the Dillon Lions. They’re so used to not being taken seriously, they end up shitting the bed whenever they get some love thrown their way.

    Time to play like the world is against them again.

  • SickNTired

    -Open looks from Patterson and Novak killed us.
    – Lowry getting the Jason Kidd Treatment from the refs.
    – John Salmons playing.
    – And JV defenced sucked ass. ( only grabbed his first rebound in the 3rd quarter.)

    Need a full team effort next game

    We need to send Garnett into retirement next game!!!!!

  • Musik

    Defensively: Open shots and a wide open paint for two and a
    half quarters against a veteran team with their back against the wall is going
    to give you exactly what they got. A blow out. They got what they deserved.

    Offensively: The only one that showed up is DeMar. Well
    consistently at least. What a waste.. he was on fire. I think he even picked it
    up defensively as well tonight. I don’t know why it took three quarters for
    them to figure out that if you pass the ball more than once a possession, it
    will give you open looks. Unfortunately when they did figure it out, pretty
    much the whole team was ice cold.

    Bottom line is that this game was a poor effort by the whole
    team. It looked like they just woke up five minutes before the game started.
    Hopefully now that their backs are against the wall as well, will make the team
    want to play defense.

  • asifyouknow

    Toronto you did want a TANKING! Well you got it.

    If you agree with this conspiracy theory please click a like.

    Lots of money involved in a game seven in Toronto.

    POSITIVE NOTE: Deron Williams will have a swollen foot Sunday and should be easier to handle.

    NEGATIVE NOTE: Will anybody hit a -must shot- Sunday? I counted six shots that could have been game changers and NOBODY could hit them!


    • Musik519

      Everyone was in foul trouble. What was he suppose to do?

      • Northbound

        Sick of JV being called for nonsense fouls. I swear, all of nets wins came like that. JV gets into early foul trouble (he’s totally dumbfounded I don’t blame him) and then the nets attack the interior like there is no tomorrow. I am actually up for hard fouls now.

        • Musik

          Honestly JV does some dumb shit. Im not saying some of those calls werent bad but he had a high foul rate for both his seasons..

          • Northbound

            Thats bs. If KG does it, JV can do it too

            • Bryan Colangelo

              Life’s not fair. The only reason they let KG get away with it is because he’s fucking Skeletor and has been in the league for a hundred years. I don’t think there’s any other player in the league that gets away with his BS.

              • dunkmycat7

                Skeletor ?
                And Panthor too?
                Nice one !
                My buddy just calls him SKULL. 🙂
                SKULLETOR ?

            • Musik

              KG 47 years in the leauge, JV 2.

              • raptorstand

                KG SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!

            • Ghotte

              Just watched part of the HOU/POR game and yesterday watch GSW/Clippers. Their games are WAAAAAY less physical! Not the same clutching and grabbing and no-calls we have in our series. It’s not even close.

              That’s the advantage the refs have given to the slow-footed Nets. The ability to clutch and grab keep people close.

              (Not the reason the Raps lost today but true nevertheless.)

        • cdub

          I agree he’s getting bad calls but he wasn’t doing anything in the first half when he was in. Still he needs to be in the game to prevent a Hayes sighting that just kills our offense even more.

    • De Colo

      Well, Hansbourgh brought energy that i really like, he wasted minutes on Hayes for 3 games, he’s wasted minutes on Salmons since December, and Novak had to play because they were behind by so much, he just wasn’t hitting his shots like he normally does.

    • Chewwy No Matthew

      The missed open shots was huge. When the Raptors made their run, they missed 3 wide open looks to bring the game under 10 points. Casey did a poor job recognizing that Amir Johnson was not mentally focused. Amir got a perfect alley oop from Ross and instead of dunking it, he tried to baby it in. The 3 second call was due to Amir not even remotely looking at the basket or a teammate. Lowry passed to Amir who never looked at him. Casey has to recognize that certain players are not helping you. Tyler at least provided some spark.

    • Bryan Colangelo

      Novak, Tyler, Salmons and Hayes, oddly enough, got us back into the game against their scrubs.

      If Ross just hit shots he normally makes, its an entirely different series.

      They got open looks. The players choked. The only one with his head in the game for the 4 quarters was DeRozan.

      • De Colo

        Hayes didn’t get us back into shit

        • Northbound

          None of them did.
          Man once ross starts to build his body and his IQ a bit more, he will become lethal.
          He makes those passes like its nothing

          • De Colo

            Atleast Hansbourgh brought energy, the rest didn’t do much, the only thing Hansbourgh didn’t do right was he didn’t punch Garnett in the face.

        • De Cholo

          No, De Colo did bud
          De Cholo got us back in buds

    • Ben

      dude if novak hits that three you wouldn’t be talking shit about that rotation. Salmons did a solid job on joe. we needed energy from someone and tyler provided that for however long he playing. Casey does have his shortcomings like EVERYONE ELSE but this team including the coaching staff is growing!

      • bobmasa

        Wes seems you don’t anything about basketball yes Raptors didn’t play well but the biggest problem was Casey who didn’t know how to rotate his bench.

        • dunkmycat7

          You know I’m pretty sick of your BS…
          your only comment is “you don’t know anything about basketball ”
          You never have ANYTHING smart to say, you can’t write or spell properly and a one trick pony looks multi-talented next to you.
          And you REALLY don’t know anything about basketball.

  • Wes mantooth

    First of all Amir gets an F. He was god awful!
    Secondly are you implying the officiating was in any way whatsoever fair tonight??
    If you are then u watched the game with Brooklyn goggles on. It was disgraceful so were Casey’s lineups.
    Again not one real post up called for JV

    • Chewwy No Matthew

      Dwane Casey has to stop saying ” I like my money” and light into the officiating. Garnett should have been given a technical on 2 separate occasions yet received none. Also, Drake cannot be chirping to the officials. That is only gonna hurt us

    • Bryan Colangelo

      JV did not fight hard enough for position. At all.

      And no, he’s not implying that the officiating was fair. He’s saying even though the reffing was BS, the Raptors sucked so much it would be naive just to blame the refs.

      The Raptors have to play hard from start to finish and force the Refs to make the right calls. They didn’t.

      • Wes mantooth

        Fair enough I agree. Although it’s hard to get ur energy up when ur playing 5 against 8 and the game isn’t being called the same way on both sides of the ball. If it’s discouraging for us I can’t imagine how it feels to be demar Kyle or even JV. The nets got so many steals tonight swiping at the ball reaching in. That’s the most common foul call In the nba. I don’t remember one

        • Bryan Colangelo

          No argument here. But if the Raptors let the refs get into their head they’ve already lost. They got to keep their heads up.

      • Musik

        But you knew exactly what was going to happen when Kidd made those comments.

      • Joaquin

        jv is getting post position at times, no one on the nets can handle him but they can’t service him the ball since whenever dd or lowry has the ball they setup melo style, the nets trap and double the two up high beyond the three line with no passing lanes. jv leaves the paint to help with the trap leaving him with the ball much too far out where he likely will turn it over with his awkward ground and pound or force the raps to swing it where the nets are challenging tross or amir to beat them. during the spurts, whenever dd or lowry got into the lane, the nets defense broke down leaving us with much easier shots for our “support” players.

        having vasquez being the primary ball handler and moving the ball quicker and getting the ball to lowry or dd with the 3rd or 4th pass has been much more effective in leading to easier baskets.

  • Musik

    Jason Kidd is such a dirty coach. One season and he already has a bad reputation.

  • Chewwy No Matthew

    You know that something is amiss when you see Valanciunas being the closest guy to contest a 3 point shot. If casey is suppose to be a defensive specialist, I am hoping he doesn’t want his center out of the key challenging shots from guards

  • Coach

    Anybody giving DD an A+ is clearly not considering both sides of the court. I don’t care how good he was on the offensive end. What he gave to us, he also gave to Brooklyn. DD played terrible post D – but let’s ignore that cause nobody could contain JJ. But his perimeter D was horrid too. Giving up and letting guys drive right by to the rim. His feet just don’t move.

    • Chewwy No Matthew

      That blew my mind. Giving him an A+ is implying he played the perfect game. When we were going on little runs he would try to play hero ball. I’m also sick and tired of watching him make no effort to get back on defence when a call doesn’t go his way.

      • Chewwy No Matthew

        He also once again sucked on defence covering Joe Johnson

      • Musik

        Wtf why wouldnt he try to go hero ball though? He was the only one scoring and getting calls.

    • ItsAboutFun

      You whiney little beaches with your tools up DD’s and Casey’s butts. Demar had 28 Pts on 18 FGAs, to JJ’s 17 Pts on 12 FGAs. DeMar had 6 RBs to JJ’s 0, 4 ASTs to JJs 3, 2 STLs to JJs 0, 1 TO to JJ’s 2,,,,,,,,,,, and you’re whining about DD’s D?????

      Not seeing a word about D-Will lighting Lowry up while he himself went 4-16. Love the guy, but he has bad games too. I could mention a few others from this game, but people here just want to whine about DD and Casey. I see some riding Psycho T’s dick like he was some kind of hero last night. LOLOLOLOL. Wtf? Notice the 4 fouls in 13 minutes? That’s why Tyler’s not getting minutes in this series. There is NOBODY on the Nets that he can cover without fouling, but apparently lots here salivate over some fantasy of “high energy” fouling leading the way to victory.

  • plaid coast

    no matter where the contact was on the brooklyn player, they would throw their head back. it’s such a dirty way of playing but it’s so hard for the refs to notice in real time.

  • RapsFanatic

    The Raptors started the game slow, lazy, tired, and they never really came out like the desperate team. The game was pretty much lost in the first half. They had a good comeback. I watched the ESPN feed, and omg they hate the raptors. Jon Barry microphone was on during the commercial break and he said Tyler Hansbrough is a clown. Every time Brooklyn did something these commentators were like girls in high school seeing their crushes walk by in the hallway. Anyways, the Nets played a better game, hats off to them. The raptors needed this wakeup call. I think they will win in game 7, but man this shit can’t slide if we even make it to the next round.

    • ItsAboutFun

      Barry is right about Hansbrough.

  • Chewwy No Matthew

    Amir Johnson deserves an F. He was terrible in every way. It’s amazing that considering he committed 2 of the dumbest fouls last game that almost cost his team the game, he had no mental zip or toughness. Awful game from him.

    • plaid coast

      i dunno man he wasn’t pro, that’s for sure, but he was guarding PP. and it wasn’t PP who killed us, obviously. hard for him to play well when he didn’t get any touches. i just hope he rebounds on sunday.

    • Bryan Colangelo

      Amir has to be playing with more pain than he’s letting on. Only explanation. He has had bad games, but Casey always goes to him in the fourth quarter defensively. Not seeing even a minor appearance in the second quarter is a bad sign.

      • Chewwy No Matthew

        My concern is Amir’s thought process on the court. Fouling 3 point shooters last game, getting a 3 second call on himself this game and not paying attention when Lowry threw him a pass is a mental issue, not an injury or pain issue.

    • Ben

      man Amir is playing injured! his ankle does not look right! he’s getting pushed around. think the seasons gonna end unfortunately 🙁

  • RapsFanatic

    Andray Blatche post-game comments on game 6: “We’re going to go (to Toronto), take care of business and go to Miami.”. I hate every player on the Brooklyn Nets team, their all d-bags. Alan Anderson is acting up, someone on the raptors has to smack him at least lol.

    • d_1212

      Go to Miami to play golf and watch raptors-heat game

  • Chewwy No Matthew

    When Dwane Casey said his players will learn from their mistakes of last game, he should look in the mirror. Last game he left JV on the bench with only 2 fouls for the first 7 minutes of the 4th and the Nets killing us on the glass. Tonight, the only guy who was scoring in the first half was DeMar and what does dumb ass do? he sits DeMar down for the last 3 minutes of the half. Casey’s substitutions are just plain stupid

    • Sahardeed Mohamed

      JV had 3 fouls in the first quarter lmao what are you talking about.

      • Chewwy No Matthew

        Did you actually read my post? I said “Last Game”, which would mean game 5, he left JV on the bench and I was referring to the 4th quarter of that game. In reference to tonight, I only referred to Casey’s handling of DeMar DeRozan’s minutes. I never mentioned anything about JV’s minutes or fouls in the first half. If you are going to mock my post at least make sure to read it properly. Do you understand what I am talking about now or are you still confused?

    • ItsAboutFun

      DeMar was gassed, but coach is dumb for subbing him out? smh. The young man played 40 minutes. You feel he shouldn’t have got a breather? smh

  • asifyouknow

    My anxiety level will be sky high Sunday ..Raptors and Spurs will have a game seven …Dammmmmm!

  • raptorstand

    There was a reason we started every game going the first 3 plays to JV , no matter what happened it got the defense thinking about the big guy and then giving space to our outside shooters for open shots. We have to attack then the open outside shot falls. We are the better team , we will win Sunday.

  • Adriiian

    The team played bad today, outside of DeMar. I want to be wrong, but I don’t have a good feeling about game 7.

    • ad

      The d is going to have to step up big time. Raps are gonna have to get JV involved. Hopefully refs wont call any stupid fouls on him. Lowry and DD are going to have to have much better games. It wont be easy thats for sure.

    • raptorstand

      We are going to bring the d and those old goats are going to fold like a cheap card table. We are the better team . we are going to win Sunday , no fing doubt.

      • Adriiian

        I hope so too. I love this team, but TRoss has let us down tremendously. I mean Casey has no other choice at the 3, next up is Salmons. (Fields goes too hard and fucks his back up. What can you do?) Casey can’t materialize a 3 out of thin air.

        • De Colo

          Fields was available the last 2 games and he played not 1 second of either game, Casey doesn’t like Fields for some reason.

          • Adriiian

            I think it’s cause outside of the defensive end, you don’t even need to cover him, because he can’t make a shot. At least Salmons will occasionally get a bucket.

            • De Colo

              once a month isn’t really occasional

              • Bryan Colangelo

                Still, better than nothing. Landry literally will not take a shot and everyone on the court knows it. That’s how bad his arm is.

          • Chewwy No Matthew

            I know that Fields wasn’t feeling healthy enough to play game 4 and was wondering how he was feeling the last 2 games. If he is good to play then Casey is a moron. Fields has been the only Raptor to slow Joe Johnson down. DeMar is awful defending him

    • Musik

      ACC is going to be like game 1. Raptors no longer have jitters. Toronto takes it in a close one, no way Lowry lets us lose.

    • De Colo

      Why dont everybody just pack it in, give the game to the Nets and just go home then.

    • De Colo

      Every game is different, by now, you should know that.

  • Tomas Siaulys

    I am not sure if JV has the highest shooting % but it seems that way. How hard is it to reward a center who runs the length of the floor with his hands up and gets position before any Brooklyn big men get back! Give the guy some shots!

    • dog

      I don’t know why is so difficult for Casey to see that too. Believe me he is the worst ever and I don’t care if he was in Seattle
      or Denver before he is pretty damn bad.

    • Ghotte

      JV got his shots in transition. He got his turnovers in half court. No one can trust that he makes a shot in half court the majority of possessions. (He’ll get there but there’s lots of learnin’ still to do)

      • Tomas Siaulys

        Maybe I am old school, but I do not care if he has 3 or 4 turnovers, yea I would like him not to; however your center should still be getting more than 3 or 4 shots. JV has enough post moves to justify that, the sky hook was not in transition. Furthermore a bad guard shot, which is taken after dribbling at the top of the key is akin to a turnover. Also you do not have to put him in a shooting position all the time, but give the man the ball with the back to his basket so he can at least give it back, at the minimum give him touches on the ball. You cannot teach height or hussle, he has those he has EARNED touches.

  • ad

    A+ for derozan?? No waayyy. Granted, he was the best raptor but he took some HORRIBLE shots that screwed the offense. B+ at most. Anyways, the raps got outplayed today big time. I hate to say it, but the nets are more talented. Blatche guaranteed a game 7 win. Fuck him but hes better than any bench big the raps have (amir included). Lastly, the reffing was clearly bias today towards brooklyn. That better not be the case in game 7 or fans will riot.

  • cdub

    You can’t win games when you can’t hit a shot. Raptors missed open look after open look all game. The defense in the first half was embarrassing. We know what 25k buys you now in the NBA. We have home court we just have to come out and finish them at home we should have the whistle hopefully.

    • Musik

      Agreed.. They had so much trouble just getting it past the three point line when broken scored at will.

      • Musik


    • Ghotte

      You can’t win games when 3+ of your starters sh#t the bed. But, agree: Defense has been the main culprit lately.
      Maybe they are too tired for the intensity.

  • SerbianTiger_8

    How can you blame Valanciunus for not doing anything in the first half, when they Casey doesn’t run anything for him!?!!??! There were zero post-ups run for him in the first quarter, I think he got one post-up… at the three-point line. Ahahahaha. Also, why isn’t Fields getting any playing time? Salmons was okay this game, but for lost game when Joe Johnson turned into God, why no Fields? He plays much better defense than Salmons overall, both individually and helping. I honesty don’t understand some decisions Casey makes, it’s hard to comprehend.

    • Kujo2020

      It’s a joke that JV is not getting any touches early in the post. Brooklyn has no body on the roster that can guard him, and he’s been beasting when he gets involved in the offense. It’s so damn frustrating. He better be involved in the offense in game 7.

  • Hassan Mehmood Khan

    amir johnson is clearly hurt if he is not good to play then he should rest we can not afford to play a half fit amir

  • Eunys

    lol Business baby …Lost this game but guess what?… Leiweke and ACC can cash in on Sunday

    • Northbound

      they better fcking win. I dunno what I would do if raptors lose game 7

  • AxlT

    raps need to play with some animosity to win this series … get nasty and take it to em

    • Chewwy No Matthew

      Raptors did not give hard screens on offence. Nets did set solid screens on the Raptors. Big difference in this game

  • De Colo

    If someone could take a 2×4 upside Garnett’s head, that would be great

  • nickfromtime

    Is it just me or does it look like amir has been playing with his head up his ass for the past couple games? I know he’s banged up but last I checked a sore ankle doesn’t turn you stupid. That 3-second call was both sad, hilarious, and frustrating. I just want old Amir back, just for game seven, please….

    • Chewwy No Matthew

      Especially in the last two games. He has thrown some stupid lazy passes, committed stupid fouls and that 3 second call was brutal. If you watch it again, he caught the ball, stood there and dribbled a few times stationary. All without once turning himself towards the basket where he would have seen nobody was in front of him and he could take a jumper. He doesn’t seem to get that he is so wide open outside the 3 point line because the Nets know he can’t make it.
      I am concerned because he looks mentally absent. He is showing absolutely no positive thinking out there. He was the one player I expected to think better after those awful fouls and turnovers in game 5

  • black angus

    If the raps want to win they have to get the ball into the god damn post

  • ace5950

    TSN wanted a game 7 so badly freaking Rod Black was almost begging for one after the first quarter

    • Chewwy No Matthew

      I hate that he interviews players from the Nets after the game. When the Nets play here, Herbie Kuhn will shake each of the starters hands. Way too much friendly Canadian hospitality for my liking in the playoffs

  • CM

    I watched the ESPN feed I actually thought Barry was hoping for the raps to come back. Bottom line only demar. Showed up to play without him they would have lost by 20 wire to wire. Kyle entitled to a bad game but they can’t win unless he has a good game. The rest were pretty bad but Amir was terrible. If he doesn’t bring it next game he should be stapled to the bench. He played like the 4th quarter of game 6. Give Kidd credit he benched Livingston for Anderson and that affects GV. Vasquez can survive on d vs Livingston but he was badly exposed covering dwill and anyone else. His d was calderonesque. Let’s see what adjustments Casey can come up with. As for JV he made some incredibly stupid fouls on rebounds where he had no position. He needs to play smarter and stay on the floor because nets have no answer for him . If he can stay in the floor he is the X factor and raps can win.

  • Paul

    Come on Thompson. Whether you care to admit it or not, the refs literally handed this game to Brooklyn on a solver platter (fouls 25 to 14). No, it’s not part of a conspiracy to get the Nets to the second round. The refs simply give all the calls to the home team. This is good for the brand because paying fans are more likely to see a win. Also, in the playoffs, this makes game sevens far more likely. I’m honestly beginning to question why I invest so much interest into a league where refereeing consistently determines the outcomes of games. Basketball is becoming a judged sport like ice dancing.

    • mountio

      refs had nothing to do with it. Quit making excuses for a horrible effort by our team and coaching staff

  • steve fisher

    WOW with so many problems on D and O its hard to know where to start. With KL and AJ both exhausted and hurt and JV the key to our boards and interior defense and offense with 3 early questionable fouls which removed him from the game for a significant period. Considering their fatigue and injuries both KL and AJ were played far too much considering they were down 25 early in the third Q. Casey has a dogged determination which makes it tough for him to see the big picture and rest or sit key players every now and then in the last 7 to 8 weeks,, As your best coaches like S A`s coach POPS. Considering the fatigue and injuries they desperately need to pull back their HELP defense they are not only losing more than they gain. It also makes the injury fatigue factors worse.Just keep it simple and play good solid man to man D with the keys being CONTAIN AND CONTEST every shot which was almost non existent in the first 2 thirds of the game because they were trying to do TOO MUCH and doing nothing well !!! On O they were setting up flat footed standing around a way too far from the basket often giving the ball handler no pass options resulting in bad forced shot or time clock violations. Coach C does a lot of good things BUT too many of the same fundamental mistakes are being made now as at the beginning of the season. Despite doing a lot of great things DD until the last third of the game forces far too many bad contested shots resulting in yet again another poor shooting percentage which no one ever seems to mention or notice.This is a major reason for the team having FIVE yes FIVE total ASSISTS for the first half which is not enough for even a Q.When the RAPS move the ball for a better shot and get about 20 assists they play their best ball and rarely lose !!1 In conclusion if the RAPS play solid man to man D with CONTAIN AND CONTEST and crisply move the ball with the catcher coming to the ball it will lead to god shot more baskets and a tired NETS DEFENSE!! IF the want to win they must take the rock to the tin MUCH more often and NOT SETTLE for continuous lazy perimeter jumpers on tired legs.How often does the veteran 37 year old PAUL PIERCE take it to the hoop ??? IF they want to win it can be done BUT we have to make some of the above mentioned adjustments as the NETS did for game SIX!! Where there is a will there is a way.It is not easy , ADJUST or PERISH !!! Have the faith , GO RAPS GO !!!

  • NorthernUprising

    JV needs to be getting at LEAST 10 FGA’s every game…for so many reasons…

  • Gary Gill

    Nets got this now. I don’t care if they didn’t win in 5 but 7 will do.

  • TheSpiceTyrant

    Yes we deserved to loose. But I can’t imagine ever seeing a Raptors team like this years where you can believe they could pull out a win.

    We were very close to pulling it off!

    It was a 3-4 possession game for about 2 minutes in the last quarter. It just came down to execution. That is this series in a nutshell: execution on the last 4 minutes of the game.

    As bad as it sucks to loose this game -and even potentially the series- this team has exceeded every expectation. This team will learn from loosing. Frankly, I think loosing thi series may be a more poignant learning moment than getting blown away by the heat.

  • Microaggressive

    Anyone trading Jonas Valanciunas for James Harden now?

  • KJ-B


    Écoutez Bien MLSE.

    • mike, prague

      Nah, just maybe I’d swap Ross for Vazquez and move DD up a spot, but probably not even that cuz of the loss on defense where Ross has played well

  • asifyouknow

    A Thompson’s quote:

    “The first half saw the natural regression to the mean on shooting percentage for the level of difficulty and physicality on the kinds of shots that Lowry has been living on. Lowry’s shots ate up the front of the rim, the typical tired legs miss. If Lowry’s out of gas, the Raptors bus is running on fumes.”

    True statement all the way around. You get an A+++++++ on that take. Hope he has one more game in him.

    Love the Raptors but even if they win this series(I think they will) It won’t matter much with LeBron waiting for them.
    Honest to God I hope I’m wrong and they shock Miami…It would be a miracle.

  • dunkmycat7

    So -all of you who were all over me the other day for wanting to trade Amir for a REAL PF -you know – one that isn’t hurt about 80% of the time.
    This is exactly what I meant.
    Great D, Great Heart ,Admire his ability to play through it. But then that’s the problem isn’t it. ALWAYS HURT Can’t play at a high level. And when Amir doesn’t play his absolute BEST he just is not very good is he ?.
    OK DC time to show some stones…
    -AJ OUT -PP to start
    -TRoss OUT – GV or LF or ANYBODY else !! It’s not working, he’s lost his shot. MAKE a freaking CHANGE !!! How many times do you need to be TOTALLY WRONG about this guy. Whatever the number is -guess what ? you are already there.
    This isn’t about his PROGRESS at the expense of the rest of the team. In CASE(Y) you hadn’t noticed this is PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL. where WINNING is the ONLY thing.
    -WHYOHWHY Mr. Coach are the Raptors not pounding it inside to JV .He was INVISIBLE until it was over…sorry DC but you made that Novak’s job. And you’ve pooched THAT all year long – always too little too late…
    -And Mr. Coach – here is another one. WHY is it EXACTLY that your vaunted DEFENSE is always the first thing to disappear when they play badly. Isn’t that what they are supposed to FALL BACK ON ?
    GO RAPS -biggest Game of your collective lives.

  • Red Baron

    I really wish Casey would stop making comments every post-game about “veteran savvy” and the like…inferring that Brooklyn players have these magical playoff qualities that his mere-mortal “young” players don’t understand. I understand that experience certainly helps but he is waaaay overplaying this point in my mind. I think Brooklyn Vet savvy just equals KG can get away with setting moving screens and JV can’t..or Pierce can reach-in on D and TRoss can’t. In other words, experienced and accomplished players get the whistle, young and not-yet-accomplished players don’t. All i want is an honest whistle both ways for game 7..if Raps have that and bring full energy and intensity they will get that game.

  • Steverino

    While the Raptors didn’t play well, I think you’re underestimating the impact officials can have. A timely foul call can change momentum, make a team sub earlier than planned, make a team adjust its style of play. For as physical a game as the Nets play to only be called for 14 fouls is dubious. And none on Johnson or Garnett? Wow.