Masai Ujiri is shuffling around the end of the bench.

Two pieces of news to pass along. First, Diante Garrett was waived by the team, along with fellow point guard Dwight Buycks.

Furthermore, Buycks is likely on his way out of the NBA, as a number of European clubs are in hot pursuit.

First off, this leaves the Raptors’ roster at 14, assuming Bebe Nogueira and Bruno Caboclo sign and play this season, while DeAndre Daniels waits overseas. The Raptors are either in the market for a veteran center, or a third point guard, which Dwane Casey revealed earlier this week.

Second, the finances. Waiving Buycks and Garrett shaves a little over $1.7 million off the books, which puts the Raptors’ even further from the luxury tax. A full breakdown, penned by resident cap (wannabe) expert Blake Murphy can be found here.

Garrett was acquired by the Raptors in the Steve Novak-to-Utah trade. His contract was fully unguranteed, meaning the Raptors could cut him without financial cost. The same for Buycks, although the deadline on his deal becoming guaranteed was tomorrow.

My personal feeling is that the roster is pretty much set. There’s not nearly enough money to bring in an impact free-agent, and quite frankly, there isn’t an open job on the roster that needs to be filled. The Raptors are two-deep at each position, and have a number of interchangeable players who can fill multiple voids.

Therefore, the most likely outcome is for Masai to sign a player to the veteran minimum —  a point guard or center — and to keep costs to a minimum. It’s best to keep some leeway from the luxury tax line, maintaining flexibility for a potential trade.

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  • DDon

    I think Masai will find a way to obtain both a backup point guard and a backup centre. He can see the need. What will he be willing to give up?

    • webfeat

      Both? Then which of Bebe or Bruno will they drop from the roster?

      • DDon

        My quess would be Bebe stays in Europe for next year. Or both could remain if Masai trades someone for one of the these two pieces.

        • Staylor

          He could stretch provision fields to open some space

  • Jensan

    Hoops hype indicates Bebe is being bought out

    • hummingbirdattentionspan

      buying out Bebe?? not sure how to view that , which of course means nothing because I didn’t think Garret would be waived. btw the roster can be up to 20 till start of season why drop Diante now? More questions than answers.

      • JugHead

        The raptors made that trade with the intention of waiving Diante Garrett. He had no guaranteed money for the season so they could have waived him at any time, but chose to do so while waiving Dwight Buycks, who was one day away from the deadline for his guaranteed money to kick in this season, and was already getting lots of interest from teams overseas.

  • YAHsaves777 .

    In my humble opinion Bruno is not NBA ready and needs more time to develop. The kid almost had a meltdown after being dunked on in summer league. Bebe can be a backup center but still needs a lot of work. From what I can tell Bebe has a lot of potential but needs to work harder.

    • Vin Domenico


    • rick

      Well said

    • raptorsmania

      Bruno should be stuffed in dleague or back in brazil. And given the experience of the raptors building a awful summer league teams (this year and lasts) and ability of the “scouts” judging raw talent (Buycks and the rest of the team itself) and projects like Austin Daye/De Colo, DJ Augustine etc I’m worried about bebe and Bruno may not turn into anything worth while.

      I know people will call me negative nancy and spin this all rosy and sweet but that’s the way I read the situation.

      • Niagara_dude

        You make perfect sense and with most Raptor fans out here,there eyes are closed and the bar is set so low this General Manager can do no wrong.This was a very deep draft and I did not see enough from Bruno that shows he belongs and should have been picked at 22.

        • Ghotte

          Looks like you and others – with your eyes closed – have bought into the hype of the depth and quality of this draft…So, great Prognoticator, who from this year’s *deep* draft of NON lottery picks do you see as being significant contributors or rotation players?

          • Niagara_dude

            You will see that the Raptors missed out on many quality players who will contribute to there teams this year while we wait for Bruno to grow.Win now!

            • Ghotte

              C’mon…you can do better than that!?? It’s great to trot out the cream of the scouting crop in San Antonio or OKC but for the other 27 or so comparable teams it’s a crapshoot. C’mon, it’s easy to criticize; put your money where your mouth is…Name a couple of sure-things from the *deep* non-lottery draft 🙂 Don’t worry, you won’t lose your job.

              • Jamshid

                Give him a few million a year Salary, provide him with the supporting staff and the tools and … Give him a year to travel and do scouting and he might just surprise you.

              • Niagara_dude

                I bet there are some second round picks that will contribute more to there teams then Bruno.I am not saying Bruno will never be a good player I just think it will take about 3 years and i want to win now.

            • Wen Here

              It not like our core players need a rookie to carry them. Or wiggins the canadian rookie boy that totally should get a starter position if he comes here. Quit dreaming bro. Most of the rookies in the draft need at least a year or two to develop. Your thinking that raptor is such a shit team that there going to be so much play time for a rookie like “michael carter williams” to come shock the league. Bro we a playoff team right now. A rookie is a side quest we already on our main quest. Anyways You all know wiggins is coming back once his rookie contract is done.

      • LJP

        Dude, you have a good grip. I just think that maybe you are putting too much emphasis on the sub-roster management analysis. I am not as worried about your properly assessed performance of these dudes. Actually, you don’t want any of these guys to be even considered for playing time. Predicting the performance of the Raptors based on DLeague squad is an iffy proposition. I’m cool with Bruno. If he is nothing in 3 years, I’ll listen to comparisons between him and a few others in that time – like Napier, will he be better? Same with Bebe – who I actually never expect to play meaningful minutes. Everyone is taking big gambles unless you are rolling out top 12 picks. I will watch your point, cause I may be off, and time may make you a prophet i.e. this weak sub-roster may come back to haunt us.

      • Lakeland12

        Err wrong, the Spurs wouldnt have drafted NDC or traded for AD if they didn’t have any value. Look at Daye now in summer league. DJ didnt get enough minutes, he averaged 20pts with Chi town.

        Bruno at the worst, can be a 3andD. He has a sweet stroke for his wingspan, and once he learns the pace and such. He can lockdown guys on D.

    • Moe

      It has more to do with the blowout and how his team gave no shit. I love his attitude, and I exorct him to get some garbage time mins. Ppl dibt get this, staying on the bench is good as d league, get familiar with the systems and get to practice with the roster. Maybe a stijt in d league will help but IMO,he isn’t ready this season

      • jjdynomite

        “Ppl dibt get this, staying on the bench is good as d league” — you don’t know this, so why bother wasting our time in posting? The only good thing about Bruno staying with the big club is working with a big league training staff and English-language tutoring. It doesn’t matter about him learning offensive sets in his rookie year if he’s not going to see any court time. Wouldn’t D-League would be much better for his development as a player as he… can… actually… GET…. MINUTES. It’s called “Developmental” League for a reason.

  • Jamshid

    At the end of the last season, almost 99% of RR agreed that in order for this team to go further in the play offs , they need to improve the back up C and get a legitimate SF. Lets look at who we had for C position last year.

    Last Year: Big Val, Amir, P.P, T.H
    This Year: Big Val, Amir, P.P, T.H and Bebe

    So improvement is : Bebe

    Now for SF:
    Last Year: Ross, Salmon,Fields
    This Year: Ross, Fileds, Bruno, J.J

    So improvement is : J.J and Bruno

    I think J.J is able to help this year but Bebe and Bruno !!! Well, I guess time will tell. I still see this team having a massive hole in C position.

    • noname

      you seem to forget that JV and PP are going to get better, maybe even TH. And Bebe and Bruno might help a bit so the hole isn’t massive but yes I think a backup C is still required. Maybe Blatche?

      • arsenalist

        Yeah, but by that rationale every player and respective team improves, so I prefer seeing such improvement more as inflation rather than huge advantage. I do see your point, though.

        • hyperdouche

          But not every player improves at the same rate or level. If a player with a higher ceiling improves (JV) then he’s further along on his development journey and guys like I dunno, Ed Davis are still Ed Davis.

          I’m actually pretty excited. Big men usually take 3-4 years to develop so this being year 3 for JV we get to really see what he’s gonna do. People sort of put him in the ‘known quantity’ basket but we forget that we were sold on the idea of an all-NBA centre a couple of years ago and this is when that is supposed to show up.

          • John

            such a great point. JV moving into a Marc Gasol level is where we ultimately hope he can achieve at minimum and that kind of impact would greatly improve our team vs. this past season. if JV makes more leaps, the team will significantly improve. This likely is the start of that… I can’t wait!!!

          • RyGuyFly

            Ed Davis is a really good player, puts up good numbers and never gets
            promoted. He can rebound, block and score around the rim. Just can’t
            earn any respect from coaches. If Ed Davis has reached his ceiling its
            because he’s given up on ever getting a starting job.

            JV is not going to be Marc Gasol this year, and hes going to continue
            to develop substantially probably passed the age of 28 as players like
            Noah and Gortat have. In fact, Gortat is a much better comparison than
            Gasol. Gortat has had a career similar to that of Valanciunas, and
            didn’t start contributing All-NBA minutes until his fifth season. That
            being said, I believe he will be a Top 5 big man in the league in his
            prime, and he wont be in his prime for another 6 years. At two years
            into his NBA career and 22 years old, Valanciunas is already
            contributing at the same level that Gortat was four years in at the age
            of 27.

            He averaged almost a double double and a block
            per game on a roster where he was considered the fifth scoring option
            behind DeRozan, Lowry, Ross, Vasquez, and Patterson, and that was in his
            first full season of actually understanding english. Our depth limits
            his scoring, and we should be happy with him averaging 12 pts, 10 reb, 1
            ast, .5 stl, 1.5 blk next season. Although I hope that he can get the
            ball more and avg closer to 16 pts, 2 ast, 2 blk. He’s already shown
            that when given the ball he can get over 20 points, his passing has
            really improved, his post game has improved at both ends, and his
            confidence was unbelieavable at the end of the season. For the most
            part, he just needs to continue to get a better understanding of where
            to be, and continue to get more aggressive while rebounding.

            Just to show you…

            NBA 1st team: Joakim Noah – 35min, 12.6 pts, .475 fg%, 11.3 reb, 5.4 ast, 1.2 stl, 1.5 blk

            2nd team: Dwight Howard – 33.7min, 18.3 pts, .591 fg%, 12.2 reb, 1.8 ast, 0.8 stl, 1.8 blk

            3rd team: Al Jefferson – 35 min, 21.8 pts, .509 fg%, 10.8 reb, 2.1 ast, 0.9 stl, 1.1 blk

            ’13 All NBA: Tim Duncan – 30.1 min, 17.8 pts, .502 fg%, 9.9 reb, 2.7 ast, 0.7 stl, 2.7 blk

            2nd team Marc Gasol – 35 min, 14.1 pts, .494 fg%, 7.8 reb, 4.0 ast, 1.0 stl, 1.7 blk

            Jonas Valanciunas – 28.2 min, 11.3 pts, .531 fg%, 8.8 reb, 0.7 ast, 0.3 stl, 1.0 blk

            Jonas is only 22 in his second year, the others were 29, 28, 29, 37, and 28
            respectively with at least a couple years as starters. Jonas is also as
            good or better at hitting free throws than any of these guys. What
            more do you want friend or do you still feel oversold, he already
            shoots, scores, and rebounds at an All-NBA level and the blocks aren’t
            far behind, if his passing continues to improve at the same rate he
            could be on the team by 2016 at the age of 24.

    • arsenalist

      This is a really good point. If Bebe can’t play 10-15 productive minutes, we’re going to be stretched thin, which will end up with Casey putting out lineups and rotations that will drive you nuts. I can already see us playing small ball with Amir/PP so that we won’t have to bring in Hayes.

      • Grumpy guy

        No way is Bebe on the roster. I like Hassan Whiteside as our backup centre. He’s farther along has an NBA body, lots of upside and can be had for the NBA minimum.

        • Ghotte

          Hassan Whiteside is clueless. If he makes the team there’s very little he could conceivably contribute. Aaron Gray is a huge upgrade on Whiteside. And, what is this *upside* you are speaking of?

    • Truth Teller

      Definitely need a backup C. I like JJ filling in if Ross underperforms in the playoffs. He has size and athleticism.

      C might not be a huge issue if Jonas improves a lot. At times it was tough playing Jonas at the end of games because he didn’t have the skills to contribute [when the team stops feeding him].

  • Niagara_dude

    We must sign a back-up center and 3rd string point guard, fans must remember last season we were blessed in not having any major injuries to deal with.I believe they still have the mid-level exception to use and should sign Andre Blatche and trade (2 first round picks)our 2015 first round pick and New York”s 2016 that we received to Arizona for Tyler Ennis.If we are as good or better that pick will be around 20-25 and not interested in waiting to see us draft another no-name player who is years away from helping the team.With the players that we have and the way the east is sitting we should be in a win now mentality.No excuses get it done, we did nothing at the trade deadline last year and it cost us in the playoffs.You also have two deadwood expiring contracts that are receiving big bucks (combined $12 million) try using at least one.

    • Will

      Don’t forget, it takes two parties to make trades. Listen to the way you describe our future draft picks and expiring contracts and tell me who would want them. Other teams don’t like late first rounders either and no one is going to trade for a big expiring contract this early in the season.

      • Niagara_dude

        Just saying I would not mine getting rid of one of these contracts (both are dead wood).As for trade with Phoenix they are waiting to see what happens with Eric Bledsoe and if they can sign him they will have too many point guards on the roster and would be interested in two first round picks from Toronto.

        • RyGuyFly

          I hope you mean Julyan Stone and Landry Fields because we’ve actually seen what they can do at this level of play… If you mean the Brazillians, then you and Superdouche should trade accounts.
          If Ennis is good enough, we’ll get him in four-six years as a free agent hitting his prime, most of the canadian players have already stated that they would love to play for the Raptors at some point during their careers.
          I can’t say that I had Bruno anywhere on my draft board, but Ennis was never an option when we had two starting PGs and only Landry and Salmons at SF. People said the same thing about JV in 2011 as they are about Bruno, the only differences are that JV had played in the FIBA tourney and was playing in Lithuania where competition is definitely a step up from Brazil.
          You obviously didn’t watch summer league if you can still say that we wasted our pick… and DeAndre Daniels is a lot more intriguing than I thought when I put together my draft board.

    • Truth Teller

      I’ll pass on Ennis. Especially since NY might still be bad in 16. Don’t see Ennis being worth 2 first rounders, especially when we already have an all star PG.

      • Niagara_dude

        Well if we are going to throw away picks on raw projects (Bruno) like this past year then yes grab Ennis today (let him groom the next two years).New York will have loads of cap space after this coming season and Jackson will bring the talent in.I do not see there pick being in the top 12-15 picks in 2016 Anthony is still a top five talent who just needs some good players around him.

        • LuckyMystery

          Throw away picks? What is your mental blockage. The Raptors chose a player that they believe will be better than all other players in a few years. But you would rather them take a player that MIGHT be able to play minutes this year. You see summer league stats and think these players are guaranteed to contribute this season.

          You want to to trade 2 first round picks for Ennis, a guy that will be a 4th string point guard on Phoenix. What makes you think that Ennis would contribute any significant minutes this season. Steve a Nash a 2 time MVP didn’t contribute at all in his rookie season, and hardly made an impact until his fifth season at age 26. Ennis could be out of the league in 3 years. Johnny Flynn sound familiar. 6th overall, out of syracuse. How’s that working out. That’s just 1 example.

          Teams need to develop players. Not every player, especially 20th overall picks are all stars in their first year. Shut up and learn about the sport.

          • Guest

            Well said. Just as some fans believe too much faith is placed in Masai, some fans seem to also place too much faith (as in any at all) in their own worth as anything more than armchair GMs with absolute free reign to make predictions with no accountability. For example, it wasn’t that long ago when many wanted Whiteside as our lottery pick in 2010. How many of us lost our jobs over thinking he was worth a lottery pick? Even top fan sources such as Draftexpress and only predict where a player will be drafted, not how good the player will be 5-10 years down the road. Certainly, NBA teams get it wrong more often than they get it right, but I have no delusion that any of us would do any better than simply regurgitating what we’ve read online, and almost every one of us would have picked Whiteside around where he was predicted to be picked (late lottery).

            • LuckyMystery

              Yeah I just get unbelievably annoyed with people that keep spewing the same drivel non stop.

              Dummy calls the Caboclo pick a waste but wants to give away 2 more first rounders for a guy that everybody was saying was a reach if the raps took him. Then he wants to “groom” Ennis for 2 years, and doesn’t see the ridiculous irony about his comments.

              Some people will only see the things they want to see and have zero objectivity. The frustrating part is these people have been given a free voice, and nobody can block them.

          • Guest

            It’s also amusing when fans want a Jermaine O’Neal type talent, but aren’t willing to invest the time. We were picking 20th. When even lottery picks struggle in their first X years in the NBA, it’s hilarious to think that there are sure-fire players at 20 who would absolutely move the needle. Whether it’s for the best player down the line, or for the player most ready to contribute in Year 1, the draft is a gamble, even in the lottery let alone at 20.

        • Truth Teller

          If you are going to wait 2 years for Ennis, might as well give Bruno 2 years before judging him.

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