Piggy-backing off Greg Mason’s work.

DeMar DeRozan making improvements to his game, year after year, has become the defining narrative of his career. His love for the city, coupled with his reputation as a gym rat, has rightfully endeared him to many fans. And while he’ll never play a style of basketball that perfectly aligns with the analytical axioms of efficiency, DeMar has improved many aspects of his game, especially with respect to getting to the free-throw line, and facilitating offense.

But his shooting, strictly speaking, remains largely unchanged. There’s still work left to be done.

Shot charts courtesy of Nylon Calculus, yet another excellent blog on the Hardwood Paroxysm network. 

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  • Jamshid

    CLE, MIN, TOR, 3 way trade: CLE to get Kevin Love, Toronto to get Wiggins and MIN to get Ross, Big Val and 2 first round pick 2015 from CLE & TOR and 2 second round pick 2015 ( TOR & CLE). Lowry, DD,Wiggins can be our big 3 of the future …

    • jjdynomite

      That is so dumb my head hurts. First, if Minnesota is rebuilding why would they NOT want Wiggins who has 2 more years on his rookie deal than Ross and Jonas?

      Second, a 7-foot C with great percentages who has touch is pretty damn rare in this league; Ross also improved drastically between year 1 and 2. The team also had great chemistry and re-upped 3 players to further that chemistry. And you want to chuck that all for the unknown.

      Third, the Raptors will have a worse record without Jonas and Ross in favour of rookie Wiggins, but hey, in your genius trade rationale, now they won’t have a 2015 draft pick either although they’ll finish lower in the standings.

      Fourth, LeBron just came home; why not have Wiggins do the same after he pays his younger year dues on a bottom-feeding team?

      And fifth and final, whenever I read your name I pronounce it as Jamshit. Your inane posts reaffirm this.

      • Trini

        Pffft.. JJ don’t you know that Ross and JV’s ceilings are only role players? Tim W graced us with his presence last week and told us the future so we could fleece other teams without them knowing any better. You know like in NBA 2k where the other GM rejects your trade offer and you hit the ‘force trade’ option.

        • Jamshid

          Well a 7 footer who is 21 and is averaging like Big Val is not a role player. if he continues improving, in a year or two, he will be able to do 15+ point and 10+ rebound. Plus, You are adding Ross and 2 more first round picks. On that other hand, Wiggins may not pan out !! So it is not really a steal on our part … it has ton of risk for us as you can see JP in the post below pointed out or how jjdynomite sees Big Val as a player.

          • Trini

            And you missed my very obvious sarcasm.

            • Jamshid

              LOL, with all CRAZY and non-sense claims you hear from the Raptor fans here, sometimes it is hard to see the sarcasm 🙂

              • Trini

                Can’t disagree with you on that one lol

      • Jamshid

        To Answer your first question about why they Not want Wiggins, I will give you this:

        “A 7-foot C with great percentages who has touch is pretty damn rare in this league; Ross also improved drastically between year 1 and 2.”

        Now, add to that 2 more first rounders 🙂 and 2 more 2nd round picks and it does not seem like a bad package.

        Yes, it is a long shot but Wiggins also comes with risk of unknown but maybe higher reward. So you answered your own question my friend. Big Val and Ross carry less risky than Wiggins.

        As far as rest of your insult and personal attacks and …, Well, not worth my time 🙂

        • jjdynomite

          Fine, Jam, you half-answered my point #2, but also note that JV and Ross are more valuable to *us* than to Minnesota for circumstantial reasons, considering they will either be re-upped for big money next off-season (or traded), and Wiggins is under salary control for the next 3+1 seasons. (Also Minny has Pekovic, a Euro C, signed long-term). That is my point #1.

          But my point #3 is the most salient: with all the chemistry this team has shown (my point #2) they are likely to make the playoffs again and draft in the 20s. If you blow it all up for Wiggins, the Raptors will likely do poorly and not make the playoffs, and then draft a lot higher. But according to your trade proposal, ***they will lose their 2015 draft pick for Wiggins!!!*** Do you see the disconnect in your proposal?!

          Anyway, I’m done talking about this. The best teams do well with chemistry and continuity, especially in the playoffs (see: Spurs, Heat), and the ones with constant roster turnover, even with a lot of talent, do not (see: Rockets). I am sure Masai knows this but you for some reason do not. I recommend you keep these trade proposals to the Raptors Forums because that’s where they belong, not on the main article posts (and this article was on DD, by the way).

          • Jamshid

            You fail to see that by including Raptors in this trade, MIN will get a lot more for Love than it can ever get from CLE alone. So for them, it is not just Ross and Big Val, it is them plus other picks and … So we can leave that to them to decide if they value it enough or not.

            Now,as far as your 2nd point goes, Not everyone thinks like you do. I think the ceiling for the team with Wiggins, DD and Lowry is much higher than Lowry, DD,Big Val and Ross. The long term success of the team matters more to me than making the play offs again this year and losing in the first round.

            As far as continuity and chemistry, you still have Lowry,DD, Paterson, G.V. and added a home town boy to the mix. I don’t think this will have a bad effect on that regard.

            Again this is just proposal and MIN may not be interested but I think this is great opportunity for Raptors to “try” to get Wiggins.

    • JP

      Not a good trade for Toronto. Why trade away our future for 1 unproving talent, regardless if he’s from Toronto or not

      • Jamshid

        It is a definitely a risk and you are 100% right and that would be reason that MIN will consider it. We will do it because if the risk pays, the reward is huge. It all depends how much MIN or we are willing to risk.

        • Bob the Truthteller

          I guess I’ll be the one to point out the painfully obvious reason to avoid this; Kyle Lowry is 28, Wiggins is 18. It isn’t really smart to make a “big 3” when the age difference is 10 years between player A and player C. If you make that trade, Lowry becomes exponentially less valuable to us as a team.

          • Defensive Rap

            And I will point out another obvious point. Lebron is 30 this year and can’t wait for Andrew Wiggins. Minny doesn’t want to wait for Wiggins either. He’s unproven and 18 years old.

            But Masai, he may be willing to wait for Wiggins. And Lowry’s personal needs over our chance to get a superstar who really wants to be here……I don’t know. It’s what many people think we need to get a championship and this may be a great opportunity to do so.

            I think the most reasonable trade I have heard is we give up Demar, Ross and Amir plus a first round pick to get back Wiggins and Bennett. Both huge risks. Cavs get Ross and Love. Minny gives up a 1st round pick and Love. They get Amir to be their starting PF, Demar to be their all star shooting guard and 2 first picks. All for a player who is going to leave anyways in 12 months. Wish we could go back to Bosh’s last summer with us,……

            It would leave us with:

            If Bruno, Bennett and more likely Wiggins really pan out we can become OKC of 2009 pretty darn quick. And we have Lowry, PP and Jonas who are solid. Then we are adding two first picks in the last two years and Bruno (Wingspan Extraordinaire) Cabolco.

            It’s a huge risk. We have a nice core. Interesting to think about for sure.

            • Bob the Truthteller

              Fair points, however Lebron will be playing for a much longer time than Lowry. Lowry is a run and gun bruising point guard, Lebron is already lowering his game to the floor, in which he uses his vision, iq, and masterful post skills to dominate until he’s 34 atleast. I also wasn’t saying “Lowry’s Interest” I meant he becomes much less valuable because we claim him to be the heart of the team, and we ‘needed him back at all costs’ and it would make no sense to keep a top flight point guard who just entered his prime to lead a team that is banking on the potential of an 18 year old, and since you want to include Bennett, a 20 year old. Culture and chemistry are a huge part of NBA success. Had we drafted a player like Bruno in 2009, it wouldn’t pan out. I like us drafting him now because we bring him into a brotherhood, a winning environment, players who push eachother. Players who toil in mediocrity as a team, toil as players. I know you need a superstar to win in the NBA, but lets watch our athletic freaks develop, and maybe we get one. Ross has soaring potential, as does Valanciunas. I also don’t think DeRozan will ever stop improving, he works too hard. All in all, everyone had valuable points. Cheers!

            • Jamshid

              There is no way the MIN will give up love for Amir and DD !!! Absolutely ZERO chance. In your trade, the clear winner is Toronto … Wiggins is ton of risk but he is still in high demand. Amir is one more ankle injury away from sitting out a long period of time. The ONLY way, TOR can get involved in this trade is giving up Big Val and Ross and future 1st round pick as I said in my original proposal. It has to make sense for both CLE and MIN to want us involved as well. This means that if we are involved, then MIN would get more prospect and more proven talent and for CLE it means that they give up little less than they have to if they at it ALONE.

    • Truth Teller

      Minni might not do it, but Raptors definitely won’t. Too much risk considering how the Raptors might be a top team in the East this year.

      • Jamshid

        Top team in East … Unless Lebron gets hurt or Rose comes back as a shadow of himself … It would be a huge achievement if Toronto manages to be a top 4 in the East based on the wining record and not by default of wining the poor Atlantic division.

        • Truth Teller

          Rose is done unless proven otherwise. Raptors will be top 3 team.

          • Jamshid

            Lets hope you are right and we will be top 3 team in the East.