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He scored more than Deron Williams. He shot as accurately as Damian Lillard. He averaged more assists and fewer turnovers than Kyrie Irving. His 3.02 assist-to-turnover ratio was even better than the likes of noted assist gurus Rajon Rondo (2.97), Steve Nash (2.77), and Ty Lawson (2.72). He grabbed more boards than every NBA point guard not named Michael Carter-Williams. He stole the ball just as many times per game as Mike Conley, the previous year’s leader in total steals and All-Defensive honoree (second team). On the more advanced metric side, he was 8th in the entire league in offensive win shares (8.4), 8th in total win shares (11.7), and 10th in win shares per 48 minutes (.197). He was 10th on our NBA Player Rankings with a nERD score of 10.7.

Raptors took Bruno Caboclo on wingspan and a prayer | Toronto Star

“Length gives you a chance,” Raptors coach Dwane Casey says. “In a lot of ways.” With that in mind, the chance of unheralded Toronto draft pick Bruno Caboclo making a quicker transition from unknown Brazilian teenager to NBA player may be accelerated simply because of the makeup of his body. At six-foot-eight, he’s about average height for an NBA player, so there’s nothing really special about that. But he also has a wingspan that measures about seven-foot-six from fingertip to fingertip, and that is among his most intriguing characteristics. Length can make up for any number of skills that need to be developed and fine-tuned. Long players deflect more passes, protect the rim better, are more able to get off shots that cannot easily be blocked . . . it can be a huge benefit. “With guys who are challenged developing lateral quickness or physical strength length helps, especially defensively,” said Casey. “Bruno will eventually add to our defensive length.”

Bruno Caboclo’s progress – how to turn him from prospect to Raptor – Raptors Rapture

“How are you gonna keep ‘em down on the farm/after they’ve seen Par-ee?” popular post-Great War song, c.1919 – If we want Bruno to bust his hump, the best way is to show him the NBA’s excitement, then give him a few months of long bus rides to places like Bakersfield, CA, Tulsa OK, and Reno NV. Once he’s seen how the other half lives (travel on chartered jets; stay at the best hotels in the hottest cities), then had it taken away, he’s going to do everything he can to return.

Minor Raptors moves as waiting continues and what’s the best free agent ending? | Toronto Star

While I was trying to hammer out this item , the HOTH cut ties with Julyan Stone, lost Nando DeColo to Russia and finalized the IT’S ONLY SUMMER LEAGUE roster. Tiny moves and necessary ones but it underscores that there is still plenty of work for Masai to do before we can determine whether this free agency period has been a success.

Raptors Newest Rookie Prospect Lucas Nogueira | Pro Bball Report

Nicknamed Bebe, Nogueira is from Sao Goncalo, Brazil and has been playing for Asefa Estudiantes in Spain. He joined the Junior team in 2009 before moving up to play in the Spanish ACB league in 2011-12. Typical of how European teams develop young players, Nogueira had to fight for minutes and he only averaged 13.6 minutes and 16.6 minutes over the past two seasons respectively. He did, however, make an impact by blocking shots and finishing at a very high percentage around the rim. Last season he shot over 70 percent from the field and his 1.6 blocks translates to almost 4 blocks per 40 minutes. His ability to be effective in the paint was on full display with the Hawks at the 2013 NBA Summer League where he averaged 6.4 points on 62.5 percent shooting, 6 rebounds, 1.2 steals and 2.4 blocks in 21.8 minutes.

Raptors Free Agency Thoughts

Patrick Patterson another former Rocket found a nice role with the Raptors as their stretch four shooting 41% from 3 point land in 47 games with them. In todays NBA big men that can shoot are a premium especially ones with his athleticism. This contract is interesting because at 3 years and $18 million initally your like wow $6 million a year for a backup power forward but when you think about it down the line this will be a nice trade asset Masai Ujiri can use as part of a trade to land a bigger fish if the opportunity presents itself. In a season and a half this contract may be a hot commodity as Patterson will be a coveted expiring contract along with the fact that he can shoot from three and give teams size inside. I initially thought it was a little much but he’s a guy the Raptors are going to need to help space the floor, provide depth and an asset to use down the road in a trade.

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  • Lucas

    Doug Smith… what a tool. If Colangelo was still in charge, Doug would be on his nuts like shit on velcro over this offseason. He’d be praising BC for managing to re-sign our highly coveted marquee free-agent, while also reminding everyone of BC’s brilliance in even getting Lowry here in the first place. And he’d probably add some praise for keeping the core of the team together, because that’s what wins in this league.

    These must be dark days for Dougie: lost his contacts when the new regime came in, put his money (or at least his words) on the new regime being no better (if not worse), only to see the new regime thrive time and time again (and win the adoration of the fans, in the process).

    • waaaaaaaaaaaaaah

      lol, another from the Doug Smith hate-child RR chorus. No comment about what he’s saying now, but the mere mention of his name and the usual “he’d say…” / “he’d probably…..”. Funny thing is all these Dougie hate rants likely have the opposite effect of the posters’ desire. He gets more attention, lol. Some peoples’ children.

      • Lucas

        Have you ever heard the expression, “where there is smoke, there is fire?” He gets a ton of criticism because of his fence-sitting and his excessive pro-establishment view (before the regime change). And now that the regime has changed to one that is successful, he has switched to anti-establishment because he no longer has the same contacts within the organization.

        Also, I understand why you’d think I’d want him to get less attention, but I couldn’t care less. The man is a skilled writer and I’m sure he has worked hard to get the job he has. I’m not trying to cost him his job, only voicing my opinion about the content and relevance of his writing.

        • jjdynomite

          I agree with you on everything, Lucas, except the “skilled writer” part. To wit:

          “While I was trying to hammer out this item, the HOTH cut ties with Julyan Stone, lost Nando DeColo to Russia and finalized the IT’S ONLY SUMMER LEAGUE roster.”

          What the fuck is “HOTH”, the ice planet? Oh yeah, his retarded little acronym for “Head of the Household”. I think. And DeColo is a “loss” considering he’d get like 2 mpg with Lou Williams now on board, and Stone would get 0 mpg. And the summer league roster is “IT’S ONLY” in his own damn mind as Caboclo and Nogueira are new to the fold and have never worn a Raptors uni in a game situation. Maybe there aren’t any good microbrews in Vegas so he’s grumpy.

          Without even clicking through or reading the source I knew the douchebag who wrote those two clips posted above. Man is he terrible; even post-adolescents like WillLou write with far more pizzazz and far less contempt of his readership.

          P.S. Sam, sweet hero shot of Moon dunking on a very young Lou Williams during his early years in Philly.

          • john

            HOTH = Heroes of the Hardwood 🙂

      • 2damkule

        doug is pretty much the worst. he’s like a slightly smarter steve simmons, but carries himself like he’s the insider’s insider.

      • JustMe

        Best Doug Smith report I heard was around February or March on the Bob McCowan show when he said Lowry was an average point guard. I lost whatever respect for him I had at that point.

    • Nilanka15

      I still remember listening to Smitty’s praise of the Turkoglu deal.

      • 2damkule

        UNIQUELY SKILLED! you just don’t give up on that!

    • webfeat

      “None of their current frontcourt players — Jonas Valanciunas, Amir
      Johnson, Patrick Patterson, Tyler Hansbrough or Chuck Hayes — have
      particularly abnormal wingspans.”

      JV: 6’11”, 7’4″ wingspan
      Amir: 6’9″, 6’11.5 wingspan
      2Pat: 6’9″, 7’1.25″ wingspan
      TH: 6’9″, 6’11.5″ wingspan
      Chuck: 6’6″, 6’10” wingspan
      I’d argue that JV is pretty long.

      • Heyjoe

        Bebe’s even longer. 9’6″ standing reach, he barely has to jump to dunk.

      • 2damkule

        those are pretty normal, in terms of wingspan. i can’t remember the exact figure, but normal wingspan – on average – is somewhere around 104-105% of height. so, JV’s got a bit bigger wingspan than normal, but amir is right around normal.

  • Microaggressive

    When in doubt, select the freak of nature.

  • asifyouknow

    Greivis VasquezVerified account‏@greivisvasquez 3h

    Good morning! Thank you God for another day to get better.. Today is the day… #Blessed

    I think he will be in Toronto today or looks good for Raptors ..probably he got a three year…just guessing

    • Donfiasko

      When you say “guessing”, you mean like when you “guessed” both Kyle Lowry and G. Vasquez would sign elsewhere?

      • asifyouknow

        Absolutely the same way many guessed on ESPN and Fox sports that Miami was a lock on 5 games to win the championship.

        The same way many -on this site- guessed the Raptors were going to tank.

        The same way many folks here guessed that Kyle was going to be traded.

        The same was many of you guessed that you were getting Ennis with the 20 th pick.

        The same way people here guessed that Kyle was going to be selected as an all-star.

        I could fill 100 pages full of guesses on this board but people forget what they want to ignore.

        Facts are I’m no different than anybody else in my assessments. I just speak louder and your listening.

        That is a good thing for a blogger.

        • jjdynomite

          No, you just speak louder and YOU’RE a moron.

          /fixed it for you

          • asifyouknow

            You are listening…I’ll be dam… now who is the moron?….lol

        • 2damkule

          most pundits picked san antonio to win the series…not in as convincing a fashion, but the heat were in no way the favourites.

          • asifyouknow

            All I can tell you is I’m a Spurs fan and I know who most of the NBA TV picked also ESPN and FOX sports… and it was not the Spurs…

  • Bo4

    There are only five teams that Lebron, Carmelo and Chris should even consider joining: the Thunder (Durant & Westbrook), Rockets (Howward & Harden), Clippers (Paul & Griffin), Spurs (Parker & Duncan) & Blazers (Aldridge & Lillard)! Lebron or Carmelo would be a good fit for the Clippers, Spurs or Blazers! Chris would be a good fit for the Thunder! Period.

    • Roarque

      What do you think Lebron would do for Toronto? Valanciunis, Johnson, James, DeRozan and Lowry as the starters? Might work:-)

      • Bo4

        In all honesty, DeMar & Kyle are NOT at the same level as KD, etc. mentioned above. I’d trade both of them away to get any of the combinations listed, (MAYBE I’d hesitate with Spurs, cause of age, recent championship notwithstanding.)

  • BabyBrunoj

    RE: Bruno needing to be shown the “less glamorous” side of pro ball in the D League. Dude is from the slums of Brazil, I’m sure he can keep his perspective. Probably been through a lot worse than Tulsa Oklahoma lol

    • 2damkule

      have you been to tulsa though?

  • asifyouknow

    I guess patience is a virtue I don’t have:

    al ‏@asifyouknow:disqus 2
    @greivisvasquez Brother I don’t get it… Toronto the only one involved here…

    Greivis Vasquez ‏@greivisvasquez 32m
    @asifyouknow:disqus why are you in a hurry? Patient bro.. It’s business

  • asifyouknow

    I. Find it hard to believe that. DeColo rather play in some cold unsafe gym rather than a clean safe place like Toronto for a few extra bucks ..I guess he likes vodka…lol