It was a great year and Tim Chisholm and Steve Gennaro join me to discuss the series, the season, and the summer. It’s a two part podcast, the first part focusing on the playoffs, and the second part reflecting on the larger season including a look ahead to the summer.

We look back at the season and review all that was accomplished. The series is discussed and we talk about what went right, what went wrong, and what could’ve been if it weren’t for the little things.

We talk about the rotations and why they were what they were, try to explain the Landry Fields exclusion, and dive into the details of what we all experienced.

The performances of DeMar DeRozan and the crew is reviewed and we hear from DeRozan himself. Dwane Casey is extensively discussed and the panel renders a decision on him as well, including some predictions.

The entire roster is filtered through the game of “Keep or Lose” where Tim and Steve go through the entire roster and there are some surprises on a number of key players. We discuss the great Raptors fans, the tremendous support the Raptors enjoy and step back to admire a season that put the Raptors back on the map, both home and abroad.

There’s talk of cleaning products, Walmart, Steve’s kids and more, on a Raptors Weekly that extends over an hour.

Grab the iTunes feed or check us out on Stitcher on Android. There is also the plain old feed. You can also download the file (1:10:36, 68 MB). Or just listen below:

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  • Z Mbamba

    Reminded me of the Montreal screw job

  • Bryan Colangelo

    Congrats on a great year of coverage you guys. Not only did the Raptors step up their game, but the Republic did as well.

  • Oh Hi O

    ‘Keep or Lose’ is great – love how Zarar abandoned the game late. Funny stuff.

    Quick question – is it possible to have this podcast on Stitcher earlier? I use it on Android/Galaxy 4 and have to wait sometimes 12 hours before it shows up there. Usually end up just downloading it. I’m in the US, don’t know if that makes a difference.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Mellisa

      Forget Stitcher and get BeyondPod on Android…it shows up instantly there (this pod is already up). Their search is also good and there’s also artwork. No issues with delay either and I’m in Hong Kong.

      Go Raps.

      • Mellisa

        Since I’m already posting, great job on the site guys and girls. Been reading it every day for years. Thank you.

        • DDayLewis

          Thank you for reading. We sincerely appreciate your clicks.

    • Icarus Descending

      Love the keep or lose game, maybe we’ll see it again in some later podcasts. This summer could be very interesting.

  • Bryan Colangelo

    Note on Lewieke not getting Phil Jackson — Dolan made Phil Jackson a ridiculous, stupid offer that he couldn’t refuse. $12M/yr to be Team President and he only has to be in New York twice a month. That’s the cushiest job ever.

    I don’t think that’s evidence that Lewieke can’t draw a big name.

  • kkb003

    think we just need a better coach man. also the players just need to gain more experience because let’s face it, basketball IQ an experience , calm and maturity really makes a difference here. also agree we shoulda stuck to our own game plan and have confidence in our own game. It was how we became No.3 seed !

  • Johne5

    I appreciate and enjoy all of the hard work that you are doing on these podcasts. I have been reading the articles and listening to the podcasts for years. However, the sky is not falling on Dwayne Casey…

    We lost by 1 point!!! 3 of the Raptors starters are 24 or under (2 of them are sophmores). The other 2 are 28. Think about when you first started doing your regular jobs and podcasts. It takes years to hone your craft.

    Dwill 29, Shaun L 28, JJ 32, Paul Pierce 36, KG 37. They know all defensive plays and all positioning requirements. Jason Kidd gets credit for being an amazing coach of team filled with perennial all-stars who barely need coaching. Unless you are a team filled with Lebrons, It takes years to learn the NBA game.

    Experience playing in the NBA Playoffs was not the real issue. Experience playing in the NBA was.

    This was a learning year for all of them. Casey was not a total incompetent. He did great with what he had to work with. Most importantly, JV and TRoss were thrown into the deep end of the pool. Another coach likely would have glued their butts to the bench. Casey helped grow the self-esteem of almost all of his team members. With such a young team, Casey likely did as good as he could. This team did amazing. This team will only get better because of how he managed the youth.

    In some ways this is the best result they could have possibly hoped for. They went 7 and came within 1 point of a first round victory against the highest paid team in NBA history.

    If they won, they could have faced a devastating short series against the Heat. The Raptors now all go home hungry, proud of what they accomplished … wanting more.

    Next year the Nets will be one year closer to retirement and the Raptors will be one year closer to perennial contenders.

    If Casey and Lowry stay, next year will be even more fun and amazing than what they gave us.

    Go Raptors!!!

  • Ian MacKinnon

    Tell me does anyone else not want this kid: I agree with the people who think Terrence Ross should be moved, lets see if we can move up the draft and potentially use Terrence Ross as bait in order to do so, so we can grab this kid. Aaron Gordon is exactly what we need at the 3/4.

    This guy can guard the perimeter, he is 6″8 with a 6″11 reach, and he can be used to handle the big SF’s of the league that have been throwing our defence for a loop all season. Not just Joe Johnson, but Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Luol Deng, Nicolas Batum, James Harden etc., even up and comers like Harrison Barnes or Kawhi Leonard. This guy could be our answer. That and if you look at his skills, he has a great handle, tons of shake and a high basketball IQ, he would be like the Bizarro Landry Fields, doing every thing that Landry Fields can do, but only so much better.

    AND this dude is young, he can contribute already, and he has plenty of time to further develop his shot that doesn’t look hopeless – he’s got a hitch, but he also has tons of potential. Maybe. Either way, it wouldn’t be essential to his value.

    Upside = Josh Smith with higher basketball IQ.

    Would you give up Terrence Ross for that? I would.

    Case rested.

  • K.J.P

    +1 for Keep or lose. Should do this half-way through next year too. Thanks for a good year everyone on RR.

  • RK

    Got the feeling that if Casey stays Lowry will stay, also fields will be traded away as Casey did not play him even in the most important game of the season, he played JV and Ross over fields to build a winning culture for the future. Losing the series with JV and Ross is better than winning with fields playing heavy mins. if Casey stays, those five guys who were out there at the end will come back next year.

  • Stef 511

    This was good. Worth the time to keep going back until I heard it all.

    I’m a ridiculous homer during the season but less so in the summer (which starts today, sad as that is) .. so … while I love all the good things about DeMar and his (yes, ever-improving) shooting prowess as well as the couple other things about his game that he works on (like, regular season dishing that he didn’t do enough of during the playoffs), I wonder .. can DeMar get *smarter* and learn to handle the ball at least reasonably well so that he doesn’t get himself trapped in stupid ways as he seems to routinely do? Don’t really know. Can we win a championship with DeMar? Tough question. Tough answer: no, not if he’s the second best player on the team. [PS: Can’t believe how much I love that Bosh idea Steve had. That’d be SO awesome. If only it was anywhere near feasible.]

    I also don’t know if we can win a championship with Lowry if he’s our best player. Luv-luv-LOVE Lowry — how can any Raptors fan not, I know — but .. at 6 ft, can we win a championship with Lowry? I mostly go with ‘yes’ but .. only if he’s our second or (preferably) third best player. We saw yesterday — and at other moments against the Nets — how much ‘6 ft’ can limit a main guy in a crunch in this league. Definitely a keeper but we just as definitely need more talent around him.

    Casey. Huge respect and I sincerely believe that with any other coach that we’ve ever had here, we don’t even make the playoffs. But .. all the questions asked and points made about Casey’s possible deficiencies don’t escape me, either. Can he grow to the point where he can lead a team anything like what, say, Pops leads his team? (And scoff, sure, but why *not* compare with the best?) Not sure .. but I actually like to think, that yes, maybe he can get there. He’s intelligent (though maybe not savvy enough as yet) and what he did with this team to get them to do what they did is very hard to measure. But I’d keep him. Especially if George Karl (somebody seriously said ‘George Karl’? Come. On. Anyway, Masai would never do that) is the alternative. I can’t think of too many — except Pops, maybe Thibs — who I’d rather have at this moment in time. But I agree with getting him a new offensive assistant or two, for sure.

    TRoss is the biggest of the interesting questions, to me. On the one hand, he’s got talent that oozes to the ridiculous-good. On the other hand, I’m not sure if it’s his bashfulness (?) or just his youth that makes him so reticent at times to use that crazy talent. Kind of frustrates me to where one day I’m thinking we should never, EVER trade this guy, (who knows how good he’ll actually get to be?), all the way to thinking we should see what we could get for him in a package, right now. I’d love to see him angry, like really pissed-and crazed-with-ego so he could get a glimpse of his own self of how good he could actually be. But it’s hard to know if he has that kind of passion or competitiveness in him. If so, he could be so good he’d be dangerous. (But that passion-thing is a main part of the ‘big question’ about TRoss, I think.)

    Also .. Drake’s influence (? if that word can be used here) isn’t what Rap-brass would like people to believe (obviously) but .. I don’t think it’s worth absolutely nothing. (Everything little thing, ya know?) I don’t know if I’m the only Raps-crazed fan who went way out of his wheelhouse (like I did) to make a point of getting his last album (once he became Raptors-related) but .. I’ve actually gotten to know it some and as a part of yesterday’s extra-special ritual (to, you know, make sure that if they didn’t win, it wasn’t gonna be *my* fault), I had it on the headphones before fully waking up, 1 through 15, and then again on the speakers (not too loud) while making breakfast. (To the light annoyance of the missus.) (Though she did almost laugh when I was singing one of the lines he repeats that cracks me up, ‘niggas talk more than bitches these days’.. . A middle aged white guy should not be singing that, I know. Which is probably what cracks me up about it.) Anyway, Drake’s ok, far as I’m concerned. He wears the Raps-love on his sleeve, which is alright by me. And doesn’t hurt a thing, maybe even helps, who knows?

    Leiweke not being able to get Phil Jackson as a coach means nothing, imo. The energy it takes to coach a team is far more than what it takes to GM a team, partially from L.A. at that, after all. I would figure, anyway.

    Keep or lose:

    Jonas? Keep. No question, big part of the future.

    DeMar? tough one but .. Lose (I’m very conflicted though; I’ll change my mind more than once on this, I’m sure).

    Lowry? Keep. Of course.

    TRoss? Keep. If he blossoms and grows (physically / mentally), we’ll have an exciting player. But I’d love to hear that a good coach / mentor type was planning to spend serious time with him, this summer. Some tough love wouldn’t hurt.

    Amir? Keep for bench.

    This podcast was way better than most stuff like this anywhere. And nothing ‘Raptors’ comes even close that I’ve heard or seen. Cheers.

  • afrocarter

    For what it’s worth, I appreciate how depressed Zarar sounds in this podcast. It mirrored my sentiments exactly.

  • ItsAboutFun

    Lose DeMar????? Seriously? Do you guys seriously think that DeMar isn’t a huge part of the culture that’s been built on this team, and that it would be a much bigger loss than Xs and Os and stats??? Shipping out DeMar would destroy the culture and chemistry that has been built. smh at such foolishness. Do you think Lowry signs without assurances that his co-leader stays? Seriously?