Kyrie Irving

Philly should be very up for this one


Iggy, Iggy, Iggy can’t you see, they’d trade you straight up for Bargnani Quick take on the Washington game: We were completely healthy and played our starters regular minutes but still couldn’t manage to beat the worst team in the East at home. Technically speaking, that was the worst loss of the season and a… Read more »


No Pirates in Philly


Bargnani defending the paint while everyone else watches. They got Cheese Steaks and clean up after our drafting messes, but they don’t have any damn pirates, which the Raptors can be thankful for. I was half wrong about Philly at the start of the year; I pegged them for a 50 win team ahead of… Read more »


Bosh and O’Neal offset each other as Raps lose to Philly


Philadelphia 76ers 85, Toronto Raptors 79 Before we start, check out East Coast and his great guest post here. Just like we brushed off the preseason wins we should brush off the preseason losses. So Philly comes in to our building, beats us and sends an early message that they’re ready to contend for second… Read more »