• bensonhedges

    This is a great example of what JV is capable if you ACTUALLY PASS TO HIM IN THE PICK AND ROLL. Granted, he has a big physical advantage over most of these european guys, but hitting him on the roll is something that needs to be done more this season. Establish him as a weapon in those situations and it will open things up for Lowry, Derozan and TRoss

    • Wes mantooth

      My thoughts exactly. His size advantage aside. He seems to have a real chemistry with his pg and he’s getting to the right spots to receive the pass.
      Raps need to utilize this more this season. I feel like GV often found him in the right spot last season. Instead if diving hard he’s pausing for a second and letting the play develop more.

    • mountio

      Bang on. Just brought up some of my Casey frustrations from last year. We were actually half decent at getting JV the ball in the first 5 mins and then for whatever reason, we were horrible. (Of course it didnt help that JV didnt even finish the lions share of the games). Anyways – heres hoping that JV and TR continue to develop and Casey actually has the confidence to use them the whole game …

    • TheSpiceTyrant

      Uh.. His picks weren’t THAT great. In fact they look like the same as last year, which was a problem … In the NBA.

      With all due respect, he SHOULD be kickin some ass with this competition

      • Raptogram

        Agreed. I’d like to see some more agility, and a bit more of a diversified game. All I saw was one-dimensional pick-n-rolls, and cleaning up the basket.

      • Alex Vostrikov

        didn’t he?
        you guys have a little wrong understanding of European basketball.
        Jonas is playing on a team were each player has defined role. in Europe there is no such a thing as ISO offence. so obviously, to score 20 is a challenge. where in nba, top dogs get plays directly for them (ISO’s)… so called plays.
        I played first div., under 17 on a very strong team in Israel. we had 2 guys who no one could stop one on one. they could destroy any opposition between two of them. then again, they played whitin the system… every single possession had beginning and end….
        then when I came to Canada, played high school ball. couldn’t believe what a mess I had to go through.
        I cant wait and see Cleveland play this year… not because of james. but to see how European coaching translates in nba.
        and hopefully Jonas will get his share of the offence….

  • I boogey

    I tend to agree. Jonas was always a beast in the first few minutes then he would be nonexistent. This needs to change if we are going to improve and I’m confident it will.

    • Rap fan 2

      Yeah, sometimes they simply go away from him and forget he’s even in the game. We need a more balanced approach on offense especially when Jonas finds himself at an advantage on a mismatch. I think he’s a very efficient offensive player and doesn’t usually force plays. Using Jonas more frequently on the inside will help space the floor better for his teammates giving more room to operate.

  • Pong

    I like that play where he shoved the guy out of the key after his teammate’s missed FT.

    • afrocarter

      I think he learned that particularly sophisticated maneuver from KG

  • That other guy

    He also had 11 rebounds. Came to NT training camp on Thursday evening and already played on Saturday. Pretty impressive considering the shortage of time, his NT coaches say that he already looks much quicker than the last year. He looks bigger, but probably he’s starting to feel more comfortable with his bigger body, he also looks like he has less fat and more muscle. Jonas himself told that he was working a lot on his movement, quickness and shooting with his left hand during the summer.

  • Truth Teller

    I would like it more if the highlights were mostly postup moves. I want to see some dream shake stuff.

  • Darius

    While its impressive, seeing JV finish so successfully in the paint. He still needs to develop his passing skills after catching the pass from the pick and roll. In the NBA, players use there world class athletic ability to swarm on JV, so its critical to adjust to becoming a passer. Marc Gasol, is a ideal example, he becomes a lethal facilitator from that position. In virtue of that ability, The Raptors gifted wing players don’t have to struggle to create offense. Lets be honest, over dribbling can be a problem late, even with out Mr over dribble (Rudy Gay)….

    • Nerius

      To be honest, Jonas is so far displaying surprising court vision, while it was mostly not NBA quality double teams in the last two games but he is not passing just to save the ball but instead passing to the driver or the open guy. Today there was an impressive moment when he got the ball next to the 3pt line, backed down against Aron Baynes, made a spin to free himself some 6ft from the net and instead of shooting a contested jumper passed to cutting DMo (our PF) who unfortunately missed from under the basket.

  • Nerius

    Highlights of the game vs Australia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGWPOdbDHiI