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Is Tristan Thompson a good fit just because he’s Canadian? (the answer is no) | Who works with JV? | Offseason laundry list | Patterson is…listening to MJ and vining…

Top 5 Issues the Toronto Raptors Need to Address During the Offseason | Bleacher Report

This summer, Thabo Sefolosha is poised to become a free agent and he is just what Toronto needs. He has earned a spot in Oklahoma City’s starting five due to his defense. Oklahoma City would prefer to keep Sefolosha, but even before they offer him a contract, they will be sitting at $67 million in salaries. Because Oklahoma City has historically refused to go into the luxury tax, Sefolosha may prove to be too pricey to retain.

What type of PF works well with Jonas Valanciunas? | RealGM

I always thought that Millsap would be an awesome fit next to JV since he got drafted. Millsap is a great rebounder, good defender with quick hands, has range from outside of the key & can take offensive pressure off JV. However Millsap is also very good off ball, and that would let JV still reach his potential while having an all-star level PF next to him.


Cleveland’s Tristan Thompson is on the block – so let’s bring him home | Raptors Rapture

Of course, I could do it for them. How about Steve Novak and our 2016 pick (whichever is better from our pick or the one we got from the Knicks in the Bargnani deal)? The Cavs get a proven stretch-four, which they don’t have currently (Spencer Hawes is a free agent who may not return, and he should be their centre anyway) and a decent or better first-round draft pick. We get a young PF who can rebound our numerous misses (the Raps take a lot of 3s), create his own shot in the low post, and has played every game in the last 2 seasons. I love those guys who don’t get hurt, particularly when they play under the basket.

Should The Toronto Raptors Pursue Tristan Thompson? | Pro Bball Report

The bigger issue for the Raptors is the style of play Head Coach Dwane Casey likes to play. Almost immediately upon his arrival Patrick Patterson was taking minutes from Hansbrough. Patterson has range past the three-point line, provided better rim protection and could cover multiple positions on the floor because he can play away from the basket at either end of the court. At this point in his career, Thompson is not going to be taking minutes away from Patterson and Patterson is expected to be backing up Amir Johnson next season.

First rebuild, then contend, finally win – but where are we? | Raptors Rapture

Let’s consider the season just passed. What kind of odds could you have gotten had you walked into a Vegas betting establishment on December 7,when the Raps were foundering at 6-12, and wagered on them finishing 48-34? I don’t know, but I suspect you’d have a lot more money than you do currently. Even a bitterly disappointing playoff defeat shouldn’t take the shine off a great turnaround. But what does that mean for next season? Here’s my point: sooner or later, you’ve got to go all in, if you’re going to win the big prize. I think the Raps are for real, but we can’t expect some sort of algorithmic, predictable improvement. Next year, we make the Eastern Conference finals, the year after that, the Championship…no. The future can arrive with astonishing speed, and it can also leave the metaphorical station without us at the same rate (as Simmons’ piece so graphically illustrates).

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