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48 seconds changed the game



Always been wary of Sunday games for the exact reason they’re talked about as an advantage for us. Instead of being an extra step quick, we’re usually a step slow and leave it for the second half to make up for our first half indolence.

Clippers? Check. Kings? Check. Blazers? Aaah


Kyrie Irving

“I eat slow white men” Raptors 107, Kings 101 This is one of those games that becomes news only if you lose. It wasn’t easy and there were moments of doubt from start to finish but the Raptors managed to hang on and beat the Kings in the most boring close game you’ll ever see.   …Continue Reading

Raptors vs Kings Live Blog, Chat and Stream



Twitter based live blog tonight. Raps back in action after a three day break! Link to Live Chat Stream #1 107-101 Final. 2-2 on the roadtrip thanks to JO’s big night. Also, much thanks to Jack Armstrong for making this game painful to watch. 3 minutes ago Randy Brown is on the Kings bench in   …Continue Reading

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