Brian Windhorst, speaking on ESPN has once again reignited the Kyle Lowry to Miami rumours, this time in a sign-and-trade context:

The Heat should be able to open up somewhere in the neighbourhood of $7-8M of salary cap space so they can chase free-agents. Most likely their #1 choice will be Kyle Lowry, the unrestricted free agent of the Toronto Raptors.

When asked why Lowry would take less money since he hasn’t had his payday in the NBA yet, Windhorst responded:

Maybe the Heat could trade Norris Cole and open up an extra $2M (for Kyle Lowry)

From the article linked, Windhorst is explicitly saying that the Heat

The team is known to be interested in Toronto Raptors free agent point guard Kyle Lowry.

This report comes on the heels of Masai Ujiri publicly stating that the Raptors will be going “full force” after Kyle Lowry.   Since the last time Windhorst spoke of this rumour, the Heat acquired Shabazz Napier on draft night through trade with the Charlotte Hornets, which you would think would ease the Lowry speculation.

Whatever the case, with LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and Udonis Haslem opting out of their contracts, the Heat have an NBA-record $55 million available in cap space to play with, and Lowry could quite easily be their primary target.   As an FYI, a similar rumour (actually, a more brazen one) was circulated by Ric Bucher before apologizing.

The Raptors tried to get some insurance on draft night through Tyler Ennis but were unable to do so.  Keep in mind, though, that the Suns still have two point guards on their roster in Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic, so the final shoe may yet be dropped.

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35 Responses to “ESPN: “Most likely Heat’s #1 choice will be Kyle Lowry””

  1. Grilndan

    That would officially make the Raptors the Miami Heat’s Developmental League team.

  2. GoingBig

    The Heat have not given up on LeBron – so all that $55MM money is not there

    If LeBron rejoins at $20MM then Wade & Bosh will have to take drastic pay-cuts in order to have an actual team around LeBron. If they don’t, then there’s not enough money for any supporting cast or a big expensive piece like Lowry. And LeBron leaves because there’s no team that LeBron can buy into.

    For rings Lowry needs James to be there, otherwise he’s going to a rebuilding/dying franchise. And if Lowry sacrifices a good pay-out and LeBron is in it for only one year, Lowry risks a 4 year deal with a lousy pay-cheque on a lousy team

    Several steps and Big Decisions away for the deal to be done.

    James(3 year) + Wade/Bosh no pay-cuts + other tiny pieces = Lowry likely stays a Raptor(Miami can only offer a crap contract and will not be good enough for a ring)

    James(3 year) + Wade/Bosh drastic pay-cuts + other pieces = Lowry is likely gone with an OK cheque & Finals appearance

    James(1 year) + Wade/Bosh drastic pay-cuts + other pieces = Lowry might go but needs a excellent cheque for 4 years on a rebuilding team(after James leaves)

    James Leaves = Lowry is gone only if the Heat drastically overpays for him AND Lowry wants to disappear from relevance.

  3. leftovercrack

    I hope Ric Bucher turns out to be right, at least we’d get something in return for Lowry

  4. Moewrawn

    I’m honestly so tired of hearing this bull cr*p and everyone over reacting to it. Personally I think Lowry is staying. Nothing in Lowry’s tenure has struck me as him wanting to ride Miami’s coat tails to a championship. Do we really think he wants to go from being “the man” to being a third or fourth option? Either way, I don’t care what Windhorst has to say, we’ll see in a few days.

    • kameko

      even lebron couldn’t do it this year, how the fuck would kyle do it as ‘the man’ of a team? lowry has also stated that he didn’t really give a shit about having a 1st round exit in the playoffs and wants to play for championships.

      • CJT

        That is not entirely accurate. He said that he was proud of the team for getting there, but going forward he wants to play for rings like every player in the league.

  5. johng_3

    I honestly want to slap that fat boy Brian Windhorst in the face for making up crap. Why would Lowry go to Miami for 7-8 million. I don’t think he wants to be the fourth wheel to James-Wade-Bosh on a championship team that would still have a terrible bench. Plus he is still in his prime and wants a big payday.

    • GoingBig

      Just noticed “$7-8M of salary cap space so they can chase free-agents” Free Agents PLURAL???
      smdh – Free agents ain’t free !

  6. De Colo

    All this is is the media knows the Heat need a PG, Lowry is the best PG on the market, so in turn, the media just assumes that Lowry is going to the Heat, but that’s not how it works.

  7. asifyouknow

    Bosh and wade opted out a few hours ago ..Trying to get 10 mill for Kyle

    • StrikerAI

      Lebron reportedly wants a max contract from the Heat as well, so I don’t see this working out well for Miami.

    • CJT

      see above, but the Heat don’t have the $ until Bosh, Wade and LeBron either sign with them or a new team. The money is considered spent until that happens

  8. keith

    This is a joke. Sure, the raptors will just lay down and accept a sign and trade for their best player so in return they can get Norris Cole.

    Hey Windhorst, not everyone wants Heat rejects so they can sign all the best players. Get off it.

    And even if Lowry spurns us, Masai will want money to go get a starting PG. Not take back a player that eats up 2 mill to play backup. And how does a sign and trade work with one player getting 10 million and the other only 2 million. What, raptors going to take a sign and trade back for another Heat bench player.

    With that said, if we trade Lowry for anything it better be a future top pick or some better players than Cole. That would suck so bad!

  9. Jensan

    The heat require a centre and Small Forward who can replace Battier( Marvin Williams) plus they will have -a 2.5 million dollar exemption for a Jodie Meeks or a C J Miles .
    Wade will sign a 4/52 million starting at 12 million. Bosh will take a 5/75 starting at 14, le Bron takes 5/100 starting at 18 million with an opt out after three years. Haslem will be paid 3/8 million starting at 2.5.

    These four players total 46.5 plus 3 million more Cole and Napier, makes 49.5 plus 3 million in cap holds(6 players). Leaves approx. 11 for new signings. Sign Gasol 3/ 17 million and Marvin Williams for the same amount. Add Jodie Meeks for 2.5 million, do to removal cap holds, leaves 2.5 million offer that to Jordan Hill for mini exemption.

    Resign Ray for $3.5 million , Ennis for 800,000, Chris Anderson for 4 million leaving . This leaves the heat for 2014/15 under the luxury tax, so no triple penalties.

    • GoingBig

      It all sounds doable and reasonable (after Wade/Bosh make that sacrifice) – but I don’t see a better team than this year.
      When LeBron looks down the sidelines, does he have a team that’s just him and some guys?

  10. some random guy

    So Lowry signs with the Heat in “hope” that Lebron and Bosh actually come back, if they don’t he is on a worse team, with potentially a worse contract.

    • CJT

      Didn’t I read that they can’t sign anyone until the big 3’s contracts are finalized either with the heat or another team? So the Heat can’t sign anyone until one of them leaves and signs a contract with another team or signs with the Heat for less money freeing up $

  11. Alex Vostrikov

    8 mil with Miami, is actually more than 11 with Toronto… state tax is a big deal… and we have them high in Ontario.
    oh well, bye bye lowry.

    • WhiteVegas

      Not even close to true. NBA players pay taxes wherever each game is played. State tax is not that big of a deal, especially when you’re not even playing in your teams state half the time.

  12. Hstrip

    This would officially make me stop watching the NBA. I’d be done. Too many heartbreaks.

  13. ckh26

    If it wasn’t Miami in the rumor mill it would be LA. Got to fill space up in the world of journalism.

    • ezz_bee

      Also this, journalists talk jive all the time. And even if Lowry is option #1 for the Heat, it doesn’t mean that the Heat is option #1 for Lowry.

  14. ezz_bee

    I’m really surprised at the number of people who would be upset, or heartbroken if Lowry leaves. We knew he was going to be an unrestricted free agent. We also knew as the season went on, that the better he played the more interest he would get around the league.

    I still think he’s more likely to sign here than anywhere else, and I’m happy with resigning him, but if he does sign elsewhere it’s not the end of the world for the raps.

    Yes we’ll probably take a step back this year (although we still might make the playoffs) but we’ve still got a lot of young pieces and were probably two to three seasons away from being the best team with this core, as JV and Ross (and a lesser degree Demar) grow as players, and Lowry will be near the end of his peak, just starting his decline.

    The NBA is a business, Lowry gave us a great season and doesn’t owe us anything. We tried to trade him to the wasteland that is the NYK mid-season remember? (although with Lowry, they make the playoffs, but not the ECF, imo) If he wants to go somewhere else for more money, or better odds at a championship, do what you gotta do.

    If you take the long view and look at making the finals, KL walking away this summer probably doesn’t change our odds that much.

  15. OakTree

    I don’t buy this at all.

    Take a look at the Spurs as the model franchise this year. They didn’t play anyone more than 30 minutes per game. They give guys nights off. That’s what they’re doing that’s so special.

    The end result is better movement on offense, and better intensity on defense. That’s what happens when everyone’s got fresh legs. Personally I think it’s great for the NBA that they’re having so much success with this style of play.

    The Heat got killed in the finals because they had no depth. That’s the issue they need to address, not getting one high end point guard.

    LeBron played with no defensive intensity this year, because he plays too many minutes. LBJ should be a game changer on defense, and he’ll have to be if they want another title.

    They’d be much better off signing multiple role players than one star player, and I think the Heat know that. It makes for less appealing headlines, but I expect this to be the path the Heat choose.

    • thinkb4posting

      Its still an NBA team, hence many players want to play here. Ignorant comments


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