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And so, It Begins


brooklyn loses

FINALLY, The Raptors have come back to the playoffs. Let’s reflect, and break it down all nerd like.

Deron Williams: “The key is to try to contain Lowry”



Deron Williams has made it public that the Nets are focused on stopping Kyle Lowry.

Reaction: Knicks 95, Raptors 92



The Raptors starters dominate, but the Knicks end up beating the Raptors deep bench. Who cares, PLAYOFFS DOH!!!!

The Raptors Don’t Appear Ready For What Awaits Them In The Playoffs



A winning season doesn’t mean anything on it’s own – it just represents the first steps.

Game Day: Raptors @ Pistons – April 13


Detroit defending the paint

Toronto Raptors look to sweep season series against Detroit Pistons

Not Exactly a Banner Effort


Terrence Ross; Carmelo Anthony

The Raptors lose, and Chicago wins, so the Raptors lose, but Brooklyn also loses, so the Raptors win! WOOHOO!

Lowry’s Injury Has Given Valanciunas A Chance To Shine


Kyle Lowry, Jonas Valanciunas,

All season long, Kyle Lowry has acted as a vocal mentor for Raptors’ second-year centre Jonas Valanciuas.

Finding Kyle Lowry: A Comprehensive Essay



An in-depth analysis of Kyle Lowry’s situation with the Raptors, including a comparison of Lowry’s value with those of other similar-situated players.

We’re Going to Take the Ball and we’re Going to Win


val hans

Roy Hibbert thinks that the Pacers need to go to group therapy. The Raps look to help them out with a little shock therapy instead.

Kyle Lowry to Receive Treatment During Day; Pre-Game Announcement Pending



As per RaptorsMR, who I’ve always pictured like the above, the following tidbit of information has come to light.

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