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On Rudy Gay’s Defense


gay block

Looking at stats and video to evaluate Gay’s defensive chops.

What’s Wrong with DeMar DeRozan?



DeRozan is mired in a major slump. What’s behind it?

The Wing Rotation



Sit Kleiza and Pietrus for good.

Gameday: Raptors @ Jazz, Dec. 7 + Big Man Blind Taste Test


Yeah, that happened last time.

Which big man is which, and who should play how much? Also, a loss to the Jazz.

Andrea and the Dreaded B-Word



Why don’t you take a seat. Take a seat, right over there.

The Synergy of Amir and Jose


jose amir

The narrative has always been that Amir and Jose play very well together. Do the stats back it up?

More Evil Stats! BP’s SCHOENE Projections for the Raptors


The namesake, Russ Schoene.

Basketball Prospectus has released their 2012-13 SCHOENE player projections, and they’ve kindly allowed me to share the odd nugget with the Republic.

Will Landry Fields’ 3FG% Improve?


Fields' three-point opportunities should be of a higher quality in Toronto.

Landry Fields saw his three-point shooting effectiveness drop off dramatically in his sophomore season. Should we expect it to bounce back?

DeMar DeRozan’s Unique TS% Path


Can Demar follow Dunleavy's path?

DeMar DeRozan’s career path has been odd thus far, as he’s one of a small group of players to experience True Shooting % decreases twice so early in his career.

Wages of Wins: Raptors a Potential 4th Seed


2nd worst in the NBA? C'mon Son!

Blake reflects on the recent Wages of Wins model that predicts the Raptors to win 43-45 games and finished 4th in the East.

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