Video Blog: Raps Fan’s Top 10 Things He Wants to See Against Philly

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Forgive me, but I am fighting a cold, and sorry AltRaps, I had to kick it off from my living room (none of those decorative books lining my walls).

  1. Bosh/O’Neal/Bargnani to outplay Brand/Dalembert/Evans
  2. How many times Rautins mentions Dalembert, and what he says when he does mention him
  3. The Raptor wings play tough defense on Iguadala, Speights and Young
  4. Calderon to turn Miller into a jump shooter
  5. Moon TO toke it to the rack more then he pops jumpers
  6. For Kapono to be used correctly
  7. Bosh to set the offensive tone by driving and not shooting his jumper
  8. If Joey Graham sees the floor, I want to him to pretend he’s a professional basketball player
  9. Mitchell to call a timeout to squash a potential run, not when the run has already been made
  10. See more from the raptors then what I saw in the pre-season

Tune in next time when I list my Top 10 things I want to see Colangelo dress up as for Halloween.

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