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How much can one celebrate a win over Philly?


Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

Philadelphia 76ers 96, Toronto Raptors 109 That was a mandatory win against a Philadelphia team that had just finished a grueling road trip and was coming off a tough home result the night before. Of course a loss here might have raised blood pressures to unrecoverable levels and prompted the bipolars to bombard the RealGM   …Continue Reading

Simply put, we need a Big Black Guy to come in here and rebound



Toronto Raptors 106, Philadelphia 76ers 97 Seriously, we do. A pretty nervous win over a pretty bad team who managed to stay in the game only because we don’t have a single guy on the squad who would have the balls to face Reggie Evans in a back-alley late at night. Samuel Dalembert’s impression of   …Continue Reading

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