According to that guy, Buycks has been released which, to be fair, is a pretty obvious course of action to take.  With the Raptors already fielding Lowry, Vasquez, and Lou Williams at the point, Buycks has become dispensable.  Any chance that the guy might have had of making the team probably went down the drain when he approached summer league as a shoot-first tournament instead of trying to quarterback the team. There was some hope of him making the team after Nando De Colo left for CSKA Moscow, but clearly it wasn’t enough.

Given that Williams isn’t a true point guard, it puts a little bit of pressure on Casey to make sure that Vasquez is indeed backing up Lowry instead of playing with him in a two-guard lineup.  Perhaps DeAndre Daniels has shown enough to warrant Bucyks’ spot? We’ll see.

He was due $1.15 million if not released which now comes off the cap. Chances are Daniels can be had for the minimum if the Raptors choose to go that route.

Buycks averaged 3.1 points and 0.7 assists in 14 games last season while playing 10.4 minutes.  RR wishes Dwight Buycks the best of luck in his future endeavors, as he was more or less benign.

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  • Jordan Schrock

    Deandre daniels making the team? or maybe kabongo

    • Shaun

      More likely Daniels or maybe even Whiteside. Kabongo unfortunately wasn’t given enough opportunities to show his value. I’d take Buycks over him and I feel the Raptors would too.

      • Bloom

        I’d like to see Whiteside make the team as an insurance policy for the center position if there are no cheap PGs worthy of a roster spot

        • Garrett


        • raptorholic

          There’s something wacky about Whiteside. Can’t quite put my finger on it though.

          • Ho Tep

            He was scratched for the Eli Holman show last night, who knows what that was about. Gotta’ love summer league.

  • Employee

    Casey said in that last summer league interview they still want a third string PG.

  • Jamshid

    I am not surprised that he is waived and I think it was the right move. However, I am little disappointed that both of MU’s investment on unknown talents ( Buycks and Stones) resulted on ZERO return … Oh, well, hopefully he will have a better luck with his new “unknown” investments this season.

    • jvub

      Yep so much for the great raptors scouting. Austin Daye/Buycks/Stone = nando de colo playing in russia. A big fail by the raptors on finding hidden gems and not using roster spots effectively.

      • Matty

        a big fail? these guys were 13,14 and 15th on the depth charts. I think it’s safe to say that the raptors scouting did a great job in finding pieces like vazquez and patterson who easily fit into the 9 man rotation.

        • Will

          I agree with you completely. Third string anything is just an insurance policy. Whoever it is, is not going to get playing time so who really cares who our third string guys are. And it’s not like we gave up a lot to get them.

          • Jamshid

            San Antonio Spurs and their scouting and management and … disagrees with you highly. #46 in the 2nd round, 57 second round, 55 second round are just few examples. Difference between great scouting and great GM and organization with average or bad ones is finding guys like that as your 3rd string or insurance policy and investing and getting a huge return from them vs just passing on these picks and consider them with attitude of OH, well, who cares !!!

            • Will

              There is a huge difference between third string and second round picks. I never said who cares if we waste our second round picks. I agree that you need to find hidden gems in the second round if you’re going to be successful. But we’re talking about third string players. The fact is, third string players just don’t get any playing time so it doesn’t really matter who they are. If you’re looking to your third stringers to make contributions, then that’s an indictment of your starters and bench guys, as much as anything else. That’s why a lot of teams would rather send their prospects to Europe or the D League than to ride the pine as a third stringer. Tell me how many minutes Manu played as a third stringer.

              • Jamshid

                You are talking about 3rd string players like they are completely different group from the 2nd round players or even late 1st rounders … Many of these 3rd string guys are late 2nd round players that never get the chance to play !! Playing time is the KEY. Danny Green or patty Millis in a bad organization could have easily become a 3rd String and not get a playing time !!! However, organization like Spurs not only is able to identify the talent but is also able to DEVELOP the talent. They get guys that other team ignore or even when they get lucky and get them, are labeled as 3rd string guy and never develop. Last year, we did not do any of that. Again, no one expect us to come with guys like this every season … That is not the argument here.As far as Europe and D league, maybe if we had send Stone or Buycks to D-League or Europe, we could have used them in future. So either we sucked in finding the gems last year or simply failed in developing them by using the label of 3rd string on them. It is simply one of the two because we have nothing to show for now.

        • Jamshid

          While I think calling this a ” Big Fail” is exaggerating at the same time, calling finding pieces like G.V. and Patterson a ” great job ” is also exaggerating. I think what Jvub ( correct me jvub if I am wrong) is talking about is finding the “hidden gems”, the talents that are ignored and lost in the league. Bucks and Stones were suppose to be those. We are talking about guys like Patty Mills or Ben Wallace, Danny Greens and … Those are the hidden gems and what makes the difference between a great GM and scouting in this league and not so great ones 🙂

          Patterson and Vasquez were both first round pick who under performed in their teams. Everyone expected them to contribute in the league like they are doing now and over the years, both had times of success ( which did not last). Although MU deserves credit for fitting them into our team but they are FAR away from being consider a hidden gem.

          • UKnoShid

            You’re just a little internet game player. As was pointed out already, we’re talking about 13th-15th roster spots. What were the “hidden gems” the Spurs had in those spots last year? Look at players they had on their roster last year. Even if you include Cory Joseph, their 3rd string PG, what gems do you see beyond the 10th player? De Colo? Who they traded for Daye? Damion James? He’s was a 1st rounder too! A star in the making! Bonner? Baynes? You know shid.

            • Jamshid

              Corey Joseph is still there and is a project. Who knows what he will gig ether this year … None of the guys that we have invested are here anymore. Do you see the difference ??!! Again, lets not pretend that I said we should find these gems every year !! That is not logical and is not expected from any team. Read my post again. I said I am disappointed that none of them this year panned out to anything and hope our GM is able to have a better luck this year. Good teams like Spurs always invest in players like these and have a higher success rate that any other team in the league. Yes, their success rate is NOT 100% because that is impossible but it is more than the average of the league. This is what I was referring. For us, our investment last year had ZERO returns and hopefully, the players that we choose these year to risk and invest on will have a better return.

              • stooley

                Spurs bottom three: Austin Daye, Othyus Jeffers, Aron Baynes.

                They all suck. You’re wrong man

      • raptorholic

        ITS ABOUT FIT!. Those players might still go on to be productive players on another team in another system. Think D.J Augustin and Chicago. And with fit, you never know until to try.

        • Jamshid

          Very good point. Fit is what matters a lot and having the eye to find these players that cost you almost NOTHING but fit your system and can get some minutes in your team and develop into solid contributor in future is the KEY …

        • Alex Vostrikov

          and about chance to play in the rotation. augustine was pure example.
          I still think that fields is misused in Toronto… big time.

    • AJBecker

      I think the most disappointing was D.J. Augustine in the sense that we didn’t get anything for him and he turned out to be a very productive player for another team.

  • Dev

    Kendal marshal

  • BramptonCanadianProspects

    sucks we didn’t really give him a chance

    • tonious35

      can’t risk it with a winning team on the line, but he will be a new person after 4 years in the Euro-Leagues

  • FAQ

    MU is quietly orchestrating a triple trade between the Raptors, Cavs, and Wolves:

    Cavs get Love and draft picks.

    Wolves get DD and Hansbrough.

    Raptors get Wiggins, Bennett and Tristan!

    There may be other considerations but the NBA owners will put pressure on the Wolves to accept the trades to repatriate the Canadians to Toronto. You heard it here first.

    • webfeat

      I don’t think the Wolves would see Love for DD and Tyler to be a fair trade.

      • ac1011990

        Demar, Amir and one of the first round picks in 2016 might do it.

  • Gary73

    Minni would need Amir, not Hansbrough, and Toronto would have to take Martin’s contract.

  • GoingBig

    Might be going to Maccabi – they have been negotiating
    Give him a chance to lead a team rather than just putting up points

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