Three Notes from the Raptors’ State-of-the-Union

The Toronto Raptors held an exclusive town-hall type event for season ticket holders. Notable players and executives were in attendance to answer choice questions from fans, and to give a miniature state-of-the-union regarding the goals and direction of the franchise.


Bryan Colangelo Press Conference 12PM EST – Live Blog

At noon today Bryan Colangelo will try to explain what went wrong, not that we need telling of that. He’ll try to dodge every question with an answer that might seem philosophical but could just border on incompetence.


Bryan Colangelo Press Conference Live Blog

Watch Press Conference Here He talked to all the players. “The season was clearly a disappointment for everyone involved” In the first year we might have achieved “too much too quickly” and he almost jokingly blamed himself by saying “I’ve apparently done a bad job of managing expectations” He still believes this is the best… Read more »