NBA 2014 Pre-Draft Workouts – 10 Prospects We Hope the Raptors Bring In For a Look | Raptors HQ

10) Lamar Patterson: Aaaah, my second-round sleeper. Patterson isn’t even on most mock drafts but I think he’s going to find a role in the league. He’s simply got one of the sweetest shooting strokes in the country and had a very productive season at PITT last year. If the Raptors don’t grab him in the second-round, I’m hoping he shows up on the club’s Summer League roster.

2014 NBA draft team needs: Toronto Raptors | USA Today

2. Small forward: The Raptors will have to make a decision on 2012 first-rounder Terrence Ross after next season, but his production as a first-time starter was not ideal. Wichita State’s Cleanthony Early would be a nice contrast to Ross as a backup who also could push him for the starting job.

Rumor: Miami to go after kyle Lowry in FA | RealGM

Just watching the hangout and Augustine just said rumour has it that Miami will go after Lowry. Any chance he bolts to join lbj?

DeMar DeRozan Made Shaqtin A Fool | RealGM

Not sure if it was posted here but on Shaqtin A Fool Finale they asked DeRozan if he could sing the Canadian Anthem and ……:

Amir Johnson Terrence Ross for draft picks | RealGM

It’s hard to say what value they have as a combined trade asset. Do the Raptor take back a bad contract as well? You’d have to get a lottery pick to make it worthwhile. I’m guessing you start with Sacramento at 8 or Charlotte at 9, maybe one of them bites. Maybe Denver at 11 would have some interest. Minnesota at 13 and Phoenix at 14 make some sense. Would Boston consider trading Wallace + 6th pick for Amir + Ross + 20th pick + NY 2016 1st rounder pick? Probably not.

Playing Keep or Sell with Toronto Raptors Free Agents | Bleacher Report

It is pretty clear that Masai Ujiri wants to keep the current team intact as best as he can. When asked about keeping the nucleus together on the radio show, Sportsnet 590 The Fan, he stated: “We have to use our instincts now to grow our roster and add pieces that are somehow not going to stop other guys from progressing. Players progress with playing time, with experience. We have to get them to keep growing. I think staying together and consistency are very important for our program now.” I personally like this strategy, except it’s not going to be an easy task with the lack of salary cap space.

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3 Responses to “Morning Coffee – Mon, Jun 16”

  1. Bo4

    Adam Williams, on the Bleacher Report, was right on. Keep Kyle, Patrick, Greivis & Nando. Draft as best you can. Win a playoff series this coming season, for the experience of it … Wait until Chuck & Landry come off the books next year to somehow get a big, fast ‘D & 3s’ SF who deserves to start on a good team.

  2. Stef 511

    So .. clicked the link wondering if there’d be a podcast about the finals (with maybe Arse and Timmy W – ya, dreaming big, haha) but no. And I won’t hold my breath; this *is* a Raptors site after all and .. I get it. But .. with the Spurs hammering the crap out of the mighty Heat, slicing and dicing them RIGHT up, in such expert fashion, what are the affects of what we saw over these five games that we’ll see throughout the league, next season? Gotta be something.

    LeBron said after the game that he’s not even thinking about whether or not he’s staying in Miami. Of course, we all know that’s gotta be bullshit. I’d wager he was thinking about it after game 3, seeing how badly his own coach was getting schooled by Gregg Popovich. I’m thinking LeBron has been playing these last few games with a serious case of coach-envy. (Like, how could he not?)

    And is Carmelo Anthony joining up with them (if he had a mind to) going to change Miami’s immediate destiny? I’d find it hard to believe that LeBron thinks that would work out so very well. Because .. mainly, there just isn’t enough ball to go around in Miami, that I can see. (Now, LeBron going to NY to join up with Carmelo .. that I could see, what, with the zen-master and his magic triangles waiting there … ya, I could see that happening before I could see LeBron staying with Eric Spoelstra for another year, with or without Carmelo. But who knows? As amazing a basketball player as LeBron is, I’m not *as* convinced that he’s as .. high on the IQ scale as I once thought. (I don’t mean to offend LeBron or his legions of fans — and my hand is up — but when I saw him telling his team before game one that “every game is game seven” .. something curdled a bit inside of me. Because .. every game is most definitely NOT a game seven: each game in a seven game series has its own dynamics that are nothing like a game seven (1 through 6, at least) … and for the team to have that not-logical thought said by their leader and then ringing in their ears to start the series would have to be — in my over-thinking brain — unconsciously confusing. Ya know? Anyway, the main thought I had at that moment was that it probably wasn’t something that Pop would say or even allow to be said. Words have power and ya gotta be careful what you say in those important moments. As I think, anyway.)

    Annnd (re Carmelo possibly going to the Heat) .. didn’t we all just get a lesson in basic basketball fundamentals reminding many of us (I’m sure) of that great old movie, Hoosiers (“pass the ball at least four times before shooting!”), that we’re certain to see the effects of next year in the NBA? (Dwane? You watched this Spurs team closely, right? Bet you did .. in fact, I’d wager Dwane has been watching the Spurs *very* closely for a long time.)

    The dust is still settling and I probably need to edit this way down but I can’t right now so I’ll post it in ‘Coffee’ and say cheers to the Spurs and .. Go Raps. Another season is done. (But I’d still love to hear from the two smartest guys around here – imo – on their thoughts on the Spurs, Heat and whatnot. Cheers.)

    • Bo4

      With every opponent going into a Heat contest determined to pass it around the entire game, Wade & Allen’s age will definitely show. Bosh isn’t up to the task, really, either. James is probably dreaming about playing with Carmelo, but won’t fair much better there, cause the rest of the Knicks are not much better than his Heat teammates! Wouldn’t it be great to watch two pass-happy teams in next year’s finals: Raptors vs Spurs?!!!!!!!!! (I know that I’m dreaming, but still …


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