Aw, Bruno. How could we have ever doubted you.

Early word is that this kid is extremely driven and very grateful for his chance, which, at the very least, is what you need to hear from your first round draft pick. If he fails, it certainly won’t be because of his attitude.

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  • Diu

    I sure hope our GM saw something in him that we didnt see

    • RaptorsInThisBitch

      U didn’t see anything…

      • Tweed242

        Literally Laugh out loud.

  • RPT23

    I have faith that BCab is going to be a stud for our team. Although I keep hearing things that he’s 6’9″ SF, or 6’11” PF, which is it? Blah. Looks extremely raw but I hope Masai did his absolute homework on this kid.

    • CashGameND

      I think he should be called Bruno Mars. Cause the way everyone is talking he might as well be from Mars we know so little lol

      • RPT23

        Lol. True, this pick came out of nowhere! No one saw this coming. This kind of reminds me of the Bargnani pick of ’06. I just hope that the results are much more different.

        • Brian Gerstein

          No comparison to Bargnani. Going into that draft with our connections to Andrea with Mauricio, we knew that he was a very possible #1 pick for us, and on all mocks, I don’t think he was lower than #5 in a weak draft. This one it was off the charts period, there was no buzz about him being taken by us at #20, none. No discussion even for the second round to take him either.

      • Vagner Monteiro

        I agree, cause i’m from Brazil and i don’t know too much about him! HSUAHSUAH
        Everytime i watched his games he was just sitting on the bench HSUAHSUAHUSHAUSHA

  • Dr. Scooby

    King Caboclo! yeah

  • Alex F

    Should have waited until the 59th pick to draft him. Nobody was going to draft him! I am do mad at Masai Uriji right now!

    • CharlieHustle

      You actually have no clue that nobody was gonna draft him. Don’t be mad at Masai. Be mad at yourself for doubting.

    • RPT23

      How do you “Nobody was going to draft him!”? Where are your sources? I certainly didn’t hear that. I read somewhere in the twittersphere that OKC was rumored to be picking him. Point is nothing outside of the lottery is known. Masai obviously knows something we don’t.

    • StrikerAI

      You don’t know that. Obviously teams had interest in him if Masai wanted to make sure we got him. Just because you and a lot of others never heard of him doesn’t mean NBA scouts didn’t scout him.

    • RileyJCruz

      spurs had their eyes on this kid. They would surely of picked him at number 30.

    • Mat Arseneau

      Most popular rumour is that the Spurs were going to take him at 30 and once Ennis went to PHX at 18, the Raptors didn’t like anyone who was left better than the high ceiling of Caboclo. Personally I would have taken Cleanthony Early at 20 but there’s probably a reason that I’m not an NBA Executive.

  • Derp

    Can’t be pissed at this if you haven’t actually seen him play. Just have to have faith. This should have been said for the Araujo pick too, really..

  • dave9t5

    Considering that his account’s first ever activity was an hour after he was drafted and that this kid speaks no English and that the second ever tweet congratulates his agent, I’m going to speculate that this tweet is by his agent.

    • Runkulys

      I wouldn’t be so sure, look who he’s following: Deandre Daniels, DD, JV and a guy named Ross (@RS_Ross22). I bet, his agent would manage to find the real T-Ross (@T_DotFlight31 – with verified account icon)… :d

      • dave9t5

        …another sign that the Twitter account was hastily thrown together by his agent.

  • Josh

    *honoured … He’ll learn lol.

    • RPT23

      Well done!

  • RPD3

    I see the pick as saving salary cap as there is a good chance Bruno stays in Brazil and develops and the raptor don’t have to use up a rookie contract

    • RPT23

      I’m no Cap expert, but this does make some sense.

  • RPT23

    F it! I’m officially jumping on the Bruno Bandwagon. At least I’ll have the seats all to myself.

  • StrikerAI

    Here’s hoping he does turn out to be the Brazilian Kevin Durant.

  • RPT23

    Sweet! He’s going to be at training camp!

  • Louvens Remy

    Thank god he tweeted. Was beginning to think he didn’t exist.

  • Louvens Remy

    Please let’s not call him Bcob. We can do better than that.