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Toronto Raptors 2014-15 Schedule – Live Thread


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The schedule comes out at 6pm tonight, but let’s not wait till then to start talking about it.

Fear not, Bulls have harder schedule…and injuries



Comparing the schedule of the Raptors and Bulls, we notice that the Bulls play two more games against teams over .500.

Raptors 2009-10 schedule announced


Kyrie Irving

The NBA schedule’s shadow was spotted today which means that pre-season will come early this year, some time in October they tell me. I like it if we just played the schedule rather than classified it into ‘hard’ and ‘easy’ stretches because as history has taught us, the hard and easy months never go according   …Continue Reading

Waiting patiently for training camp



I hardly feel like starting this thing again after the break I just had but duty calls. The Raptors-related action during the past two weeks can be summed up in one sentence: Calderon injures himself but its not too bad at all. That and the Redeem Team winning the Gold over against a depleted Spanish   …Continue Reading

No Sunday game, let’s conservatively predict February



There’s no Sunday game which means we won’t be hearing how teams hate playing us at the ACC so early because it’s 2AM or something ridiculous their time. Of course they end up kicking our ass thus poking a huge hole in the theory that we have some sort of advantage on Sundays. The Raps   …Continue Reading

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