raps season opener 2013

Tank you very much, Boston


There was jubilation on behalf of the coaching staff, team, fans and everybody covering the team when the preseason finally ended, enabling the real games and the real basketball to start.

Raptors dominate Grizzlies. It's time to massively overreact!

2013-2014 Toronto Raptors: Great Team, or Greatest Team?


It’s difficult to know what the difference is between what you see in the preseason, and what you learn. You can see player-to-undoubtedly-be-released-in-January play a major role for his team, but you’d be foolish to over react to what you see (right everyone who vocalized a 2012 pre-season opinion about Gerald Green?). You could see… Read more »

How Rudy Gay Could be the Key to the Raptor's Offence Afterall

Small Ball Salvation?


How Rudy Gay could be the Key to the Raptor’s Offence after all   Many of the top offenses in the league have been winning this year playing ‘small ball.’ Miami, New York, Golden State, Houston and (though to a lesser extent) Oklahoma City have all taken a cue from the D’Antoni Suns and had… Read more »