• iHeartLowry

    For some reason, the videos/gifs in these putbacks never work… 🙁

    • Sam

      This one is actually just an image

      • iHeartLowry

        Ah, okay, it’s tagged as ‘Video’ on the home page, so I thought it was one

  • Guest

    Shouldnt Amir be getting ankle surgery as early as possible in the summer?

  • webfeatmm

    Amir “The Wall” Johnson.

  • C-low

    Feel like Amir shouldn’t be playing ball on those ankles already lol..

  • Ted

    Why is he playing? Shouldn’t he be resting so he isn’t injured 10 games into next season

  • Sewerfly

    Get off those ankles!!!!! Dude should be in a wheel chair for three more weeks!

  • Take it in

    Cause he is a baller