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Bosh and O’Neal offset each other as Raps lose to Philly



Philadelphia 76ers 85, Toronto Raptors 79 Before we start, check out East Coast and his great guest post here. Just like we brushed off the preseason wins we should brush off the preseason losses. So Philly comes in to our building, beats us and sends an early message that they’re ready to contend for second   …Continue Reading

The Philly loss means we wasted the entire week, so much for the easy schedule



Toronto Raptors 95, Philadelphia 76ers 99 As you finished watching this game the taste in your mouth was probably the Raptors’ fightback falling just short, but it shouldn’t be. It should be the miserable third quarter where we got outscored 34-16 and didn’t play a lick of defense or showed any intensity. Philly on the   …Continue Reading

Raptors start 4 in 5 stretch + Podcast #2 + Thoughts on Ukic



First of all, congratulation to Chris Bosh for winning the Player of the Week. Well deserved award indeed but now it’s back to work. It’s four games in five nights time again starting on Tuesday in Detroit. The Pistons just got their ass kicked by the Knicks and will be looking to kill the next   …Continue Reading

One Bosh block, a missed FT and Jamario Moon bail out struggling Raptors in Philly



Toronto Raptors 105, Philadelphia 76ers 103 For a second there this looked like a weekend-ruiner, you know one of those games the Raps lose on a Friday in soul-squashing fashion to destroy your weekend. Thank God for Bosh recovering to get a key block right after him and TJ were faked out by Andre Miller.   …Continue Reading

Simply put, we need a Big Black Guy to come in here and rebound



Toronto Raptors 106, Philadelphia 76ers 97 Seriously, we do. A pretty nervous win over a pretty bad team who managed to stay in the game only because we don’t have a single guy on the squad who would have the balls to face Reggie Evans in a back-alley late at night. Samuel Dalembert’s impression of   …Continue Reading

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